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Seb being totally into his daughter's tea parties. Like he gets so excited when she drags him to her little table, with plastic tea cups filled with apple juice, and cookies (made by you) and she even has some of her teddy bears around the table. And Seb just thinking his girl is so adorable, asking if he likes the tea (apple juice) and her just being a wonderful host. You're there too and Seb gives your hand a little squeeze, and you both have a look of pride.

awwwww a little tea party yes, they’d probably do it every time he comes back home 

Daddy Wednesday™

sebastian stan is too powerful because he can fit multiple kinds of hot aesthetic. like, ‘bad guy sex god’ and ‘broody tortured soul’ hot aesthetic??? but also ‘boy next door’ and ‘james dean’ aesthetic??? and ‘subby hot who would love letting you have his way with him’ but also ‘flirty dom who’ll pin you against the wall’??? he can pull off goofy cute or attractive domestic husband or hot hipster. just look at his photoshoots, he can be literally every kind of hot and frankly, no one man should have all that power.


donsaladino: Alert! Special guest! Featured Workout on @fitner_app with @imsebastianstan getting ready to take on Thanos!