Nicknames (Bucky Barnes x Reader) One Shot

A/N: Hey guys! So I wrote this lil short thingy that I’ve been thinking about for a while and I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time lmao! I hope y'all like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤

Nicknames: Reader tells the team of her cute lil nickname for a certain super soldier. 

Warnings: Sex (M/F). That’s pretty much it. 

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Pairing: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 1,153

Warnings: SMUT. And NSFW gifs. Also, please use a condom you guys.

Anon asked “Hey, it’s the anon who requested ‘so far’.. I wanted to ask if you can do another imagine where the reader and Seb have been best friends since forever and they both have feelings for each other but don’t act upon it and they get into a heated argument and Seb sees how important the reader is in his life and idk what else.. thank you”

A/N: Here ya go. Part 3 of Who I Want to Be. I haven’t written smut in a while This is my first time writing actual smut so please be nice in the comments. Gifs not mine!!!

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This is completely random but I remembered that bread rolls are named ‘Seelen’ in some parts of southern Germany - which literally translates into 'souls’…

A common sign outside of bakery’s often reads 'heute ofenfrische Seelen’ which translates into 'today oven fresh souls’

So pls imagine Seb during Green Witch Arc falling for some false advertisement.

Prompt: Hi! I was wondering if you could write an imagine about reader and Seb being a couple and working together on Avengers Infinity War and you’re doing some action scene and someone hits you hard and you start crying and he he gets all angry and protective Thank you!

Warnings: angry!Seb, reader get’s beat the f up (kind of)

Author’s Note: I need a prompt so I can use a bunch of new Seb gifs pls!!

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queenofslash  asked:

DA:2 companions react to Leandra's death? I feel like that wasn't played on enough in the game.

Aveline: Is heartbroken. She’s obviously known Leandra the longest out of all of the companions, and is in utter shock. It’s just so hard to believe that this fierce, stubborn noblewoman who would have clawed tooth and nail to drag her children to safety from the Blight, is just gone. And in such a horrible way too. Aveline throws herself into her work, trying desperately to make sure that nobody else will have to suffer the way that Leandra did. 

Varric: Since he’d befriended the Hawkes, he had been a welcome guest at Leandra Hawke’s table, and as such, felt Hawke’s pain. He would stay in the tavern for a few days, refusing to leave, because he wasn’t ready to face a world so dark that it would take the best of people away.

Merrill: Leandra had been so kind to Merrill, often inviting them over to join them for dinner once she had found out that Merrill was living alone in the Alienage. She had given Merrill extra supplies during the winter when Merrill had mentioned she was feeling the chill worse than usual without any of the halla to cuddle up to. As such, Merrill was furious at Leandra’s death. How dare this person think they were entitled to take so many lives? How dare a human do this to someone she loves? She finds it bitterly amusing that the templars are quick to blame this on the danger of blood mages but to her…instead of a blood mage, all she sees is yet another human doing what they do best. 

Isabela: For a few days, Isabela isn’t sure how to comfort Hawke, and spends most of the time getting into a few fights at the tavern. She doesn’t know how to do this. She didn’t know what it’s like to lose a mother, not like this. Her mother sold her, she doesn’t know what Hawke must be going through. She’d met Leandra a few times, and the lady was polite enough, and the way she had died…nobody deserves that. 

Fenris: Another death in Hawke’s life. Fenris doesn’t want to make them think he pities them, as he of all people knows how condescending that sort of sympathy feels, but he truly does care for them and the suffering they’re going through. Though he can’t remember his own mother, or whether she died, he was always welcomed warmly by Leandra, and feels her loss quite sharply. And by such a horrible death. Another blood mage, another excuse. It hits close to home because, when he looked at Quentin, all he saw was another magister hurting others for their own gain. 

Sebastian: Is devastated. Leandra had become fast friends with him, as she had met with his parents when she was younger and had bonded with him quite well. He had accompanied Hawke to the Chantry where her body - or, rather, what was left of it- would be prepared for her funeral. He had kept a vigil overnight, praying to Andraste to safely see Leandra Hawke to the Maker’s side. But as the night drew on, his thoughts turned bitter. Why would the Maker have made her suffer this way in the first place? He questions, as he did once before when his own family was massacred. But as the dawn comes, his last prayer is that the Maker eases Hawke’s grief…the Maker owes Hawke that much, at least.

Anders: He is in shock. He knew that there were bad mages; those that used blood magic for their own power, but he had always told himself that it was a result of oppression. They were just using their power to free themselves. But Quentin…he had no excuse. He hurt so many people, and now Hawke and their mother. Anders owed quite a lot to Leandra; she had gathered multiple resources to keep his clinic well stocked in medicinal supplies for him, and had not breathed a word of his existence to the templars. It was terrible to think that she was gone in such a horrific manner. The night of her death, he sat alone in the back of his clinic - Justice’s whispers pushed to back of his head - and instead began to remember the harsh words of the templars in Kinloch Hold. “You are monsters. The first chance you get, you will hurt innocent people. You are monsters.” And for the first time in many years, he wondered if they were right. 

Mine [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Can I request a Sebastian Smythe X reader where he’s super overprotective of her when she visits his school, he likes showing her off but at the same time doesn’t bc he doesn’t want the others to see u since he’s possessive. Some guy escorts u to the warblars practice room and u give him a smile as thnx and Seb gets jealous and is about to pounce on the guy but u stop him and his anger goes away? Srry I just really love Seb so pls don’t think I’m crazy >.<

a/n: nah, im crazy too heh

It’s no surprise that Sebastian Smythe has a temper… Well, not really a temper, more like… he’s overprotective. Especially when it comes to you. He doesn’t like anyone being around you when he’s not present. But, he is your boyfriend, so you decide to give him a surprise visit.

Another Dalton boy appears in front of you. Great, a guide! “Hi, can you show me where the Warbler practice room is?” you ask shyly, crinkling your eyebrows together. He nods, mumbling a ‘yeah, I’ll show you.’ before leading you through the grand hall. “Thank you so much!” you grin, converse following his dress shoes. “My boyfriend is actually in it. I’m surprising him.” you over share, pulling your grey letterman jacket around your yellow tank top.

The boy hums, not really responding, yet still acknowledging that you spoke. Biting your lip, you brush your hair from your face, shifting side to side. When he stops at the door, yanking it open, you smile. “Thank you again!” you beam, looking back at him while you walk in.

“Sebastian!” you hear a group of voices shout, shoes squeaking on the floor. Whipping your head towards the room, your eyes widen, seeing both Nick and Jeff holding your boyfriend back.

The Warbler captain scowls, striped tie hovering in the air due to him being hunched over. “Did you not see the look he gave my girl?! Lemme go!” he snarls, rainforest green eyes staring at his teammates, filled with rage. He shifts in their hold, attempting to break free.

Stomping into the room, you clear your throat, arms already crossed. Sebastian stumbles when the two let him go, dusting off the shoulders of his navy blazer before walking to you. “What have we discussed?” you say softly, grabbing his hand; he pouts, lowering his head. Sometimes he can act like a child. “Sebastian….” you warn, eyeing him.

“That I need to be less overprotective and jealous…” Sebastian mutters quickly, under his breath. A sound of confirmation comes from you. He nibbles his lower lip, “I’m sorry.” he apologizes, keeping his voice low.

You giggle, pecking his cheek. “You’re so cute…”

“Babe, not in front of my boys….”

ive been on a criminal minds kick recently so Like .. . give me a plot where they’re high school sweethearts or they have been together for like 5+ years BUT one of them is just entering this intense fbi program and theyre on the road to being one of the best agents in the business but the other person isnt into the same career as they are ( they want a normal life ) and theyre trying so hard to make their relationship work bc throwing away what they have isnt worth it but ? ? staying together is just so HARD bc of the strain the fbi has on them is so intense … . bonus points if we can add an unexpected pregnancy into the mix but also imagine their fights and their talks abt staying safe while the one person leaves on a case for a few days fksnjcklds i just need the ANGST and the heartbreak but also the fluff when the other person finally comes home i