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psssst. it's me - anon-chan-san. i've got another request for you, miso-senpai. miso-senpai, if you are still taking requests, i would LOVE another sebaciel from you with this nsfw prompt - “Beg for it.” please and thank you. your sebaciel is the best. everything you write is the best. /lies down on the floor

Thank you for requesting another sebaciel from so that I may redeem myself of non-smutty sebaciel I last posted. OTL No, really, anon-chan-san. You are the best. <3 Ilusm. <3

Request: “Beg for it.” from NSFW prompts

Pairing: Sebastian MichaelisxCiel Phantomhive
Word Count: ~4K
Notes: Happens directly after this. Side story?? for the Finny Ship series.
WARNING: Explicit.

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hi miso, anon-chan-san here for you. if you are taking requests, i would absolutely love to request something. if you are feeling up to it, and not too busy - another SebRon with either (or both) of these prompts - “I could really use a fuck right now.” and/or “You know you’ll end up crawling back.” Please?? Your SebRon is so fucking good. It makes me so mad how much I love them.

Anon-chan-san!!! I’m so sorry, it has been a while. OTL Because I love you so much, of course I included both. <3333333333


Well anyhow. I kinda went crazy with this one. Whoa. I think I dabbled more on their dynamic rather than actual smut this time (very gomens) but I hope it is still smutty enough for your smutty highnessness. OTL

Request: “I could really use a fuck right now.” and/or “You know you’ll end up crawling back.” from Angst and Creepy Sentences

Pairing: Sebastian MichaelisxRonald Knox
Word count: ~7.3K
WARNING: Explicit. No prep penetration (VERY SORRRY). Sadly that’s it.

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anon-chan-san here for you miso~. i am a slave to your SebRon. if you would be so kind, if you're still doing the drabble meme stuff, I would love to see something with #47?? please and thank you. ❤

Beloved, anon-chan-san. It is so nice to get a request from you again. I’m so sorry your other requests are taking so long. ;w;

I hope this sebron satisfies you. ❤❤❤❤❤ It, perhaps, isn’t as intense as the last one (/nosebleeds just thinking about that), but I do hope you still like it.

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble
#47 - No one needs to know.

Word count: ~3.9K
WARNING: Explicit. Do I dare say the kinks? HAHA. Uhm, binding and blindfold.
Notes: Takes place immediately after this.

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because you are the worst, and i crave the angst, anon-chan-san here is requesting a drabble (again). #33 for SebRon. >.>

I am the worst. Yes, I am. Yeesh.

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

#33 - Please don’t do this.

Apologies, anon-chan-san. I seem to be going wild with SebRon thoughts bec I DIDNT THINK IT’D BE THIS GOOD.

Word count: ~3.3K
Notes: This explains how they ended up in the situation in my last sebron drabble. Also, picks up from after that drabble. Hahha. Please note that the ppl trying to infiltrate the Phantomhive household are not the circus arc ppl.
WARNINGS: Explicit. Also wow? A heart? Here let me stab it with needles.

What else. Idk. I’m trash. Happy reading. (y)

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