It was bloody impossible to get around without knocking into someone, she thought irritably, and these types of aliens (the Doctor hadn’t named them, only gushed over their intelligence and beauty before disappearing off to find their leader or whatever it was he’d done) weren’t all too friendly once you’d knocked into them a couple of times. They were all gathering to look at something, though, and Rose got swept in with them, bumping into someone else.

Sorry agai — oh my god!” Rose’s mouth fell open in happy surprise. “You’re human! Me too!”

5 more have found her.

Hanna frowned as she heard the sound of something moving and hitting metal, looking around to find its source. Looking down at the space next to her on the park bench, she saw a small device that appeared to be moving on its own. She poked it curiously, wondering what the odd buzzing thing was. “What are you?” She murmured, squinting as she leaned down to look at it a bit more closely.