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Ah! May I ask for an imagine with undertaker and Sebastian? I just noticed you said that you didn’t count the imagines sent before the written notice you made? I wanted to ask for a scenario like the bratty nephew, but instead with a genuinely sweet nephew/niece (up to you) with them actually being sweet towards undertaker and Sebastian? I adore the bratty child imagine! I think I asked for Lau before but I’m satisfied with only two characters ! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

Sure thing, I got it now!

“Eighteen, nineteen, twenty… Ready or not, here I come!” Undertaker hummed and turned toward his parlour, careful gaze looming over every coffin which was placed there, immediately noticing the presence of the young human’s soul behind his desk.

Chuckling to himself, he wandered toward the first coffin trying to make his steps as loud as possible, warning the boy about his presence. Peeking inside, he let out a disappointed sigh — all to your hiding nephew’s amusement.

“Oh, he is not there!” The grim reaper straightened his back and theatrically looked around, like the sailor on his boat looking at the horizon. “I wonder where could this little peanut hide, hm…”

There was a muted giggle escaping from behind the desk which Undertaker decided to ignore, instead keeping to look for the boy. Knowing where his hideout was, he managed to search everywhere but there, peeking inside the coffins, behind the cupboards and even high on the shelfs, trying to bribe him with the promises of something sweet from time to time. To no result, that is, your nephew seemed to be rather stubborn and even though he was no challenge for the eyes of the centuries old death himself, he still managed to keep as quiet as possible, only giggling when Undertaker said something particulary funny.

“Ah, goodness, you are too good for an old fart like me, little one!” Undertaker admitted out loud, now turning his back toward the boy’s hideout, playing completely lost. “Here, come out, I surrender!”

Your nepher, though, didn’t move in the slighest, fining great amusement in teasing his current caregiver. Just when the grim reaper was about to call him once more, the door to his parlour opened and you appeared inside, the bags with some groceries in both of your hands.

“I’m back,” you announced when Undertaker took the bags from you and went to place them on the desk, vary to not accidentally find your nephew hiding behind it.

“I’m glad you do, but I have some horrible information for you, poppet,” he announced with a grieving tone which brought your wholle attention to him.

“What do you mean? And where is…?”

“I’m here!” Your nephew almost jumped from his hideout and Undertaker let out a loud squeal reminding you of the one only a little girl could make when someone threw a huge spider on her dress.

“Oh! You’ve got some timing, little one, just when I was about to tell her that she will have to find and adopt a new nephew, since the old one got lost.” Undertaker picked the boy up and ignored your threatening stare directed at him.

“I was behind the desk all the time,” he answered, proud of his cleverness.

“All the time?”

“All the time!”

“Well, it seems that my sight is no longer as good as it was back when I was young, then.”Undertaker took some stuff from the bag and placed them on the shelf at the back of the parlour where his apartment was, still carrying the boy on the left arm.

“You must be really old then,” The boy commented, playing with his long hair. “Have you seen the dinosaurs?”

“I was driving one of them on my way to school, little one!”

Your voice cut through the air, clearly not approving telling your nephew too much of those made up stories, which Undertaker was telling him everytime you two visited him. It was enough that sometimes he couldn’t fall asleep, too excited about the ridiculous things like aliens from the space or terrifying mares bringing the bad dreams.

“Really? So how old are you?” The boy inquired, the spark in his eyes showing that he was not going to slip this one easily.

“How old do you think I am, peanut?”

“Well… I think maybe forty or something. My uncle is forty five and his hair are all gray, just like yours!”

“You are not much wrong, little one,” He giggled. “But I can assure you that despite my age, I still have the body of a young, randy man, just ask your auntie!”



“But aunt, what does ‘randy’ mean?”


Sebastian was beyond shocked, panicked even. Living through the centuries has taught him how to bear many things, how to fool the death, fight the threat and keep being unnoticed by the humans, too blind to notice the demon in his self even when he was standing right in front of them. He knew how to spread the plagues, how to kill fast and quietly, just as he was an expert in giving slow, painful deaths, he was capable of controlling the fire element itself, he could become everything where the only barrier was his own imagination, he could devour the souls of people who weren’t even expecting his presence, causing them to disappear for the whole eternity into the abyss, ending their pathetic, fragile existence, he was the night, he was the darkness and yet…

And yet he simply couldn’t comprehend why was the child in front of him offering to give him his own toy. A stuffed dog, to add, as if it couldn’t be anything less disgusting.

The demon forced the corners of his lips to turn upward and took the dog from the hands of your much younger niece, who showed him the toothless grin, clearly being very happy about her milk teeth falling out. Goodness, why did human’s body even do that, it was such an unpractical aspect of growing, making their cubs completely vulnerable, not to mention the whole ridiculous act of hiding them under the pillow so the child could receive a reward. Why would they receive anything for something their bodies did naturally? Sebastian has been losing feathers from time to time but he has never receive any gift for that.

“Thank you,” he said, trying to sound as pleased as possible. “Does he prehaps have a name?”

“No, he doesn’t.” The girl giggled, wiggling on the armchair. “You can give him the name, then!”

“Oh, really? That would be an honour, my lady.” The butler bowed to her slightly and looked straight in the plush face of the dog he was holding. “Let me think…”

“Or we can call him Sebastian!” She squealed.

For fuck’s sake…

“Why do you think this would be a suitable name for him? Am I not too dark for such an adorable toy of yours?”

“No, not at all! Sebastian would suit him the best, look, you have the same eyes!”

Sebastian peeked at the two, black spots on the stuffed dog’s head, preferably made from buttons and mentally nodded to himself that indeed, the young girl was quite right. He didn’t have an opportunity to answer, though, since your name rolled on the girl’s tongue as you entered the room.

“Look, Sebastian and Sebastian seem to like each other,” she explained, pointing at the butler with the finger and you barely could contain the laugh as you immediately understood the whole situation.

“Sebastian and Sebastian?” you inquired. “Well, that is unexpected.”

“But look, they are both sooo cute.” Your niece jumped down the armchair and went toward the man, now holding his waist in a tight embrance. “They are both my best, best, best friends now.”

Carefully, the demon patted her head and gave the stuffed dog back to her, which seemingly didn’t make her want to leave him for a single second and not even the promise of the warm, freshly baked cookies could encourage her to do so.

Sebastian peeked at you with the mute ask for help but the only thing he received from you was a smug smile, sweet kiss on the cheek and your waving hand as you muttered something about having a lot of job do to and such a little time left. With that, you went out of the room, leaving them both together and a quiet sigh escaping Sebastian’s lips as the girl was still holding him close.

It truly was going to be a long week.

All Eyes On You, Pt. 3

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word count: 2.3k

warnings: smut

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Read: Part 1 Here | Part 2 Here

Ever since her last awkward encounter with Sebastian she tried to avoid him at all costs. The following week she was swamped with work and was for once happy to be there all the time. Y/N was barely in her apartment besides coming back to sleep for the night and to stash up on breakfasts bars. The nights became more silent, meaning no more noises echoed through to her bedroom from his. She was glad that her words actually sank in.

Finally Friday rolled around and her boss let her take the whole weekend off to herself. He promised Y/N no more late night phone calls or runs to the gallery for the weekend. Relieved to have some time to herself she made up the perfect plan. Order in Chinese take out, pick up some horror movies, and spend the night cozied up on her couch. It was the perfect day to do so as the rain started to pour as soon as she stepped out of the office.

Arriving home she jolted up the stairs to her apartment and used the trick Sebastian showed her to get her door unlocked. Before entering she scanned his door and waited to hear any movement from behind it. She hasn’t bumped into him for a while and had a small ache in her chest to see him again. Y/N didn’t know why, it’s not as if they were friends.

After taking a shower she threw on an old band t-shirt and softie shorts. She popped in a classic horror film, The Shining, and let the movie start to play. Walking over to her kitchen she reached up to her cabinet for some microwavable popcorn. As soon as she grasped it a loud bolt of thunder erupted outside the windows of her living room. She jumped a bit and goosebumps ran through her body. It felt as if her heart stopped for a moment. She tried her best to ignore the cracks of thunder outside and waited for her popcorn to finish.

Y/N poured the popcorn into a large bowl and made her way to her sofa. She relaxed down onto the couch picking her feet up onto the coffee table. “What the…” she lifted her butt up off the sofa and slid her hand under herself to feel a huge wet spot on the couch. Immediately getting up she looked down confused at the huge wet mark on her sofa. A drop of water then hit her forehead.

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Always Remember Us This Way - Part Two

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Style: Series (Read Part One here)

Warnings: Angst, language. Break-up feels. Also this is just really fuckin’ sad, guys.

Word Count: 2.4K

Summary: You’ve been friends with Chris since College, but as you’ve gotten older you’re getting tired of the on again/off again dynamic of your relationship. This time, you’re actually breaking up. For good.

A/N: I’M SORRY FOR EVERYTHING THAT THIS CHAPTER IS. This honestly hurt me to write, and you can blame @deartomhardy for the mess of this chapter. This left my heart in pieces tbh. I tried to keep POV’s clear, so for stuff happening from Chris’s eyes I labeled as “Chris’s POV”. Everything else is in reader – your – POV. Includes a cameo from our favorite Seba! Enjoy my friends!

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Chris’s POV

Chris took a long swig of his beer, allowing the cold liquid to burn down his throat slowly. He placed it down on the table, picking at the label with his thumb. Ever since Y/N had walked out on him last night, he’d felt so numb. He thought letting her go would be freeing, maybe that he’d even feel a little relief. But instead he just felt hollow, and guilty. Why did he feel that way?

“Isn’t this like, the thousandth time you guys have broken up?” Sebastian’s voice cut Chris from his reverie, bringing him back down to Earth. “You’ll get over it. You guys always do.” Sebastian took a chug of his beer, eyeing his pickings around the bar. Him and Chris had been having this conversation about Y/N since filming the Winter Soldier, none of this drama was news to him.

Chris shook his head, playing with the paper that was now sticking to his fingers. “It was different this time, Seb. She meant it.” His voice felt heavy, as did his heart. Seb sighed, cocking his head slightly to the right, as his eyes landed on Chris’s weary face.

“Well, what happened? Why did she just leave?”

“I kicked her out.”

Seb choked on his beer, “You what?!” He coughed a few times, clearing his throat and wiping his mouth on his sleeve,Why the hell would you do that?”

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imagine burning your hand

You gently shuffled your way through the large house, feeling the silk pajamas brush against your legs.

You shakily held the melting candle in your hand, making your way to the kitchen. The house was so large and quiet that the light from your candle seemed useless. A creek from the corner of the room behind you caused you to quickly whip your head back towards the noise.

“Ow!” You looked at the hot wax dripping on your hand. You rush to the counter to place down the candle and poured cold water over your hand. Your skin begin turning red and sore. “Fuck…”

“Did you burn yourself love?”

You look up at where the noise was a moment ago. Sebastian was standing at the end of the hallway looking at you. This was so embarassing.

“Yea…” You shyly looked down at your hand. The wax had cooled down and hardened on your fingers.

“Here,” Sebastian walked over to where you were standing and offered his hand out. “Let me help.”

You placed your waxed hand on his. He brushed his nails over the wax, attempting to pick them off before bringing your fingers up to his lips and into his mouth.

You tensed up as you felt his hot breath envelope your fingers and his teeth gently scrape the wax off.

After a moment, he takes your fingers out and spits the wax into a napkin. You stare at him afterwards.

“T-Thanks…” You awkwardly muttered out.

“My pleasure.”

My Kingdom Come

Summary: James Buchanan Barnes is a knight who is in love with his childhood best friend, the royal princess. Both of them, individually, think the princess’ betrothal is the worst thing that can happen. Until…

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2.8 k-ish

Warnings: mostly fluff, slow-burn romance (bc what else), angst

>> Chapter 1 || Series Masterlist ||

Chapter  2: Into The Woods

“It’s still a long road ahead here, drink this” Bucky slows down his pace, looking back at you. His voice is tender, sympathetic as he hands you the water-skin.

You accept it with a nod, taking a small sip as you trail behind him. Your eyes are trained on the ground as you’re trying to process all of what just happened. Not long ago you had just been running about the castle halls, fuming about not wanting to get married. And now? Now the king, your father is dead and you’re on the run. You’d probably be dead too if it weren’t for Bucky who pulled you out of that mess at the right moment.

It all seems so distant now—sneaking out of your window, the morning archery, Bucky bringing you back to the castle— all of it. Like it was all in some other life, a distant dream. And then there’s the memory of your father’s blood pooling on his desk, dripping down the corner and onto the floor. The red is so dark it makes your head spin.

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The Finish Line-Steve x Reader

Summary: Mission after mission has broken Steve to the point that he needs a change. But what will he change exactly?

Warnings: Smut, this shit is angsty as hell

A/N: The fic that you all received a snippet of earlier! Inspired by Chris Evans’ tweet about him being done playing Cap

Words: 2.1K+

You woke up in the middle of a restless sleep and saw your husband sitting on the edge of the bed. 

“Steve?” You mumbled, rubbing your eyes. You yawned and looked the clock. “Is the baby crying?” 

“I can’t do this.” Steve whispered. 

“What? Are you alright, Steve?” You put your hand on his shoulder and when he turned you saw that his face was covered in blood. 

“Oh my God.” Your eyes were wide. 

“It’s not mine.” Steve exhaled. 

“Oh.” You responded. Steve generally wasn’t this cold and closed off. You were confused and scared. 

“I can’t do this anymore, (Y/N).” 

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Was he talking to the fandom or Nicole Kidman???????

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“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” with sebastian

15. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” 

A/N: Another one!!! Hope you like this please, please let me know what you think!!! Also, send in a request using this Prompt List!! Send in the asks here!!

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Sebastian knew that Y/N favourite character of his was Lance Tucker from one many of his infamous movies; The Bronze. It was someone that he never played before which is what made you fall in love with him. She never got the chance to Sebastian with that type of attitude so to actually see him was a dream come true.

And Sebastian could sense it from the first time the two of them watched it as he could see how she would smile and squeeze at the pillow she was holding each time Lance would wink or clench his jaw or say anything snarky. He even noticed the deep shade of crimson red that grew from her neck to her cheeks when his special scene came on. Only the two of them never bothered to bring up her crush up but that never stopped Sebastian from thinking about it.  

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just go with it: eight | b.b.

pairing: bucky barnes x female reader

chapter word count: 2509

summary: in which you find yourself in need of someone to pretend to be your boyfriend for your family’s christmas vacation, and bucky just might be the man for the job.

warnings: more fluff than any of us can handle tbh. maybe like the slightest bit of internalized angst? but you know me, nothin crazy.

author’s notes: can you guys believe this is the last chapter?!?!?! i mean, i know it took me forever to post this (i am v sorry, life got in the way) but it feels so surreal that this series is over!! i do have an epilogue planned, but this is the final chapter. thank you so so much to everyone who has left likes, reblogs, comments, asks, etc. the feedback means more to me than you will ever, ever know. a huge thank you/shoutout to @bloodiedskirtts who gave me the courage to post this. also, as always: for @spideywhiteys 1k writing challenge (see chapter 1 notes for more information).

series masterlist
main masterlist

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six | chapter seven

The night before New Year’s Eve was a sleepless night for you. Heart pounding, palms sweating, mind racing as you laid there wide awake trying your best to calm yourself down and shift your focus away from Bucky. He was lying next to you, clad only in a sinfully tight t-shirt and a pair of boxer briefs that just didn’t leave enough to the imagination. Really, how were you expected to sleep when he was so close to you, looking that good?

As you watched the minutes tick by on the clock, you felt yourself growing frustrated knowing you were still expected to stay up until at least midnight to watch the fireworks. You tried to shift carefully, hoping that you could find a comfortable position and get at least a couple hours of sleep before daytime rolled around. Tucking the covers underneath your chin, you sighed, knowing your efforts were most likely futile.

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Always Remember Us This Way - Part Three

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Style: Series (Read Part One here; Part Two here)

Warnings: So much fucking angst you guys. Heavy drinking, language, sadness. Also, I can’t warn something without spoiling this chapter so please, this is Mature content and may be triggering. Proceed with caution.

Word Count: 3K

Summary: You’ve been friends with Chris since College, but as you’ve gotten older you’re getting tired of the on again/off again dynamic of your relationship. This time, you’re actually breaking up. For good.

A/N: Oh, man, you guys, my heart :( This chapter sucks. I’ll be honest. I stayed up until 2AM writing and I was crying like the whole time lmao. Pls don’t hate me. Comments, feedback, thoughts are always appreciated and encourages me to write faster ;) Dedicated to my diehard BFF, @deartomhardy, who has helped me through every bit of this writing process, and to whom I dedicate this awful chap to. I LOVE YOU hhhuuUUUUUU.

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Sebastian bopped his head to the beat, the familiar sound of the base coursing through his veins as he leaned against the bar, surveying his prospects on the dance floor. Every woman in here was the same. Boring, drunk, and sloppy. He was getting so tired of the slim pickings that were in L.A.; all dressed identically. Acting as if being a skinny, walking Adidas ad was exactly what all the male actors wanted in their lives: empty with no substance.

He sighed, finishing off the last of his rum and coke. He was about to call it quits for the night when a feisty brunette forced her way through the crowd, all but throwing elbows to get to the bartender.

Seb raised an eyebrow, amused by her antics. “Fucking move,” He heard her say, finally reaching the bartender; eyes wild and out of breath.

Oh, now this is interesting. Seb thought to himself, leaning against his elbow as he surveyed her up and down, drinking her in. She was shorter up close, but damn was she beautiful. Her long, velvet hair cascaded over her shoulders, perfectly framing her skimpy top that was hugging her in all the right places. Before he could think twice, he was leaning into her so he was just millimeters away, lips just a few inches away from her ear. Sebastian inhaled; she smelled like honey and lavender, and everything you wanted to comfort you on a breezy summer’s day.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

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I wrote a mini series that is a High School AU with some of the Avengers (aka Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, and Bruce Banner and an OC) that is inspired by the Breakfast Club. It’s literally almost complete but I can’t think of a name for it. Does anyone have suggestions for a title?

Originally posted by gaybuckybarnes

Also the first chapter is most likely going to get posted tomorrow… let me know if you want to be tagged.

Where’s the fight ?

Anon said : Hi ! Love your blog and everything you write ! I wanted to know if you got the chance to finish the fic where Bucky supports you before you go on an important job interview ?

Bucky Barnes x Reader 

A/N : Hope this makes you happy Anon :)

If you’re about to go to an important exam, or to a job interview or to a contest, or to do a big presentation, this is for you ! Everybody needs a Bucky when they’re stressed out. 

This is rather short and probably full of mistakes, sorry ily;) 

“I told you I’m not ready. I’m gonna blow it.” you grumbled as you walked towards the car.

Bucky rolled his eyes at you. “Would you please stop saying that ! You are ready for this, and you’re going to be absolutely terrific, as always.” He opened the passenger car for you. “Now come on, you don’t want to be late.”

You stared at him anxiously. You had been up all night preparing responses, planning what you were going to wear, and, above all, freaking out. Bucky had been by your side the whole time, and honestly, he was one of the main reason that you hadn’t completely lost it yet. He knew you hadn’t much confidence in your abilities, so he had been confident for the two of you. 

“…You must find me ridiculous…” you finally said as Bucky started to drive away. “I mean, you fight to protect Earth every day. You basically risk your life to save others, and I can’t even handle some dumb job interview…”

Bucky chuckled and put his bionic hand on your thigh to try and calm you down.  “And yet, I consider you far braver than me, babe.”

You shrugged, and flashed him a weak smile. You glanced down to his metal arm. You suddenly felt even more stupid. Dammit, if Bucky could survive Hydra, you sure as hell could survive this day.

“We’re here.” Bucky parked the car in front of the tall, ugly building where the appointment was settled. You instantly felt your stomach turn into knots and the sweat run down your back. Bucky cut off the engine and turned to you.

“Baby, you’ve got this.” he exclaimed, feeling the tension coming off you. “What’s the worst that can happen?”

“Well, I could die.” you snapped.

A laugh escaped Bucky’s mouth as he put his arm around your shoulders.

“Enough with the drama ! You are going to do your best, and if that’s not enough for them, well it’s their loss. I know it’s important to you but it will not be the end of the world, even if you fail. And I will be here for you, not matter what.” He pressed a sweet kiss to your lips before you could protest.

You took a deep breath. Looking through the window, your eyes fell upon a bunch of serious-looking people carrying briefcases gathering at the entrance of the building.

“Oh my God,… I didn’t know we were that many applicants…” You were breathing faster. The stress spread through your mind like ink on paper.

Bucky leaned toward you. 

“…Just say the word.” He whispered in your ear.

You turned to him and gave him a questioning look.

“What do you mean ?”

“Well, I could just… you know… take them down.” He paused and curled his metal hand into a fist. "I mean, one sharp blow and they’re out of the picture. Problem solved.”

You raised your eyebrows and gave him your iconic Seriously, Buck? look before bursting out laughing.

“You wouldn’t ! ”

“Well, the Winter Soldier’s never far away you know.” He grinned like child,  pulling you closer to him to kiss you on the cheek. He definitely was the only one capable of making you laugh on a moment like this one.

“Well, thank you Mr. Barnes, I will have to think about it.” You chuckled.

You both stepped out of the car. You stared at the entrance of the building. Your smile faded and you could feel the panic rise in your chest.

“Look at me.” Bucky ordered with a commanding voice. 

You sighed and turned your head towards him.

He locked his eyes with yours. “Okay, now stand straight, chin up!”

This guy had been a Sergeant all right.

“You got this, Soldier!” He gripped you by the shoulders. “You can do this all day.”

“Wow, you really are spending too much time with Steve.” You laughed.

He pulled you close to his chest to kiss you. Everything in your head suddenly went oddly quiet. You could still feel your heart pounding in your chest, but it wasn’t because of the interview anymore. His lips were so warm and comforting, and seemed to have the ability to make all your stress disappear. 

As you walked towards the building, you glanced over your shoulder. Bucky was still standing besides the car, looking immensely proud, smiling at you. That was actually what you needed. Bucky’s words echoed in your mind. Chin up, stand straight, be confident. I’ve got this.

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1, 14, 16 Bucky

Tw; Insinuation of domestic abuse

Dating as an Avenger wasn’t easy. But when you found Nick, who was everything you could want and more, you we’re willing to sacrifice some things. He was so caring and understanding, a complete gentlemen.

The first few months were absolutely perfect, absolutely beautiful. Happiness poured out of you. The two of you went on weekly dates, spent nights together, took trips. It was amazing.

Until about two weeks ago. After returnung from a mission with a hickey on your neck, he flipped out. You had explained to him prior to the mission that your were going undercover as a married couple with a fellow agent, just not telling him who.

And things bad continued to get worse since then. Tonight was a party Tony was throwing for the Avengers after the hard mission, your boyfriend specifically uninvited. Nick had already taken the keys away from you in ana attempt to keep you from going. When you told Tony, he decided to send Bucky.

Finishing up your makeup, you heard your boyfriend enter the bedroom. You were just about to greet hin you were caught off by him. “What the hell are you wearing?”

You looked at him through the mirror you were doing your make up in. “A dress. What’s wrong with it?”

“The skirt is too short.” He scoffed and begin moving towards you.

The skirt is supposed to be this short.” You rolled your eyes.

He was suddenly right behind you and you turned to look at him. “Take. It. Off.” He growled at you. His eyes showed no emotion.

You froze and nodded. “O-okay.”

Twenty minutes later, you were in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, sitting on the couch. There was a knock at the door and Nick got up to answer the door. He was greet with Bucky’s brught smile which quickly changed. “What’re you doing here?” He hissed at the soldier.

“I’m here to pick up (Y/N). Where is she?”

“She’s not going anywhere.”

“Excuse me?” Hearing Bucky’s voice, you got up and moved so you could see him. Bucky could see the pain in your eyes. Your face was fully done up with make up but your outfit wasn’t even close to what Tony sent over.

Bucky pushed passed Nick and came over to you. He cupped your face, ignroing your boyfriend as he begin to yell. “(Y/N)… Are you okay?”

You nearly broke as you shook your head. “Just say the word and I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.”

You shook your head. “No,” your voice was weak. “No it’s fine just-”

Nick decided to be stupid, grabbing Bucky’s shirt. In a flash, your boyfriend was up against the wall. “(Y/N), get all of your shit. You’re not staying with him anymore.”

Featuring: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, & an Original Plus Sixe Character

Breakfast Club AU

Five seniors spend a Saturday in detention and do a lot of soul searching and learning they aren’t as alone as they thought they were.



chapter three: WHAT HAPPENS MONDAY?

Was he talking to the fandom or Nicole Kidman???