Seduction (Smut)

Fandom: Celebrities
Pairing: Reader x Sebastian Stan
Words: 2,070
Warnings: smut, smut, smutty, smut & alcohol consumption and language.
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A/N: this one was way deep into the archive when i went through (still am on) a sebastian stan phase. so don’t be offended. because you know i just…love sebastian stan.

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Can you do a Thief Prompt where Ciel gives Sebastian the silent treatment just to fuck with him?

“Hey, dumb-shit. Detention’s over it’s time to go home.”

-sebastian in uniform ducks as he enters the empty classroom because he’s so enormous even doorways are no match for his size-

-ciel sitting in desk with angry brows and chin up, huffing and looking away-

“Get the fuck up, come on.”

[No reply]

“Hey, look at me.” -sebastian instantly knows he did something wrong the second ciel crosses his tiny little arms and presses his lips together as they finally lock eyes-

“What the fuck is it NOW? I said we’re LEAVING.”


“HEY. Speak before I lose my shit. SAY SOMETHING.”

-ciel eyes him from head to toe and clicks his tongue, pissily looking away once again-

-sebastian cant handle it and approaches, kicking one of the desks so hard it gets sent flying like ten feet away-


[Ciel just dying to look but doesnt]


-more smashy-smash, sebastian punches the teacher’s desk and kicks a fucking hole in it, books and papers flying everywhere, his fists cracking over every piece of furniture falling victim to his surroundings-


[The sound of his name screamed out makes ciel twitch because its just that hot, but he keeps his place and continues to look away]

“CIEL. CIEL.” -kicks and pushes and slams every desk he passes as he gets closer- “CIEL I’M FUCKING TALKING TO YOU.”

[ciel is tortured because the name only sounds sweeter every time its spoken, and he is instantly defeated when the haunting shadow of sebastians enormity covers his entire desk. he can feel sebastian he can hear his breathing he can practically taste his knuckles so he finally turns his head and is faced with the sight of the heavy utility belt hanging off of the hottest body imaginable. Blue eyes roll up and up (and up) until they finally meet sebastian’s, the mere instant the two look at one another causing ciel to gasp out a shaky breath]

-sebastian is enraged and agitated and frustrated and ciel is looking good as always so he cant resist and reaches over, grabbing ciel’s entire jaw with a huge, huge hand. He jerks the face up and cant help but dig his fingers into the warmth of that soft cheek, clenching his teeth before screaming once again-


[no talk]


[weaker, ciel gets weaker every time]


[ciel is in heaven]

-sebastian kicks the chair ciels in and lifts the jaw so hard he’s practically plucked right out of his seat. ciel is internally swooning as he’s forced to crawl right on top of the desk, his little knees slipping all over the place as they never break eye contact-

“Don’t think I don’t know how to make you talk.”

-sebastian squeezes the jaw until those cheeks get all blushed up, his piercing eyes getting all narrow and suspicious because he can read ciel like a book-

“So that’s what this is about.”

-the more they stare at one another the more sebastian starts figuring ciel out, the two so in tune that there are no secrets between them. Sebastian leans down and jerks ciels face up, letting his eyes momentarily fall to ciel’s sweet mouth before looking back up to him-

“You’re mad because we couldn’t meet for the whole day. I told you I wouldn’t be able to.”

-sebastian scans every feature of ciels face and its like he’s reading his mind. he can tell by the curve of his eyebrows and the way his lips press together, the way he stares at him and just the way he feels as he holds him-

“I DID tell you, don’t give me that bullshit.”

-ciel blinks all attitudey-


-ciel huffs-





“BULLSHIT! FUCK THIS, FINE. WILL YOU BE FUCKING HAPPY IF I FUCKING DO IT, WILL YOU FUCKING SPEAK WILL YOU FUCKING SAY SOMETHING AFTER?!” -sebastian is too angry and too frustrated and when ciel gives him a small nod he rudely yanks ciel’s face and forces their mouths to shove together. sebastian licks the lips until they open, and in no time at all theyre making out like crazy and ciel stuffs his hands into sebastians hair and theyre just going at it for who knows how long-

-their mouths finally suck off of one another and theyre both all eager and ready to go, sebastian still pissed because he hasnt heard ciels voice, ciel breathing all hard and repeatedly giving sebastian little tap-tap kisses instead of speaking-

“Stop it, fuck. Say something, Ciel.”

[more kisses]




“I missed you, I missed you all day today I didn’t even see you once I almost died. I need you. I don’t know what I’d do without you, please, I missed you so much Sebasti-AH!”

-sebastian cant take it and lifts ciel from his seat, slumping him over his shoulder and walking the hell out of there because he had better things to do-

“Sebastian! I…ah, I really-”





Shadowhunters Season 2, Episode 12 Sneak Peek Izzy Introduces Sebasti…

shadoedseptmbr replied to your post: Less broken/corrupted/vengeful Sebasti…

Sebastian with deerhound puppies: Sebastian teaching youngsters how to fletch: Sebastian, sitting in a pool of sunlight, reading; Sebastian, watching the moon rise with his beloved friend, Hawke.

Sebastian with a hammer and pockets of nails, helping to rebuild Kirkwall with his own two hands.

Sebastian smiling as he wipes the sweat off his forehead, satisfied with a job well done.

Sebastian breathing in sea air and sunshine as Isabela’s ship takes him far away.

Sebastian giving his new Warden armor another coat of polish.

Sebastian beaming with joy on the day of his wedding.

Sebastian holding his newborn baby, the gentle cradling as natural to him as breathing.

Sebastian taking Viscount Hawke’s hand as they enter a new age of prosperity for the Free Marches,

Sebastian taking Freedom Fighter Hawke’s hand as he vows to assist the plight however he can.

Sebastian taking Just-Want-to-be-Normal Hawke’s hand as he promises to keep them safe.

I don’t care, just give me anything but pushed-over-the-edge, irredeemable, “dark” tyrant prince. My heart can’t take any more.

Put an ‘Angst please.’ in my ask and I’ll generate a number 1-10 and see what our muses get! || ULTIMATE ANGST VERSION

10) (Trigger Warning) Your muse walks in on mine while they are sobbing, holding a gun to their chest. (Trigger Warning)

Three months, it had been three months since Kurt had first come to Paris with Sebastian and three months since they had been in physical contact with the other. When Kurt had an extended weekend and got his dad to agree to let him miss a few more days so he could visit Sebastian he couldn’t be any happier.

When the plane landed Kurt noticed something was wrong because Sebastian wasn’t there waiting like he promised to be, Kurt had no calls and all his texts were going un answered, when he tried to call all Kurt got was a voice mail and he was worrying now. He flagged down a taxi gave him the address and tried to be as patient as possible one the ride there. 

Once at the Smythe’s mansion Kurt stumbled out paying the taxi and grabbing his stuff, Sebastian’s car was still here and he frowned fearing the other forgot he was coming or something. Enter the house it was quiet and Kurt moved up the stairs and to Sebastian’s room, he took a breath before pushing in “Bas…Sebasti-” Kurt froze wide eyed at what he saw.

Sitting perfectly on the bed was Sebastian, face and eyed red and puffy, stained from crying and he was holding a gun to the center of his chest ready to pull “Sebastian…what…what are you doing?” He whispered fear tainting his voice “Put…please put the gun down” he worried.