sebastien lefevbre

Chapter 4

The day was over. It was the day of the party, David was in the airport waiting for Pierre.

David waved at him. Pierre walked over him with his suitcase.

“You are fucking late, man.” David said giving Pierre a hug and palming each other’s backs.

“I know, the flight was delayed, and some fans cached me when I arrive.” Pierre said.

They went to the hotel and Pierre left his things in the room.

They sat in the couch and talked for a while.

“So, how’s the record going?” David asked.

“It’s quite good, we need the bass, but we are doing good by now. Seb got sick and he couldn’t made the backing vocals but he is better now. We need you to sing too.”

Pierre said resting his head in the top head of the couch and closed his eyes.

He was really tired.

“So, tonight we are having a party.” He remembered.

“That’s right, Jane’s birthday party.” David said playing with his hands nervously.

Pierre looked at him.

“Are you okay David? You want to tell me something ever since I stepped New York… or it’s just my impression?”

Pierre asked looking at David confused. He knew David very well and he realized when something was going on with him.

“No, it’s not your impression, I need to talk to you.”  David said and looked up at Pierre.

“Oookay, what’s going on?” Pierre asked

“Do you remember the girl I talked to you about yesterday morning?” David said and looked at him

“Mikie.” Pierre said

“Exactly, Mikie.” David said. “There’s something going on between her and I”.

“You guys like each other?” Pierre asked knowing the obvious answer.

“Ya, I think I really like her.” David said.


“…But I met her a few days ago and its crazy how we got really close now, and how I get to like her, I mean… pretty much a lot.”  David said and sighed.

Pierre said nothing and David continued.

“Pierre… I already told her about my aunt and my parents… the whole shit. And the craziest thing is that the opportunity just came out of nowhere and I had no doubt about it, I just told her. And the same day that we met she told me something really personal about her ex-boyfriend.” David said.

“…And above of it all you kissed her the same day that you met her and you didn’t were even drunk.” Pierre said

“And that!” David almost yelled. “But that’s not the big deal, the real deal here is that being drunk or not drunk I would do it again. And again.”  He finished with a resigned tone.

“Is she coming tonight?” Pierre asked.

“Yes she is and we are going to her place earlier before going to Jane’s.” David said.

“Is something supposed to happen…?” Pierre asked knowing David knew what he was talking about.

“I don’t know, I don’t think so…” David said shooking his head. “Its just too soon for something to happen, Pierre.”

“Well, but… do you think she likes you?” Pierre asked once more.

“Yes I do, I mean, she likes me a long time ago… But I know that she likes me now, more than just a fan to his/her idol” David said

“You mean she is our fan?”  Pierre asked standing up, walked over the kitchen and opened the fridge.

“Yes, she is a Simple Plan fan… a long time ago.” David confirmed.

“Well you our fans rule number 1. We don’t like them. We don’t touch them… that… way.” Pierre said. Took a snack from the fridge and went back to sit in the couch beside David.

“I touched her, and I like her. You know rules are made to be broken. Besides… She’s different.” David said

Pierre made a pause and said “I can’t even think right now, I really need to get some sleep, wake me up fifteen minutes earlier so I can get ready.” He stood up and slowly went to bed. “Fuck, I feel like shit…” He whispered after he sighed, and fell asleep.

David rested in bed beside Pierre with his iPod, listening to music while time passed and thinking constantly in her, What was going to happen? Why did she became so special in such a short time? What should he do? The more he thought about it the worse it got. He was not sure about it yet, but about one thing he was sure, that she was not just another girl. Mikie was special, and he could feel that when he looked at her.

It was time to wake up Pierre and get ready; it was going to be a long night.

“Pierre…” David whispered. Pierre didn’t react. “Pierre” A bit louder, he waited a few moments but nothing happened. “PIERRE!!” David yelled and Pierre woke up exalted.

“Fuck David, you scared the shit out of me!” Pierre said looking at him wide eyed.

“Sorry, you looked almost dead.” David said and smirked. “Come on, get ready.” He said and stood up to start getting ready.

Both prepared. David dressed with white shirt and black tie. Black pants, black belt, and black vans. And the last but not least, black eyeliner.

“Are you ready?” David yelled while he was really close to the mirror making his eyeliner look as perfect as he could.

“Yep, let’s go.”

Both were now going to Mikie’s house in David’s car.


Mikie was ready and Brandon was already there. They’ve been talking for a while but Brandon was making Mikie uncomfortable. He was getting as close as he could to her and constantly saying she looked really nice tonight.

Suddenly the bell rang.

“Oh, must be David and Pierre.” Mikie said and quickly stood thanking the bell that saved her ass from that uncomfortable situation. 

Brandon stood up and walked behind her “This is funny, I remember how obsessed you where with this guys when we were together on highschool” He laughing a little

[Yeah right, just in highschool] She sarcastically thought for herself and opened the door. There they were, David and Pierre behind the door.

David made a big smile when he saw her. “Hey guys!” Mikie said and gave a cheek kiss to David and then to Pierre. “Really nice to meet you, Pierre” She said and gave Pierre a short and soft hug.

“Same to you, Mikie” Pierre said and smiled.

David looked at Brandon and the smile was automatically erased, Brandon stared back.

“Oh sorry, David I forgot to tell you, Brandon is coming with us, he’s an old friend.” Mikie said and presented each other.

“Oh… Okay, sure, nice to meet you Brandon” David said and the three of them shacked hands. “Let’s go.” He said and left Mikie and Brandon walk in front of him to his car. David already hated Brandon a little, what was that bastard doing with her alone?

[And what the fuck is he doing going to Jane’s party with Mikie in my car?] He thought walking to the car.

In the car the four of them were silent. David looked at Brandon through the car’s rearview several times. Mikie realized about this, she knew David was jealous. This situation wasn’t funny at all to her.

Pierre suddenly looked up at David waited a few moments to see him looking back by the mirror. David did it without knowing Pierre was staring at him. Pierre laughed a little loud.

David looked at Pierre quickly and Pierre was looking at him.

“…What? What’s so funny?” David asked trying to hide the irritation on his voice.

“Nothing just… continue driving, looking at the road please. I don’t want to die.” Pierre said between laughs.

David looked at the road again without saying a word.

“Me neither…” Brandon said from the back. He could feel the energy of rejection coming from David.

David huffed.

Finally they arrived to the party. They were all in, but Mikie and Jane stood beside the door for a moment to talk.

“You HAD to bring Brandon to my party?” Jane asked sounding disappointed.

“You told me that I could bring whoever I want…” Mikie exclaimed.

“Yep, I know, but why Brandon? You know I hate him…”

“Jane I know he can distract me from David, okay? He likes me, and I know he will.” Mikie said looking down, feeling a little ashamed.

“Okay, I accept it just because of that.” Jane finished.

“Thanks.” Mikie said and gave Jane a hug.

Both walked into the party. They were all sat down in a circle of couches, and by a corner on the very same room, there was a bar, with several options to eat and drink.

Mikie sat down beside Brandon, and in front of David and Pierre.

Pierre was talking to a hot blonde chick. You know, Lachelle’s style. Jane was talking to her sister who was sitting beside her. David had no one to talk to. Mikie and Brandon were talking, they seemed to be having fun as they were laughing and talking all the time. Catching up a little.

David was looking at them, he suddenly stood up and went to have a drink. He noticed that Mikie was looking at him while he was walking over the bar.

 [I know you like me, I know you want me, very very bad. But I don’t know what the fuck are you doing with him… God, women.] David thought while walking again to sit in the couch after taking a drink with him.

Mikie looked at him anytime she could; and she always found him staring back into her eyes, with no expression in his face, just a poker face, frozen looking at her. Mikie was tired of this so decided to look at him in the same way, constantly, it was now a war. Who was going to give up? Brandon just kept talking to her like nothing was happening, very into his story.

The time seemed to stop; a world was created between the two. They ignored the surroundings and everything was silent for them. They were both looking into each other’s eyes, without caring about what was happening around them. They enjoyed that little world for a short moment that seemed a really long one… None of them expected the next thing that was about to happen.

I – love - you…” David mimicry with his mouth, slowly and very clear, making a stop between each word, making sure Mikie could read his lips.

Mikie froze for some moments as tears were forming in her eyes. She broke the silent world between her and David and stood up, upset. Quickly run up stairs. Brandon finally realized, he looked at David surprised while Mikie was running up stairs and stood up to follow her.

David looked down ashamed as Pierre looked at David too.

“What just happened?” Pierre whispered looking down at David.

“I have no idea…” David whispered half to himself and half to Pierre, half true and half lie.

 ———– END OF CHAPTER FOUR! Stay tuned ;)