Let Me In

Formatted Tumblr AU - Sometimes good things come from the worst things.

warnings: cyber harassment, homophobia - if you’ve had bad anon hate, you know the deal here

Anonymous asked you: 
2012-09-17 20:13
youre fucking useless

Anonymous asked you:
2012-09-17 20:22
no one would care if you died

Anonymous asked you:
2012-09-17 20:42
Hey, Blaine… I don’t really know you, and all I did was look at your readmores, but please don’t let some assholes do this to you.

Anonymous asked you:
2012-09-17 20:43
You matter.

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Pictures (1/3)

Blaine and his pictures of Kurt.

Blaine is having a bad day. First he forgot his Calculus homework and got embarrassed by the teacher in front of the whole class, then he heard some guy making fun of his hair in the hallway, he spilled milk all over his pants, and he just really doesn’t feel like staying after school for glee club. And the worst part is that he doesn’t even have anybody to vent to or have a shoulder to rest his head on.

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4x14 spoiler-based, speculative fun, pretty much

“Can I turn on the radio?” Kurt asked, leaning back in the passenger seat to stretch, careful not to wrinkle his tuxedo. Blaine nodded as he checked the mirror before switching lanes, glancing at Kurt out of the corner of his eye and internally questioning the decision to ask Kurt to be his date to the wedding, as a friend.

Even if it was Kurt that had brought the subject up in the first place, dropping hints and picking out tuxedos for both of them before Blaine had even started to think about the event. Kurt’s fashion direction was as spot-on as always, and that was the problem. He looked way too good for Blaine to be comfortable just being friends at a wedding, of all places.

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Taking a quick detour to write more fluff - this time it’s finchel *u*

“Whoa - what’s going on?”

“Thank God you’re here,” Kurt huffed, stalking past Finn as he pulled on his jacket. “Please talk some sense into her or have sex with her or something.”

“Wh- Kurt, what’s-” Finn was cut off as the door swung shut, the lopsided bookshelves along the wall rattling dangerously. He hurriedly steadied them before turning back to face the living room. “Rachel?”

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