Alternative Youtubers minipost. Salutations! For those of you looking for vlogs, music, style tutorials and more, here’s a quick list of alt Youtubers. Feel free to add your own favs:

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Wicked styles to follow. You know what rules? People doing their own thing. As many of you have asked for inspiration and wild outward appearance advice, it seemed time for another list! Lists, they’re almost better than Nutella. Here are some awesome folks with a mad personal look:

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Folks featured above:

Classy/sweet and sour:

Supernatural-studded-cybernetic madness:

Dark/wicked/ready for the apocalypse:

Of course, there are plenty of others, and I wish all of you fancy freaks could be featured! If you’re interested, I’ll do another post like this with your suggestions.


How to Be the Most Perfect Goth Ever

*Note, This is sarcasm…but she explains all that at the end. LOVED IT

Day 5: Name some genderqueer influences/heroes/crushes.

I’ve given this some thought, and I came up with 4 people. Three are YouTubers, and one is a celebrity crush. Let’s begin.

The one that has had been a major influence to me is Sebastian Columbine. We have a lot in common, such as disorders, animal rights, and fashion sense. This year, she made this video talking about her sexuality and gender. She basically had said that she was gender-neutral and kind of hinted that she is pansexual. Overall, I respected her opinion an what she classified herself as, and it made me look up to her even more. She’s like the best big sister to me. She knows I exist and stuff, but she doesn’t know me. I might actually make a YouTube Channel and stuff because of her.

I also am familiar with Chris Crocker. I actually did a report on him for a class and got a 100 on it. His earlier videos talked about him being transgender and crossdressing, and that interested me. He also helped me through a lot of tough times with some videos, and I can relate to him. He’s most definitely a genderqueer hero of mine.

Kingsley is also amazing. He’s that person that loves to have a fun time, and he’s just comfortable in his own skin while being openly gay. I’ve recently became a fan of him, and he never ceases to make me die of laughter.

I think a person that made me contemplate about my sexuality was Kat Prescott. She’s a British actress who player the famous Emily Fitch on Skins UK. The way she portrayed her character in Season 3 (That is, getting the courage to come out of the closet) has inspired me to do the same. What makes this celebrity more amazing is that she’s bisexual in real life. She’s also a great artist and just overall cute. If I could date a celebrity, I would set my sight on her. I absolutely love her.

In a nutshell, Kat Prescott, Sebastian Columbine, Kingsley, and Chris Crocker are inspiring and my genderqueer heroes, inspirations, and for Kat, a crush.

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