Izzy it’s… it’s okay to struggle. Life is a struggle. The point is that you are in recovery and you are succeeding. You look quite well, I might add. I’m not so sure.

  • Sebastian: Tell me what it feels like to have your entire family ripped away from you.
  • Clary: What?
  • Sebastian: Look, your mother, she's never coming back. Jace is not your brother. You feel like you're all alone in this world, don't you...
  • Clary: Stop it!
  • Sebastian: No, feel it, Clary. Feel it. Your mother is never coming back.
  • Clary: Don't...
  • Sebastian: Your father will never love you. The only reason he wanted you was to use you. You wanted a brother so badly, because then at least you'd have someone to share in the pain.
  • Clary: Stop it!
  • Sebastian: I can't stop it, Clary.
  • Sebastian: That empty feeling that eats away at your soul and makes you feel like you want to die? Day, after day, after day. It never stops.
  • Sebastian: Now, take that pain and use it.

Sebastian Morgenstern | I’m Not Like Everybody Else


Shadowhunters Season 2: Characters from the books that we didn’t get to see in the movie.