me: i like my men like i like my hotdogs

me: (looks at sebastian stan) thicc and juicy

me: (faraway look on face) (nods appreciatively)

Listen. I walked up to Sebastian during autographs and had him sign the picture we took together, and then I spoke to him in Romanian and told him about how his work as an actor was so inspirational and heartfelt that it inspired ME not to give up on myself and to continue living.

So I said this while staring at the table, and he grabbed both my hands with his before I could even finish and looked me in the eyes and smiled and went, “I appreciate you so much and thank you for telling me that. It’s gonna be okay. Your Romanian sounds great.” So I gave him the letter I wrote him and he tucked it under his table immediately and said thank you again.

Like. This is IT, you guys. Sebastian really is the kindest, most big hearted man out there?? I was shaking and about to cry and he held my hands and smiled at me. He was so patient. I could not ask for a better man to admire.