I feel like Sebastian and Ciel’s relationship goes beyond the realms of consent. They need each other like the sky needs her stars. They are inarguably bound beyond any measure of law or moral. Ciel is no innocent boy, either. He is corrupt and unashamed. He embraces Sebastian even though he is the very means to his end. Sebastian marvels at this witty creature, and together they play off each other as dew on morning’s leaf. It’s just so beautiful. And ugly.


Or perhaps in Slytherin,
you’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
to achieve their ends.

Slytherin Housewarden!Sebastian Michaelis: @irllax
Slytherin Pupil!Ciel Phantomhive: @spawn-of-hades

Bottom!Sebastian (wtf ikr)

Sooooooooo I know I’m a firm believer in Sebastian topping, and I //probably// always will be… but @fucksaysemily has dragged me into a whole other level of hell and I just- I have seen the light. This was super difficult to write, but hopefully, it’s worth it. ???? It’s 100% not by best work (pls believe me, go to my Ao3 I swear I can be hot sexe), but like. Fuck it. Have it, you dirty fuckers. <3 

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i keep seeing fights and I'm feD U P

WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS WE ARENT PEDOPHILES BECAUSE WE SHIP AN UNDERAGE PERSON WITH AN ETHEREAL BEING !!??!!?? maybe be more concerned that he’s, i dont know… a LITERAL DEMON. half the people who ship it are like 12 themselves. and those of us who write fan fiction never said it wasn’t problematic, its just that we cannot be held responsible if some fucked up actual child molester reads it and thinks its okay them to go out and touch children. none of us want to have sex with 10 year olds. literally none of us. were attracted to the dynamic and relationship, not the fact that ciel is considered underage by our standards now. context is very real and very important, here. you can own a gun, you can use it to shoot targets etc… but the moment someone takes a gun and kills with it, its not the gun’s fault. its the person’s fault. if someone with preexisting issues sees a piece of fiction that they see as acceptable and/or as an excuse to use in the real world, its their issue. they’re going to find an excuse to be a pedophile or a murderer or an abuser regardless. 

you can’t censor the real world.


ok im so literally done

♦"уσυ ωσυℓ∂ ℓєт мє тαѕтє уσυ αт ℓєαѕт σиє ℓι¢к вυт αfтєя тнιѕ ι ωιℓℓ иσт вє αвℓє тσ ѕтσρ" ♦~ S̥e̥b̥ḁs̥t̥i̥ḁn̥ M̥i̥c̥h̥ḁe̥l̥i̥s̥
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My Favorite Ships In No Particular Order:

Akashi x Kuroko - Kuroko no Basket

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Kuroko x Generation of Miracles - Kuroko no Basket

Akise x Yuki - Mirai Nikki

Karma x Nagisa - Assassination Classroom

Sebastian x Ciel - Kuroshitsuji 

Vegeta x Bulma - Dragon Ball Franchise

Levi x Eren - Attack on Titan

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Gray x Lucy - Fairy Tail 

Lyon x Juvia - Fairy Tail 

Haruka x Rin - Free! 

Hikaru x Kaoru - Ouran High School Host Club 

Hikaru x Haruhi x Kaoru - Ouran High School Host Club

Seiya x Usagi - Sailor Moon 

Haruka x Michiru - Sailor Moon