Somewhere Only We Know II Seblena

Sebastian was shot. He had been in Atlanta since January filming more movies than he could count on one hand since he started his stay - and he quite honestly needed a little break. He needed to just leave his condo in Atlanta for a week or two otherwise he would just lose his mind. What was nice though was having Selly be there with him for a few days. That was a nice moment that got his mind off of everything. But once she left he found himself just getting frustrated with it all and he just missed her to put it simply. After talking to his manager and explaining the situation, the dark hair male got the okay to take 2 weeks off and just relax. And he had no other vision of spending this time with no one else but Selena. 

A few texts with her and he booked his ticket to LA and was off. The plane ride to LAX was relatively short since Seb pretty much slept the entire time - something he hadn’t been able to do in a few months. With all his movies he was filming - if he wasn’t on set then he was at the gym. So this time to himself was actually relatively nice. As soon as he landed he grabbed his backpack and headed to baggage claim to get his suitcase. He had waited about 15 minutes by the time his bag finally came through. As soon as it was in hand, Seb texted Selena letting her know he was here and was waiting by one of the coffee shops inside as he got himself and her some iced coffee. @revival-gomez

Free My Spirit (Bucky x Reader)

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Bucky Barnes x Reader Oneshot 


Just a quick something I hate-wrote down at two in the morning. It’s probably shit. But I hope you enjoy it anyway :) This isn’t proofread at all, so please point out any mistakes. Thanks!

Word Count:1510

Warnings: mostly angst, some fluff, cursing

It was hard sometimes. Pretending to be happy, when in reality all you were was a broken shell of a person. Ignoring the ache for acceptance was becoming easier and easier, but sometimes, there were days when your spirit cried out in agony, wishing to be freed.

Others envied you, thinking that you were living ‘the life’ – a lavish, carefree life filled with flowing wines, expensive dishes, silken sheets. In a sense, that was true; you had more than enough tasty food to eat, an overflow of beverages and drawers of delicate materials that felt like they swam over your skin. But were you happy? No.

Being part of ‘The Avengers’ sounded like an exclusive and important job. All of a sudden, shops sold your face on birthday cards, little figurines of you for children to play with, magazines with your face disgustingly dolled up and photoshopped onto the front cover. People aspired to be like you, their faces filled with admiration every time they saw you. They called you a ‘hero’ and idolised you endlessly.

But you knew you were no hero. You were a coward.

A hero was someone who went through pain and still came out strong, not someone who is afraid of their own feelings. A hero is someone who opposes evil, who resists darkness. A hero is someone like Bucky Barnes.

You admired him not only because of his impressive physical strength and his friendship with Captain America. You admired him because he was broken, just like you. Yet, he still fought, trying to get the world to see him for who he really was, not who he was forced to be for decades.

God, you loved him, so damn much that it hurt. It was hard not to, with his charming personality and stunning good looks. He was always so sweet and kind, making your heart melt. He was one of your closest friends, always there for you when you needed him. You were happy, because Bucky was the light in your life, your safe haven.

It pained your heart to know he’d never be yours.

You were nothing compared to Natalia Romanova. Her fiery hair and sexy lips were enough to win any man over. Not to mention her natural grace and sharp wit. Oh, and her large bosom.

You’ve seen the way they look at each other. Longing, heated gazes thrown from opposite ends of the room, touches that lasted a second too long, secretive smirks half hidden behind smouldering eyes. It was obvious to anyone that they wanted each other, the not-so-subtle signs were clear as day. Your co-workers only encouraged them, telling them to ‘stop playing’ and ‘finally get together, dammit’.

How could you ever compete with the Black Widow?

These thoughts nagged at you as you performed your daily activities. You tried your damn best at everything, you really did. But she always seemed to be better than you in everything. Hit a bullseye at the shooting range? She hits five. Lift a thirty-pound weight? She lifts fifty. Gather required intel in one day? She does it in an hour.

You didn’t mean to envy her, but you really couldn’t help it. Everyone you ever gave a damn about chose her, not you. It really got on your nerves after a while.

Hence why you were currently swigging straight from a bottle of Smirnoff at 1 am on the roof of the Avengers tower. A mission was underway, once again finding information about a presumed HYDRA base. The mission was delicate, requiring the agents to dress up ‘fancy’ and attend an elaborate party hosted by a suspected HYDRA leader. You had eagerly volunteered, hoping that this could be your chance to show that you were, in fact, capable of acting like a dame. You were desperate to prove that you, too, could be seductive. You were even more excited when you found that two avengers would act as a ‘couple’ and attend the party. Your heart stuttered with joy when you discovered that the designated male agent chosen was Bucky Barnes.

Your heart dropped to the floor and shattered once again when you were told that the designated female agent would be Natalia.

Once again, that gaze was thrown across the room, making a lump form in your throat. Of course. You should’ve known.

You would never be chosen for a mission like that.

Pretending everything was alright was harder than ever tonight. Pretending you didn’t care about them was even harder.

The liquid in the half empty bottle sloshed around as you took yet another long slurp, some alcohol escaping down your chin, not that you cared. You didn’t care about anything anymore. You didn’t care at all.

The sky was clear tonight, constellations of stars twinkling at you happily, mocking you. Gazing up into the endless dark blue void, you wondered if a world existed, just one world, in which you could be truly happy…

Quiet footsteps interrupted your pathetic daydream. Looking around, your insides plummeted with dread when you locked gazes with the handsome supersoldier, who was still dressed in his smart, this-outfit-kills-and-I-know-it clothes. Quickly grabbing the vodka and hiding it beside you, you tore your gaze away from James’s caring eyes.

“Are you alright, (Y/n)?” He questioned, slowly sitting down beside you. You shrugged nonchalantly in response.

“O’ course. Why wouldn’t I be?” You replied, trying to appear casual.

Bucky sighed. “That”, he motioned to the alcohol hidden beside you, “tells me otherwise. Now, what’s going on?”

You scoffed, your liquid friend making you much bolder than you actually were.

”Nothing’s going on. And why do you even care?”

Bucky frowned deeply at this, looking straight into your eyes. “I care about you because you’re my friend, (Y/n).”

Ah, there it goes. That disgusting boundary. Friend.

“Yeah”, you answered, rolling your eyes. “That’s all I am. Anyway, how’s Natasha doing? Is she just a friend as well?”

Bucky looked stunned. “What on earth are you talking about, (Y/n)?! Of course she’s just a friend. Why would you think otherwise?”

You grabbed your bottle and took another swig, eyes filling with hurt and longing.

“I’ve seen the way you look at each other. Why don’t you stop playing around and just fuck already?”

The brunet gasped, looking at you with a mixture of shock and anger. “Do you really think I’m that type of person? Nothing romantic, just purely sexual?”

You shrugged once again. “Well, the way you shamelessly stare at her breasts brings that to mind, yes.”

Bucky ran his prosthetic hand through his long hair. “That’s very offensive, (Y/n). Both to me and to Natasha. First of all, I do not stare or want to fuck her, as you so nicely put it. And second, Natasha is not the girl I want.”

Hearing this, your heart seemed to crush.

“Oh yeah?” You practically spat. “Then who is? Wanda? Sharon? Or just a random whore?”

Bucky growled at this, getting up abruptly. “You’re wasted, (Y/n). I’m not having this conversation with you when you’re this drunk.”

You got up as well, your legs slightly shaky, a fact you chose to ignore. “Is that so, Barnes? Scared to admit who you have the hots for?”

“Oh, for the love of…” Bucky spun you around to face him, his piercing blue eyes blazing. “It’s you, alright, (Y/n)?! It’s you! From the very start, it has always been you. You were always there for me, you always made me feel human again. I love you!”

You stood there, frozen, not daring to move a muscle. You had sobered up quite fast at the yelling, and you couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Bucky loved…you?

“Me?” You whispered, a single tear trickling down your cheek. Bucky’s expression softened immediately, his arms pulling you close to him.

“Yes, you”, he murmured. “No one makes me feel like you do. You make me feel like life is worth it. You make me feel like someone finally gives a shit. You may not believe this, but I love you.”

A choked sob left your throat. “I love you, too.” You hoped to whatever God was out there that you weren’t dreaming, that this wasn’t just some cruel figment of your own imagination.

Bucky smiled, gently brushing his large hand over your cheek. Your breath got caught in your throat as he moved closer to you, eyes moving down to glance at your lips. You froze, feeling his breaths fan over your face and watching as brunet shut his eyes slowly and brushed his lips over yours softly.

Getting over your shock quickly, you gripped his neck and crashed his lips onto yours, shutting your eyes tightly as stray tears fell down your lashes. You felt like you were finally able to breathe; as Bucky’s kisses were all you needed to stay alive.

He loved you. James Buchanan Barnes loved you.

After all, there was a world in which you could be happy. It seems that your spirit can be free at last.

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Hotlanta II Seblena

While at the gym, Sebastian was texting Selena - and quite honestly, he couldn’t even concentrate on what his trainer was telling him to do because he wanted to just go back home to her. Even though Seb was off, he wasn’t allowed to take off from the gym, unfortunately. A few press curls and deadlifts later- Seb was on his way to the younger brunette. His entire ride back to his condo in Atlanta, Seb was thinking about only one thing. Selena mentioned something about how she was feeling and it being silly. And it left Sebastian somewhat worried. What if she didn’t want to see him anymore? He wasn’t entirely sure, and quite honestly he never assumed because he learned the hard way that was never the way to go. In a matter of no time, Sebastian pulled up to his condo and got out of his car and headed inside. “Babe?” He said, his voice echoing through the hall as he closed the door behind him. Seb placed his gym bag down by the door before walking into the living room where he saw Selena curled up on the couch. “Hey, beautiful” He said softly, leaning in behind her to kiss her cheek before he kissed the crook of her neck. “I missed you today” @revival-gomez

I’m trying to study! Part 3

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Bucky x Reader College AU 

Catch up here!


Hello lovelies, here is part three! I am absolutely stunned at the amount of feedback all of you wonderful people gave me on the previous parts. I want to thank all of you, no exceptions, for how much you appreciate this and how you encourage me to keep going. Thank you! 

Word count: 1592

Warnings: So. Much. Fluff!!!

Waking up, you felt like you were in heaven.

Not only were the sheets soft and silky, but you also felt a wave of warmth encase your body, making you feel safe and loved. Slowly opening your drowsy eyes, you saw soft rays of sunlight filtering through the curtains, enveloping the room in a warm, buttery light. Making you feel at home.

Wait a second…this wasn’t your room!

Opening your eyes in a panic, you shot your gaze around the room. The events of last night came rushing back to you, calming you down, but only just. Glancing behind you, your eyes settled on the sleeping form of Bucky.

Oh, Bucky.

Sleeping peacefully, Bucky looked more like an angel than a human. His luscious brown locks had tumbled onto the pillow and his mouth was slightly agape, letting out soft breaths. His strong, muscular arms were wrapped tightly around your waist and his legs were tangled together with yours.

You shifted slightly, your breaths coming out uneven and your heartbeat increasing rapidly. Your movement caused Bucky to frown slightly and pull you against him even more. Your breath hitched at his actions, the butterflies whizzing around your stomach at full force. You were about to try and pull away completely, but you stopped.

Why would you?

Why should you?

To hell with all of this, you thought, and nuzzled yourself into Bucky’s embrace, revelling in how deliciously warm he was and how right it felt to be in his arms. Pressing your cheek against the brunet’s pectoral, you sighed out slowly, feeling so content and in love that you wanted this moment to last forever. You knew Bucky would wake soon to go to college, but for now, you took the couple spare moments of silence you had left to think about your feelings for the man lying next to you.

Bucky and you have known each other since elementary, having met when your teacher sat you beside Bucky on the first day of school. The two of you had taken an instant liking to each other, often playing pranks and causing trouble for the others. Through Bucky you met Steve, his best friend, then went on to meet Natasha and Wanda. Through those two you meet a ton of other people that you have instantly clicked with. Yes, those days were some of the best days of your life.

Your feelings for Bucky blossomed some time in high school and have been growing stronger ever since.  You couldn’t help it; Bucky was the kindest soul you have ever met, his heart made of gold. Sure, he had some trouble with authorities in the past when he got into fights with bullies at school and outside of it, but that’s what made you love him even more – no matter what, Bucky always protected those that were weaker than him, those that couldn’t protect themselves.

Now, whenever you looked at him, you didn’t just see your best friend; you also saw a man you adored, a man you hoped to spend the rest of your life with. Even if that was thinking a bit far ahead.

You were pulled back to the present when you felt the gorgeous man shift and groan in a low voice, signalling he was awake. Shutting your eyes quickly, you evened out your breaths and pretended you were still asleep, hoping Bucky wouldn’t realize that you were awake already.

Fortunately, your plan worked. You felt Bucky shift and slowly unwrap his arms from around you, then heard his low chuckle sounding beside you. The man’s voice almost broke your act, but thankfully you caught yourself just in time and managed to keep up the illusion. You thought Bucky would just get up and start getting ready, so you were totally unprepared for what happened next.

Bucky leaned forward and wrapped his arms around you once again, then, as softly and gently as the whisper of the wind, he pressed his lips to your cheek in a delicate kiss, keeping them there for a few seconds before slowly pulling away and chuckling once again.

Pretty sure that your heart had just exploded, it took all of your willpower to stop yourself from screaming out loud. Not able to pretend any longer, you opened your eyes and let out a small yawn, acting like you just woke up. Your entire body felt like it was on fire, but you managed to keep all your emotions down, thanking your lucky stars that you didn’t spontaneously combust there and then.

Bucky grinned at you once you made eye contact with him. “Morning, princess.”

“Mm, morning”, you mumbled out, stretching and sitting up in bed.

Bucky laughed slightly and turned around to pick up fresh clothes for himself. Due to the fact that you stayed the night, Bucky had been modest and slept in a t-shirt and sweats (though you had secretly hoped he would go to sleep shirtless and let you see his toned chest. Well, actually no, it was better that he had slept covered up, as you were pretty sure you would’ve drowned in your own drool if you had seen his bare torso).

You hopped out of the comfortable bed, immediately going to make the make the bed. Bucky smirked slightly, looking at you.

“(Y/n), you’d make a good wife, y’know. Always so tidy.”

You felt blood rush to your cheeks as you rolled your eyes at your friend. “Shut up, Bucky.”

Bucky laughed loudly, causing you to chuckle as well. You turned around to face him, putting your hands on your hips. Bucky kept laughing, giving you an evil wink. You shook your head, your heart swelling at the sight.

Once Bucky calmed down, he straightened his posture and pointed to the bathroom door behind him with a smile. “Steve’s already out of here, so I’m gonna go shower. You can join me if you want, doll.” After saying that, not only did he wiggle his eyebrows, the bastard also winked.

You choked on your own spit and fell into a coughing fit, feeling like you were about to cough your lungs up onto the floor. Bucky immediately ran to your rescue, laughing the entire time.

You slapped Bucky’s chest once you had calmed down, which of course made him laugh even harder. Completely red, you muttered a “bitch” and quickly walked out of the bedroom, Bucky’s laugh sounding behind you, making you grin stupidly and shake your head.

You were in the middle of making pancakes when you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around you. Supressing your urge to jump from the sudden contact, you bumped your elbow into Bucky’s side, making him chuckle into your hair.

“It really was lonely without you in the shower, (Y/n). You should’ve joined me.”

Rolling your eyes, you pushed him away from you with a small smile and guided him to a seat at the kitchen table. “Shut up already and sit down.”

Bucky grinned, but that grin quickly turned to surprise when you placed a plate completely loaded with pancakes in front of him, along with a small plate of butter and some syrup. “Now eat.”

“W-what? That’s all for me?” Bucky looked at you in astonishment as you smirked and crossed your arms, nodding.

“Yeah. It’s my way of thanking you for letting me stay the night. You’re a lifesaver, Buck.”

Bucky blushed and looked away. “You shouldn’t have, (Y/n). This is too kind of you.” The brunet dug into his food, letting out a small moan at the taste. “Hish ish amahing!”

You laughed loudly, taking a bite of our own food. “I’m glad you like it. Now hurry up because this time you will be the one that’s late, not me. Gosh, I’m so glad I don’t have any classes until the afternoon.”

Bucky rolled his eyes at you but followed your instructions nonetheless. In the blink of an eye, he was putting his empty plate into the sink and washing it, then running to the bathroom to clean his teeth. You chuckled at how hurried he was, feeling really happy and proud that he enjoyed the breakfast you made for him.  You wondered what it would feel like to wake beside him and make him breakfast every day. Maybe, just maybe, some day it might happen…

You were pulled out of your thoughts when you saw Bucky walking into the kitchen, dressed and ready to go. Standing up, you walked over to him with a smile.

“Have fun at college, Buck.”

He nodded and, before you could react, leaned forward and wrapped his arms tightly around you, once again gently pressing his lips to your cheek.

“Thank you, (Y/n). For everything. You’re really the best”, he mumbled against your cheek before pulling away and flashing you his dashing smile, then bolting out of the front door. You stood there in shock, your hand slowly going up and touching the place that Bucky had kissed, feeling lightheaded from his actions. By now, saying that you had butterflies in your stomach would be an understatement – instead, it felt like the whole Central Park Zoo was going on a stampede inside your body, making you physically tremble from the feelings suddenly overwhelming you. You realized that your feelings for Bucky weren’t just a simple crush anymore. What you felt for him was pure love.

This is going to be the death of me, but I’m willing to die if he’s holding me in his arms.

I hope you enjoyed this part!

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Too Close To Love You || Sebastian x Selena

Sebastian stood there looking at her, at the verge of tears, but it took all his strength to keep them inside, which he seemed to succeed at doing. He looked at her, and shook his head, balling his fists. “No. Don’t say that.” He said almost as coldly as his angry self would spat. “You should be alive. You are better alive.” He said, trying his best to keep his voice from cracking, and slowly closed his eye taking in consideration to tell her everything.

Sebastian hated how she made him weak, how she could make her way into his mind and make him say everything he thought. It frustrated him, yet it intrigued him. He had a mixture of feelings: Anger, sadness, disappointment, and relieve. He hated feeling like that, so he did the next best thing that he could.

He turned off his humanity… but not completely.