Chapter ideas for LOST IN YOUR EYES by gif/pics

Chapter 20 - Twins are coming

Chapter 21 - Welcome to the world

Chapter 22 - So not ready

Chapter 23 - Angel baby problem

Chapter 24 - Recovering

Chapter 25 - The car accident

Chapter 26 - I’ll fight for you

Chapter 27 - I don’t want to go

Chapter 28 - You can let go now, daddy

Chapter 29 - The Funeral

Chapter 30 - Epilogue/Sileas’ Wedding

I was thinking about Gabriel and how a lot of people wants him to come back. But what if he was there all along?

We still don’t know who saved Castiel at the end of seasons 4 and 5, and after the leviathans, right?

What if it was Gabriel watching over his little brother? 

Because Castiel had the bravery to do what Gabriel could never bring himself to: he stood up against his family, for humanity and free will. 

I could never bring myself to believe God saved Castiel all those times, but if it was Gabriel it would actually make a lot of sense.

I could see Gabriel watching his little brother makes mistakes and giving him another chance, again and again, believing that Castiel deserved to be saved.

After all, Gabriel was the first angel to chose free will, it’s kind of logical that he would root for team free will. 

My Savior (Sebriel)

Title: My Savior
Pairing: Sebriel
Word Count:
Rate: Fluffy?

This was definitely the worst day of Sam’s life. Well, excluding the day his mom died, of course, because even though he didn’t remember her he still wished he had a mother. But this was a pretty close second! The 12-year-old stared in horror at the woman standing in front of him, who had an oh-so-clear smile on her face. A smile that definitely meant something horrible and probably painful was in store for Sam. Great, only two weeks into knowing the supernatural existed and he was already captured by a witch. A damn witch!

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