It’s a Rockfish Roundup! 

Rockfishes are simply magnificent—over 72 different species in the genus Sebastes live in the northeast Pacific, with 30+ on display at the Aquarium! They are, in order:

China rockfish — Sebastes nebulosus

Vermillion rockfish — Sebastes miniatus

Canary rockfish — Sebastes pinniger

Bocaccio — Sebastes paucispinis

Black rockfish — Sebastes melanops

Olive rockfish — Sebastes serranoides

Yellowtail rockfish — Sebastes flavidus

Blue rockfish — Sebastes mystinus

Widow rockfish — Sebastes entomelas

Kelp rockfish — Sebastes atrovirens

Gopher rockfish — Sebastes carnatus

Black and Yellow rockfish — Sebastes chrysomelas and a xanthomorph (yellow-type)

Copper rockfish — Sebastes caurinus

Brown rockfish — Sebastes auriculatus

Calico rockfish — Sebastes dallii

Cowcod — Sebastes levis

Yelloweye rockfish — Sebastes ruberrimus

Squarespot rockfish — Sebastes hopkinsi

Starry rockfish — Sebastes constellatus

Honeycomb rockfish — Sebastes umbrosus

Rosy rockfish — Sebastes rosaceus

Greenspotted rockfish — Sebastes chlorostictus

Greenstriped rockfish — Sebastes elongatus

Chilipepper rockfish — Sebastes goodei

Shortbelly rockfish — Sebastes jordani

Pygmy rockfish — Sebastes wilsoni

Darkblotched rockfish — Sebastes crameri

Halfbanded rockfish — Sebastes semicintus

Splitnose rockfish — Sebastes diploproa

Puget Sound rockfish — Sebastes emphaeus

Flag rockfish — Sebastes rubrivinctus

Redbanded rockfish — Sebastes babcocki

Treefish — Sebastes serriceps

Sebastian having to take his little sister to school and hating every minute of it!

Lol I feel his outfit dates me because this is what goth kids wore when I was in highschool. XD

Look how cute Maru is!  I gave her hair reminiscent of her original design hair style. 

you know what man,, you know what. i fucking love sebastian. he not making drama, he fair play he was only there for da single soul and now look this poor motherfucker,, hes the real victim here. did he signed up???bithc, did he?? he didnt and now look what he has, two lodos, two earls not one TWO OF THEM, problems with underbaker, queen stuff also agni?? and lizzy too and you know whos gotta take care of all this sh*t later?? he. him. he did not deserved this, hes a freaking fair man, he no fake, he no doll, he no secret evil plan to destroy the plot. protect him, sebastion michaelis everyone, the only one left pure out there


So here’s a sketch dump….. uuummmm….. 1+6 are dnd charas. 2 is Taako and Lup, 3+4 are Metalocalypse boys. and 5 is a good good moment in @curlicuecal‘s Cyber!bunny Apocalypse AU’s newest chapter! (Read that here its VERY GOOD!)

Bereavement [PT.2]

Summary : It was just a typical mission. Fight HYDRA, get intel and get out. What they didn’t expect was for Tony to know the girl in the cyro chamber. AU.

Warnings : Mentions of death and murder. Mentions of abuse and torture. Tiny (extremely) amount of fluff.

Requests : Yes!

Author : Ash

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*** 10 Years Ago ***

You couldn’t take the voices anymore. The constant night terrors, waking up covered in sweat. Your nerves were beyond shot and every day was constant torture. You weren’t their perfect nightmare.

You finally were regaining control of yourself, of your memories. You remembered who you were…what you were. That’s how you found yourself in your present predicament.

You stared down at your knuckles bloodied, and bruised. There was dirt and cement in the cuts. You had been captive in this HYDRA basement for what felt like weeks. Hell, it could be years. You tried to punch through the wall, claw your way out, devise a plan but there seemed to be no escape.  

It was dark, damp and smelled of death. There was no light, unless one of the guards came in to drop of what you assumed to be food. You were tempted to start pulling your hair out..replaying your last mission in your head.

You froze. You couldn’t take out the target, you wouldn’t take out the target. You weren’t sure at the time why you couldn’t take out the man who was standing at least 500 feet away from you. It just felt wrong. Then someone said his name and you instantly knew why you couldn’t. He was your brother. Your older brother, Tony Stark.

You raced back to the compound and instantly headed after the top ass-hole in charge.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” You screamed as you threw open the door to his office. “You want me to kill my own brother?”

“How do you know him? You were not supposed to be aware of the target. He is a danger to us, to our mission.” He retorted back. You noticed his guards sitting in a chair across from him.

Both men look at you, unsure of how you knew or what was happening. “Tell me, how do you remember who he is?” Your commander walked from behind his desk and over to you. You made note of the way he kept his fingers on the holster of his gun.

You stood their fuming. You could feel a new migraine starting, it was worse then the previous ones. Almost debilitating. You  held your head in your hands biting the inside of your cheek to keep from screaming in agony.

“That is none of your concern. Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell me who I am?” You screamed through gritted teeth.

“I am (Y/N) Stark. I am (Y/N) Stark.” You chanted your name repeating it like a mantra.

You grabbed your head again as you could feel the pounding start. “She needs to be reprogrammed.” You heard your commander mumble to the guard. The guard mumbled back something you couldn’t quite make out.

Soon the pounding in your head started to intensify. You could feel your heart racing, and you were starting to loose consciousness. You tried to pull yourself together and make your way to your commander.

That was all you remembered before you woke up in a room. Strapped down to a machine. You noticed The Winter Soldier in the bed across from you. His head hooked up to the machine. You tried to break free form your restraints.

Seven hours in the brain scrambler and nothing worked. I was beaten for even longer, electrocuted, and eventually thrown into this hell hole.

As you replayed everything in your head you heard guards come back to your cell. The cell clanked as it opened and you were dragged down the hall to the cryogenic chambers.

*** Present Day ***

“Come on (Y/N) stay with me. Come on, fight damit.” Tony was screaming at your chamber.

“Tony, Bucky get out! Let us work” the doctors came in pushing them out of the room. They pulled blinds over the doors to hide what was happening. Tony just paced back and forth. Bucky just looked at him. Mumbling to himself as he scratched his chin nervously tapping his fingers.

Tony was about to say something to Bucky when there was a loud thud and scream from the room. Tony rushed to the door and kicked it open as Bucky followed behind on his chair.

“Tony!” You screamed through tears almost in a daze unsure if you were still in a dream. You looked around.

“(Y/N). But how…I thought you were… I thought she was…” Tony could barely get the words out. He was baffled.

“From what I can see (Y/N) DNA has bonded with the serum in the most unusual way. When she was put into cryo it didn’t stop the mutation, but sped it up. She has increased healing, her brain activity is off the chart. She’s also insanely strong, and increased speed. We still need to run tests, her DNA is still mutating.” The doctor said as he flipped through the charts.

“I’m going to leave the three of you to talk and well, catch up.” He said as he checked your vitals one last time and made a point to talk to Bucky before walking out.

Bucky rolled over to your bedside and grabbed your hand. He stared at you mumbling something in Russian which made you grimace and nod your head. You squeezed each other’s hand before he turned back to Tony.

“You both need to talk. I’ll come back later.” He said as he rolled out of the room.

Tony instantly ran to your bed and grabbed you to hug you but you stopped him. “Tony, is this real?” You asked tears forming in your eyes.

Tony just smiled softly and grabbed your hand. Squeezing it tightly. “Yes, you’re finally safe (Y/N).” He said as he pulled a chair to your bed.

There was so much that needed to be said, so much catching up to do. Where do you begin? What do you say?

You and Tony sat in silence for a few moments just trying to take in the fact that you were finally together. You broke the silence.

“Mom and dad…they…um…” you couldn’t get the words out before you felt tears falling.

“It’s not your fault. I’m so sorry I didn’t let you stay home that night. God (Y/N) I was so selfish and so angry. If I had let you stay home you would’ve never been captured. You wouldn’t…” Tony grimaced at the thought.

“We can’t change that night Tony, but I’m here now. I’m alive and we’re back together. Let’s focus on that.” You smiled softly. Tony just nodded.

Tony stayed by your side all night, catching up with you, sharing pictures and old memories. You thought you were in the clear and that HYDRA had lost. You had your memories, you had your brother.

“Ok (Y/N) I have bothered you enough for one day. I’m going to let you get some actual rest and the doctors run their blood tests. I’ll be back tomorrow to check on you.” He said softly as he kissed your forehead.

“To the moon and back munchkin.” Tony said softly. “More than all the stars in the sky.” You replied. It was you and Tony’s unconventional way of saying “I love you”.

“We’re not finished with you. You have a mission to complete. You will complete it.”

There was the migraine again. Debilitating and agonizing. You grabbed the side of your head. There was a ringing noise in your head.

“You will comply and you will complete your mission. You will take out the enemy. HAIL HYDRA.”

“HAIL HYDRA, HAIL HYDRA” was all you could make out in your head.

You felt Tony’s hands on your shoulders shaking you to wake up. “Wake up, wake up, it’s only a dream.”

You woke up and looked at Tony. You could feel the clothes clinging to your body from all the sweat. You took a deep breath. It was just a dream. Just a dream. You were safe, it was over.

But there was still the voice. “Mission isn’t over soldier, you will complete your mission.”

What was happening to you?

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anonymous asked:

Since bannon got fucked, who else do u think is next on the line?

Probably Gorka. He’s pretty close to Bannon and if the White House is looking to get rid of connections to Bannon, he’d be the most obvious. There’s a couple others on staff who were brought in by Bannon and worked on Breitbart but I think the biggest name amongst them, the one with the most controversy, and the most loyal to Bannon is Gorka.