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dating Sebastian Stan would include

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(( also friendly reminder: my requests are open! i write pretty much anything marvel ++ some dc ))

- Eating takeout nearly every night

- Watching random documentaries

- Being space/NASA nerds

- Going to galleries and museums and exhibitions

- Him trying to impress you while working out (and when he’s not working out)

- “Seb stop flexing we’re in a museum.”

- You learning Romanian/if you’re multilingual he’ll learn your language

- Dirty !! talk !!

- Him doing push ups on top of you and giving your little kisses everytime adfhdusj

- Speaking Romanian when he’s angry

- Taking photos of each other ALL. THE. TIME.

- Posting them on Instagram with cheesy captions that everyone finds sickeningly cute

- Dinner with the Marvel squad

- Being each-others no.1 supporters

- “Hey Seb, Mission Report, December 16th, 1991.”

“Why am I dating you.”

- Messy hair twins

- Going to conventions

- (If you’re a brunette) You getting shorter hair and him making jokes that you look like Bucky

- Emergency dance parties

- “Forget Tony’s parents, I wish I was dead.”

- “Seb, no.” “Seb, YES.”

- Giving each other constant reassurance

- Him being handsy

- Netflix and chill (let’s be real)

- ^ But also watching every show on the damn site

- Being actual couple goals

- Lingering kisses

- Gentle but rough

- Back rubs (giving and receiving.)

- Being in a group chat with Seb, Anthony, Chris, Lizzie, Scarlet and RDJ (and so on)

- Being completely and utterly devoted to each other

- Stealing his shirts

- Finally understanding what people mean when they say their significant other is their best friend

Teddy Bear

Summary: Sebastian is a fuzzy teddy bear!! 

Word Count: 1.3k (oops…)

A/N: this little idea came from my beloved @justasunflower, and some new old pics of Seba today [see below], so I hope you all enjoy! :)

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Sebastian Stan in bed

(a/n: also NSFW! this and a few more Drabbles will be coming tonight. If you requested an imagine, it is being edited now and will be up very soon! Thank you for the wonderful ideas! xoxo)

- territorial.
- he’s actually so mesmerized by you.
- LOTS of hickeys.
- praise kink™
- sp a n k i n g
- “aw, c'mon angel? You look so fucking good with hickeys!? what’s it gonna hurt?”
- “Sebastian, babe, people will see them.”
- “so? You’re my baby.”
- laying in bed and listening to music. his head is in your lap, watching you mouth the words jokingly. after a moment he’d just snap up and push you into the bed, landing his spot on top of you.
- “you’re so fucking hot.” whispered against your lips.
- he loves seeing you show off. you’re amazing and he wants everyone to know.
- S E X T I N G
- he’s busy a lot so you gotta do it somehow.
- he’s definitely a “send nudes?” kinda guy.
- he likes fucking you real slow and hard, milking every sound he can get out of you.
- he likes to experiment here and there.
- being tied up is fun but sometimes he can’t take it.
- he’s developed a kink for your tongue probably.
- okay but people say if you’re only having sex with one person for the rest of your life, you’ll get bored. NOT. TRUE.
- Sebastian loves lovemaking.
- he’s big on oral.
- mainly giving it.
- comments “you look like a snack” on ur instagram posts only to eat u out later that night.
- facials prolly.
- dirty talk
- “hey, angel. lemme hear that voice, huh? what do you want from me? what do you want?”
- aftercare.
- enjoys when you have a little trouble getting around the next day. Don’t worry, he helps you. That’s part of why he loves it. Getting to take care of you.
- he’s really into slow intimate touch
- but he does let a more animalistic side take over, especially after a long evening of teasing while you’re out at dinner.
- jk
- ur dinner


these two have my entire heart

Sebastian Drabble 33 & 34

Request: 33 and 34 with Seb would me amazing lmfao

33. “Are you drunk?”

34. . “You look just like my girlfriend!” + “Oh shit, you are my girlfriend.”

Chris was hosting a New Years party at his house and he invited all his friends (and of course family). Upon entering his house, you and Sebastian split up. He said he was going to go look for Chris and you wanted to search around for Liz and Scarlett.

You found them pretty quickly, chatting it up near where some people were dancing. You spent most of your time with them, talking and laughing but went to go find Sebastian when you checked the time and saw it was almost midnight. Bidding them goodbye, you swerve through the crowd of people until you see Sebastian surrounded by Chris and Anthony.

Anthony said something, causing the other two men to laugh. Sebastian threw his head back, squeezing his eyes shut and you smile before making your way towards him.

“Hey Y/N.” Anthony greeted.

You smile. “Hey Anthony.”

“Y/N! Where have you been?” Chris asked, throwing an arm around you in a side hug.

“I was talking to Liz and Scarlett.” you tell him. He nods and you look over at Sebastian who had a lazy smile plastered on his face.

“Hello.” he grinned.

You laughed. “Hey.”

His eyebrows furrow and he points to you. “You look just like my girlfriend!” you bite your lip to keep you from laughing again whereas Chris and Anthony burst into fits of giggles. Sebastian studies your face harder before gasping. “Oh shit, you are my girlfriend.”

You giggle. “Are you drunk?”

Sebastian flashes you his teeth. “Completely smashed.”

What you’re doing to me (Sebastian Stan Smut)

A/N: kinda sorta based on Shawn Mendes’ Nervous, kinda sorta based on High by Dua Lipa, OMG by Camila Cabello.

Request: Can you write some smut where the sexual tension between Sebastian and the reader gets too strong an they finally give in to their cravings? If so that’d be amazing

It was raining. And for once, I’d forgotten the umbrella. Seb, unsurprisingly, didn’t bring one either.

He held his massive coat over the both of us as torrents of rain pelted us on this weirdly dark New York afternoon.

“Just a couple more blocks.”

“If we don’t drown….”

Thankfully though, it didn’t take too long to get to his apartment. I shook of my coat and ran my hands through my hair. Seb took off his clothes till he was just in his jeans and my heart stopped.

“How many towels you want?”

He asked, walking off and calling out from the other room. I was frozen but I had to say something.

“Bring me all of them.”

And he did - balancing towels and what looked like clothes on one hand and a hair dryer in the other. It would’ve been adorable if he wasn’t still shirtless - and wet.

He ran a towel through his hair while I pointed to the bathroom.

“Be right back. Little Mermaid after?”


I chuckled. Suggesting a Disney movie seemed like a good idea. It was a normal thing for us. We’d been friends long enough to be weird with each other. What was abnormal though, was my reaction to seeing him shirtless.

I’d seen him shirtless before.

And usually, it wouldn’t phase me. He was a movie star - of course he had a nice body. But then Nicole said something about him asking about me - whether I was seeing someone (I’d tell him if I was), if I wanted to date (didn’t think he’d care) and what she thought my reaction would be if he asked me out.

I closed the bathroom door behind me and changed quickly. The towels were soft against my skin as I dried myself off and tugged on one of Seb’s t-shirts over my head. It fell just below my butt and since I wasn’t exactly prepared for this, I had to go commando under his sweatpants.

Dumping the clothes in the hamper, I made my way to the couch where Seb was still shirtless.

“Thought you’d have the decency to cover up by now.”

“Radiator’s broken.”

“Seems fine to me.”

His eyes raked over my body before I plopped down next to him. And I tried not to ignore every urge my body to kiss his neck.

“You started without me!”

“You were taking too long.”


“Still too long.”

A scene came in but we couldn’t hear it. Seb pawed around for the remote, turning the whole couch upside down. I would’ve moved out of the way but he reached over me, and grabbed it from the side-table.

But when he was coming back, he stopped. Heat radiated from his skin. And his eyes - good God, his eyes - looked so dark, you could barely see the blue in them.

My heart stopped for the second time. And I swore, I forgot to breathe.

A few moments passed as my mind raced, panicking for oxygen. Seb licked his lips. And I blinked. I blinked and I panicked until he closed the distance between us and kissed me.

His hand snaked to cup my jaw as a moan escaped my lips. He seeped the kiss. My fingers threaded through his hair, pulling him closer to me. He tasted like strawberry with a hint of something else.

And it made my head spin.


He asked, between kisses. I kissed him back harder, biting into his bottom lip.

“No. Here….I…..”

He kissed down my neck as I moved to lie down on the couch. I was about to pull the shirt off over my head when he stopped me. And his fingers trailed to the waistband of his sweatpants.


Seb’s voice was so deep, so husky I had no willpower to object. He kissed me once before lowering himself between my legs, pulling down the trousers I was wearing.

“This is even better than I’d imagined.”

I would’ve chuckled, but with his head between my thighs, eyes dark as midnight, all I could do was burn with anticipation.

He didn’t tease - God bless him, making his way straight to my aching pussy. With the first experimental swipe of his tongue, I moaned. This only encouraged him - and he took it upon himself to make me moan as loud as humanly possible.

He dug in deeper, moving slower - each lick reaching every inch available. I gripped the edges of the couch, hands going numb as he quickened the pace at first and then slowed it down.

It was excruciating. I wanted him so bad. I needed him so bad. But he kept drawing me out.

Shivers ran up my spine with every movement and my legs began to shake. I threaded my fingers through his hair, guiding him to my aching clit but he continued his glacial, merciless path to pleasure.

My skin was on fire. My pussy begged for release. And all I could do was close my eyes and let him have his way with me. Frustration bubbled up inside me, simmering through my bloodstream. It was hell but it felt so good, the only sound I could make was silence.

“Please, Seb.”

He kissed my clit, dragging the tip of his tongue around it.

“Mmh… it when you beg, baby.”

“Please, Seb….I…..”

But I didn’t get a chance to finish my sentence. Seb’s mouth sucked on my clit with a incomparable fervour. Daggers of ecstasy stabbed everywhere on my body, rising and fading till every atom in my being burst from relief.

I screamed so loud I barely recognised my own voice. My legs wrapped around his head, as his tongue lapped up my cum. And he drew out my climax and started building me up again.


He looked up, lips coated in my cum. His hair was disheveled from my fingers and his eyes - oh good God, his eyes - made me want him even more.

“I can’t…..”

He lifted himself up so he was sitting, face visibly agitated.

“I don’t understand. Was it not….”

I kissed him again, biting his bottom lip.

“It was magnificent. But I can’t go again - not right now.”

I palmed him over his jeans, still a little wet from the rain. And I unzipped them so his hard cock sprung out.

“Let me take care of you, baby.”

Seb looked down at me through his pretty eyelashes and nodded.

Reasons Bucky Barnes Would Make a Good Boyfriend
—  gentle giant
- kind heart!!
- when u see a stray animal he helps u take care of it
- he has walls up but once you’ve broken through them it’ll all be worth it
- he never raises his voice at you.
- ever.
- even during arguments he just hugs you and you talk things out
- he likes watching you get ready
- loves you w/o makeup
- loves you w/ makeup
- wants you to do HIS eyeliner
- straightens ur hair while u get ready
- carries u around a lot
- fun fact: he blushes. a lot.
- thighs.
- he likes watching movies with u
- “watching” movies *;)*
- when he sneezes he squeaks a little
- long hugs before leaving for missions
- lets u put his hair up
- you steal literally ALL of his clothes and he doesn’t care
- isn’t good at conversation but is really good at cuddles
- cute texts
- ‘text me when you’re there!’
- 'hey (y/n)?’
- 'what buck? ur literally in the next room’
- 'I love u’
- c h e e s y boy
- ahem, |kinky|
- sings in the shower with you
- dances in the kitchen while ur cooking
- u burn the pancakes
- showers ur face with kisses
- protective but not controlling
- he hardly even notices other people when you’re around
- classic case of 'bad boy who is good to his love’
- calls you a lot of cutesy names
- loves u a lot

Sebastian fucking Stan put your tongue inside your mouth or i s2g…
*not my gif*

seven signs

Summary: Bucky feels like he’s falling in love.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: none - pure fluff!

Word Count: 2.1k [yikes, sorry]

A/N: Here’s my submission for the ever lovely Gen’s @bucky-plums-barnes 8k celebration - congrats again, sweetheart! My prompt was: “You know I only have eyes for you.” - hope you all enjoy :) || masterlist

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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: fluff, mentions of sex, teasing, flirting

Summary: Just a little drabble I came up with about what happens after your boyfriend, Sebastian Stan, returns home and showed you just how much he missed you.

A/N: If you enjoyed this, feel free to check out the rest of my writing on my Masterlist :-)

You were in the bathroom getting ready for bed when you caught your reflection in the mirror.  You smiled, assessing the state of your appearance after what your boyfriend had just done to you.  Your skin was flushed from exertion, much like it was after a really good workout, but there was a glow to it that only Sebastian could bring out in you.  Your hair was a bit of a mess as a result of him constantly carding his long, dexterous fingers through it.  It was the definition of sex hair and you decided that you kinda liked it that way and refrained from brushing it out.  Your eyes were still dark with lust.  Your lips were swollen from his endless dizzying kisses that you’d missed oh so much while he was away.  You leaned in when you noticed a hickey forming on your neck, rolling your eyes.  You’d told him not to, but you secretly loved it when he’d mark you.

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ruin the friendship

SUMMARY: How long will it take until you cross the line with Sebastian?

WARNINGS: language. sexual tension???? 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is part 1 of 2… or 3 i’m still not sure. anyway, this is probably going to be the lightest of them all. oops. also, if you want to listen to the song here it is!


The night was already hazy from the amount of alcohol you had downed. You weren’t even sure who had come in and out of the house anymore. You were sitting out on the balcony with Sebastian and a couple of mutual friends smoking cigars that one of your friends had brought from their trip to Cuba.

Your eyes slowly moved from the men standing in front of you to Sebastian who was smiling and leaning against the metal railing on the glass panels. Your heart sped up in your chest at the sight of him. He looked so good; he was wearing a white, see-through loose henley with his chest hair on show and his silver chain glowing in the moonlight.

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dating Sebastian Stan

would include…

- butt taps
- “drive safe”
- goodnight kisses !
- “haha babe it’s so lame that you have a crush on Bucky Barnes”
- “honey you’re Bucky Barnes..”
- “still”
- him trying out the whole ‘winter soldier mask in the bedroom’ thing
- bubble baths together
- trying to learn Romanian
- him laughing at your failed attempts
- lots and lots of roasting eachother
- he probably sends you lots of emojis tbh
- him calling you doll when ur upset
- helping him when he’s stressed
- cocky !! Sebastian !!
- lots of interviews together
- him being more than proud of you
- planning a big date night out but actually ordering pizza and making out *;)*
- Straddling!
- piggyback rides
- he likes to help pick out ur outfits
- you like to style his hair
- honestly he’s just rlly amazed by how much you adore him
- he likes to kiss your forehead
- you like kissing his cheek
- cheesy jokes
- being best pals
- overprotective !
- brushing ur teeth together in the mornings
- dancing around in ur PJ’s
- falling asleep on his chest
- loving each other a lot


I will update this when new things come along! Happy reading!

Items marked with an * are 18+, most likely because they contain sexual themes. Please respect that.

Updated: 09/22/2018

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Imagine your Boyfriend, Sebastian Stan, getting jealous when another guy hits on you

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Drunk (s.s)

Summary: As his PA you have to handle Seb at his best and worst… and when he’s drunk. 

Warnings: Slightly fluffy, drunk and cute Seb.

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word count: 1307


It’s not like you hated your job, you actually loved it very much, but sometimes it just got out of hand. Being the PA of one of Hollywood’s up and coming heartthrobs had it’s difficulties, especially when said heartthrob was a 30-something year old guy who on many occasions acted like a 4-year-old. So, yes, maybe Sebastian partied a little too hard, a little too often, and maybe he did silly things when he was drunk, but at least he was a decent guy. He never treated you wrong, and he wasn’t one of those celebrities who demanded something new every second, so more often than not your work days were mostly spent relaxing.

Another perk was that you got to travel with him, see new and exciting places. It was nice, since you hadn’t even seen anything outside of America before you got the job as his personal assistant. Then there were times, like now, where he insisted you take a small video of him to put on his Instagram story.

“Come on, Y/N! I just wanna say hi to the fans, you know I love my fans and I can’t really hold my phone steady,” He begs and you roll your eyes with a chuckle.

“You don’t think that’s maybe an indication you shouldn’t make an Instagram video?” You ask him, trying to get him to think rationally. You can see the wheels in his head turning as he pounders your question.

“I-What?” He says confused and you let out a laugh.

“Seb, you’re drunk as fuck. Maybe you should head to bed and make a video for your fans tomorrow? You know, when you’re not a giggling mess and it doesn’t seem like you’re pass out any minute?” You chuckle. He’s way past gone, his eyes unfocusing and the blush that covers his cheeks is actually really adorable. Sebastian is really handsome when he’s drunk, he actually is. He’s so carefree and always smiling, a nice contrast to the resting bitch face he usually seems to sport when he’s sober. You also like it that he’s starting to grow his hair back out, his beard already back on his face. You’ve told him much you liked his look during the I, Tonya presstour, that it was his best one ever. You hope that’s the look he’s going for again, but he hasn’t really told you if that’s his plan.

“I don’t wanna go to bed just yet, let’s watch some TV. Where did we leave off on Game of Thrones?” He slurs, leaning slightly forward on the couch to attempt to stand up. You watch him with cocked eyebrows as he leans forward too much, falling out of the couch and landing on his hands and knees on the carpet floor. You sigh.

“You know what, Seb? You’re gonna pass out soon, and I really don’t wanna drag your heavy ass to bed all by myself. Why don’t we just go to bed, huh?” You ask, standing up from your seat in the leaning chair and walking towards him. Bending down beside him, you grab onto his arm and try to get him up.

“Can we watch TV in bed, then?” He asks as you finally drag him to his feet.

“Yeah, of course,” You lie, because you know that as soon as he’s comfortable, he’s gonna fall asleep.

“Awesome,” He grins, but his voice is a little tired and your hide your smirk as you start pushing him towards his bedroom. He actually manages to walk himself, despite stumbling every other step and you really wish you had your phone to record it because this was precious.

Once safe inside the confinements of the hotelbedroom, you leave him to go to the bathroom, knowing there’s only so much damage he can do with a bed, a suitcase and a closet. You find the trashcan in the bathroom and take the lid off. Walking back into the room you see him struggling with his shirt, his head caught in the wide neckline. How he managed to get stuck in a v-neck, you have no idea, but it was amusing to watch.

You continue to stare at him fighting against the shirt for a few more seconds, knowing this was a story you could use later to embarrass him. When you eventually decide you’ve had enough amusement for one night, you put the trashcan down and walk over to him. You grab the ends of the cotton and lift it up over his head effortlessly. Sebastian blinks at you when his face finally gets uncovered and then a grin breaks out on his blushed cheeks. You laugh.

“You’re my saving knight with shining wings,” He says and you laugh. He falls back on the bed with a loud thud and you place the trashcan next to the it by his pillows.

“I think you mean knight in shining armour, or saving angel,” You tell him and he hums. You turn your head to watch him, his, dare you say, gorgeous naked chest rising and falling steadily as his breathing evens out. You smile to yourself. “I think you should sleep, Seb,” You tell him, knowing he’s almost there already. He hums again.

“You gonna stay?” He asks and you nod at him, even though he probably can’t see it since he seems so interested in the ceiling above his head.

“Yeah, I’ll sleep on the couch. Can’t have a repeat of last time you were this drunk, can we?” The last time he had gotten seriously wasted with you present, had been on the Infinity war press tour in London. You had left him in his hotel room, thinking he’d be safe since he was passed out, but nooooo, the idiot had decided to go down to the lobby for some reason, only clad in his underwear. The entire thing almost made the tabloids, but luckily the security called you. Thanks to your quick thinking, you bribed the paparazzi and got a hold of the pictures so the incident was never made public.

“You’re so good to me, you know that?” Sebastian slurs and you chuckle.

“Yes, you tell me that every time you’re drunk,” You say and kneel down on the ground at the end of the bed. You pull his socks off, knowing how much he hates sleeping with them on. You ignore his jeans, figuring that would be taking things a little too far. It’s not like you were his mother or anything, you were merely a babysitter and he was technically your boss even though you were kind of friends. You spend a lot of time hanging out after your official work hours and since you don’t have a lot of time for friends, you consider him one of your closest acquaintances.

“You’re so pretty. Why are you so pretty? You’re like… You’re like a delicious brownie,” You can’t help but laugh at this, his comparisons when he’s drunk utterly hilarious.

“Okay, Seb,” You shake your head at him and put his socks on top of his closed suitcase. You grab a spare blanket from the closet and spread it out over him, knowing there’s no way you can move him to tuck him into the sheets of the bed. “Go sleep now. We’re going back to New York tomorrow, remember? I’ll wake you up at 10 if you haven’t gotten your ass out of bed before that,” You tell him.

“Mmmh, okay. G’night, Y/N,” He slurs and you can almost see his mind shutting off. You chuckle a little.

“Good night, Seb,” You say and leave the bedroom to start cleaning up the chaos of empty alcohol bottles he snatched from the minibar. Getting to clean up the mess he makes is just another perk of the job.

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baby pictures

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REQUEST: Going to the house of Sebastian’s mum and she shows you pictures of him when he was little (and maybe the same but with you, only if you have time off)💕




Parents were made to be embarrassing. You absolutely knew it.

You had finally brought Sebastian over to meet your family and they were ecstatic to finally meet the man who made you happier than ever.

Dinner went over perfectly. Your father approved of him and you mother adored him. They talked amongst each other like they had known one another for years. You couldn’t help but smile proudly as you watched and listened.

After dessert you all headed to the living room. On the way over, Sebastian spotted your high school graduation picture on the wall. He stopped in his tracks and stared at it. He thought you looked cute with your cap and gown on.

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Little Sister

Parings: Sebastian x Reader

Summary: You’re Chris’s little sister and he is very protective of you

A/N: This is for a anon request prompt I got where Seb see Reader (Chris’s younger sister) and falls for her; but Chris is way too protective.

Warnings: Smut…I’m lazy and don’t want to break it all down…

Word Count: 1593


I love my big brother, he is one of the best; and I’m lucky to have him. Whenever I had issues growing up with guys he was the first to jump in to be my white knight. You used to love it; until I didn’t. It was great when I was 13 and boys were trying to make me do things I wasn’t comfortable with; it’s another thing now that I’m an adult and are capable of making my own choices as a woman.

The first time I met Sebastian, I was visiting Chris on the set of Captain America: The First Avenger and I fell head over heels. He was caring, sexy as hell, and funny. He was everything I wanted in a guy; and he seemed interested in me! Chris, being the overprotective brother stepped in and put a stop it anything before it began. Sebastian was warned off and I was given a lecture about how it’s not right because he is his co-worker.

A few years went on, and the filming on The Winter Soldier happened. Chris watched the way Sebastian looked at me and how I reciprocated. He put his foot down and reminded me that getting involved was a bad idea as Sebastian was his co-worker and he didn’t want there to be bad blood if things went south. I fantasized about that man as The Winter Soldier everyday. What he would do to me, how much he would push and pleasure me. I was constantly on fire and needy.

Sebastian’s name was forgotten about by Chris again until filming started on Captain America: Civil War. I was invited to the set two weeks into filming. The highway scene is on the call schedule for the next week and when Sebastian walks on set with the red henley and jeans, I want to die. I look at his left arm and see he has the winter soldier arm and I imagine what it would be like to have those fingers on me; I can’t help the whimper that passes my lips. He has put on a lot of muscle and everything about the man is delicious.

Chris greets him with a friendly handshake and pat on the back, and he turns his attention on me. “Y/N?” His smile spreads across his face and my knees go weak.

“Hi Sebastian, good to see you again,” I smile and he pulls me in for a hug.

Someone calls for Chris on set and the two of us are left standing there. “Does he know?”

“I don’t think so. I have been extra careful to not talk about you when he’s around.”

“I’ve missed you so much Y/N, it’s been too long.” He’s itching to pull me into his embrace and I want nothing more than to melt into his touch; but I don’t.

“Sebastian, it’s only been a month,” I laugh.

“It’s a month too long, and I can’t get enough of you. God, I want to kiss you so bad. Please tell me you are free tonight and I can come over?”

“I don’t think he has anything planned for me; so I think that will be fine.”

Sebastian’s personal assistant comes for him and filming begins on the scene. I watch him intently, the way he moves, the murderous look in his eyes; it all sets me on fire and I can’t wait until tonight. I’m tempted to head back to my room and play with myself, thinking of the perfect man that I call mine.

Finally, after what seems like forever, filming wraps for the day and we all head back to the hotel. I feign not feeling well to get out of dinner with Chris and he seems to buy it. Maybe I should have gone into acting too! I send a quick text to Sebastian letting him know my room number and to come over.

I hear a quiet knock on the door and look through the peephole, Sebastian is on the other side looking sexy as ever. I unlock the door and usher him in, looking up and down the hall for Chris.

“Did my brother see you?”

“No, I told him I was tired and wanted to call it an early night, he was okay with it. Now, I am in desperate need of some sugar.” He taps his lips with his index finger. “Come here and give me some.” He takes a step closer and wraps his hands around my waist and the back of my neck. His kiss his needy and I moan as he dips his tongue into mine.

He walks me backwards and my legs hit the bed. “Strip baby, I’ve been thinking about you all day. I need to feel you around me.” He commands, and I comply pulling my shirt over my head and pulling my shorts off. I stand there in a red lacy bra and matching panties. He apprases my choice of undergarments and smiles wide.

“Red has become my new favorite color after seeing you today Seb. You are wicked hot as the Winter Soldier. The knives, the murder strut, I couldn’t wait to come back and play, I was so horny watching you today.” I reach forward and slide my hands under his shirt and pull it over his head. My hands went down to his pants and I undid them, sliding my hand into his boxers and stroking his hard cock.

He groans, “Fuck babe, when I saw you and couldn’t touch you, it was like torture.” His head falls back as I drop to my knees and suck him into my mouth. I run my tongue along the underside of his shaft and take him all the way in, my nose hitting the curls at the base. I start with a steady rhythm of bobbing my head back and forth, rolling his balls between my fingers.

He pulls me off with a pop and helps me stand. “I need to be in you. When you got back here tonight, fif you get yourself off picturing me?” I nod my head and he kisses me. “Good girl.” He swipes his long index finger through my folds and I gasp as his fingers gently rub my clit. “So wet. How bad do you want me?”

“So bad Seb, please. I want you to fill me up.” I turn and bend over the edge of the bed, my ass in the air. I hear him growl and he grabs my hips, sliding himself in me ever so slowly. We both moan and he drags his cock out. He keeps up the torturously slow pace as I rub small circles on my clit. “Oh fuck, please I need more, fuck me harder Seb. Make me yours.”

“I’m enjoying just being in you babe, I want this to last.” He grips my hips tighter, but doesn’t change his pace.

“Seb, if you don’t fuck me like a crazed man, I’ll keep you from it for the next week. I’m going to be here everyday and I’ll make sure you wear short skirts with no panties under them. I’ll make sure you know it too,” I threatened.

“You wouldn’t.”

I turn and look over my shoulder at him, “I would.”

He starts pounding into me, my ass bouncing off his thick thighs and my legs start shaking. I’m moaning so loud I don’t even care who hears at this point. Sebastian’s cock is stroking my inner muscles and I’m clenching around him greedily. I drop my head onto my arm as I start coming around his cock. I thrust back into him, trying to riding my orgasm and he suddenly pulls out.

“On your knees, and open your mouth” he says. I turn around and drop to my knees, opening my mouth wide as he strokes himself. A stream of come hits the corner of my lips and he continues to pump his load into my waiting mouth. I wrap my lips around the tip and suck the last of his come off him, swallowing everything he offered.

The two of us lay blissed out on the bed when we hear a loud knock on my door. We turn to look at one another wide eyed and I run to the bathroom to throw on a robe. Sebastian grabs his clothes and wedges himself into a corner from view and I open the door. Chris is standing there.

“Y/N, how you feeling? Chris asks, looking past me into my room.

“I’m fine, what are you looking for?” I ask, looking over my shoulder.

“Is there something you want to tell me? Maybe about a certain someone?” He tries to push past me into the room and I stand my ground, not allowing him to pass. “I promise I won’t kill him. Sebastian, get your ass out here.”

Sebastian comes into view and I’m mortified. “Hey Chris,” he smiles and gives a small wave. “How’d you know?”

“You may play an assassin in the movies; but you aren’t very stealthy. I saw you enter her room; and I put two and two together. Just don’t make me kick your ass, alright?”

“I’ll treat her like a princess, cross my heart.” Chris nods and turns on his heal, leaving the two of us alone and I close the door. “Get your ass back on that bed, Princess. I’m starved and you’re my next meal.” He smiles wickedly and I swallow thickly knowing it’s going to be a long night.

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Leather Jackets - Bucky Barnes AU

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Request: “Can you make a Bucky imagine in which he’s like the bad boy who is really cool and falls for y/n and is super sweet around her?” // I did it as a Greaser AU because I was listening to the Grease soundtrack while writing lol

Word Count: 1167 // My requests are still open!!

The Greasers didn’t like to be messed with. If you’re not at their level, you can’t speak to them. You go near them, you’re dead.

Pacing quickly down the sidewalk, you avoided the glare of the boys in the red Chevrolet parked across the street. A message alert on your phone made you stop, pulling your phone out of your pocket.

Steve: Just overheard that the Greasers are gonna be at the coffee shop. Be careful.

Mentally groaning in fear of anyone hearing you, you slipped into the door of the cafe, walking with your head down.

“Hi, uh, Miss? What would you like?” The barista grinned at you, as you looked up from your phone. “Sorry, can I just have a juice please?”

“What’s your name?” She asked, holding your cup in one hand and a sharpie in the other. “Y/N.” You pronounced, smiling back.

Soon enough, your name was called and you took your drink, walking out of the store.

You looked around before pushing the door open, seeing the Chevrolet had moved. Breathing a sigh of relief, you pushed the door open and began your walk home.

Going to grab your phone from your back pocket, you bumped into someone.

Feeling a hand on your back, you looked up, making direct eye contact with one of the leaders of the greaser gang, Bucky Barnes.

“I am so sorry, I really wasn’t concentrating. I should look where I’m going, sorr-” You mumbled, rambling away, “Hey, don’t worry about it. Y/N, is it?” He smiled warmly at you, “Uh, yeah, that’s me.”

“We have English together, right?” He asked, trying to making eye contact as you looked everywhere but his into his eyes.

“That we do,” you laughed nervously, “See you Monday, I guess.”

“See you Monday, Y/N.” He smiled, brushing past you as you walked back home, texting Steve about your ‘incident’.

Soon enough, Monday rolled around.

School always dragged along on a Monday. Whether it be the non existent enthusiasm from the students, or the bore of lessons from teachers paid less than they’re owed.

Grabbing your bag and heading out of the classroom, you avoided the glare of the same boys from the coffee shop stood outside your classroom.

You felt their eyes leave as you trailed outside to try and find your friends, Steve and Peggy.

Walking past the bleachers, you felt all eyes on you as hands gripped your shoulders.

“If it isn’t Little Miss Y/N.” You span around to be met with the eyes of one of Bucky’s gang, another member of the Greasers.

“H-hi?” You questioned, looking away from where he stared deeply at you, backed by two more Greasers; the rest sat on the bleachers.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N. May I ask why this pretty little mouth of yours was talking to Barnes outside the coffee shop last night?” You looked up, horrified that anyone had seen yours and Bucky’s conversation.

“I-I didn’t mean anything by it! I bumped into hi-” He pressed a finger over your lips, his minions trailing behind you, as he whistled for more of them to come over.

You were surrounded. You’d seen this happen before, and you prayed every night that they would never do it to you.

Grabbing your bag roughly off your shoulders, you gasped as they pulled your books out one by one, until they reached your sketchbook.

“Well what do we have here? A sketchbook! Let’s have a looky here shall we?” He smirked, picking up the black book from your feet.

Flipping through your doodles and practices, you prayed they wouldn’t find your illustration of the picture Bucky had posted recently.

But they did. Just your luck.

“And it gets better! How ‘bout we show this to Buck when he gets here, hey? Is that what you want, Y/N? Attention? Well, sweetheart, that’s what you’re gonna get.”

Tears began to spill down your cheeks as he cascaded the sketchbook to the ground once again, the pencil drawing looking like a watercolour.

“Now, Y/N. How 'bouts we deal with you.” He spat, getting closer to your face. Grinning, he grabbed your hair and pulled your face up to meet his eyes.

Taking a harsh slap to the face, you looked into his eyes as he laughed, “Fuck. You.” you spat.

“What was that, Y/N? Say that again.” He looked shocked, but hid it. “I said fuck you.” He looked at you again, “You’re gonna regret that Y/N.”

Taking another hit, you saw the blood hit the concrete on the other side of the book.

“Hey!” A loud voice echoed from outside their circle, as the rest of the group scattered, you sank to the floor.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doin’?” Bucky asked the boy stood opposite you, as you let more tears flow. “You know what, I don’t wanna hear it. Back off.”

Bucky kneeled in front of you, smiling softly. “Y/N?”

“Y-yeah?” You held your nose in fear of it bleeding further.

“I’m so sorry the did that to you, I promise I would never have let them if I would’ve known. Are you alright?”

“Apart from nursing a headache and this nose bleed, I’ll be okay.” You smiled back up at him, his eyes glistening as he looked at you. “Shit, you need to get to the nurse.” He looked around you at the destruction of your bag, trying to pick up your scattered books.

“Did you draw this?” He asked, awe taking over his features. “Um, yes, I did. I’m sorry, it’s lame. I just saw the picture on my feed and I needed prac-”

“Y/N, babe, this is incredible.” He grinned from ear to ear, holding the book so delicately. “T-thank you, Bucky. It means a lot.” He slung your bag over his shoulder, offering you a hand as he led you to the nurses office.

“I’m still so sorry, Y/N. Can I please take you for coffee or something to make up for it?” He asked, brushing your hair behind your ear as you held tissue to your nose.

“I don’t drink coffee, but I’m definitely always down for pizza.” You laughed, Bucky joining you. “Well, pizza it is. Are you free tonight?”

- 6 months later -

Finishing the final sentence of your last-minute homework, you shoved the books into your bag as a knock at the door snapped you out of the world of your science work.

Opening the door with a smile, you saw Bucky, donned in his leather jacket and all black outfit.

“Mornin’ baby.” He smiled, pressing a kiss to your lips as you grinned into it. “Good morning, Bucky.”

“Did you sleep okay?” He asked, interlocking his fingers with yours. “I’d sleep better if my boyfriend wouldn’t keep messaging me every five minutes!”

“Well forgive me for caring about you!” He laughed, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“You know I love you really.” You nudged him slightly as he grinned. “I love you too, doll.”

comfort series: no makeup

summary: being seb’s girlfriend means you’re always in the spotlight, and you always have to look perfect. but he shows you that with or without makeup, you’ll always be the same to him

prompt: Hi! Could you do a Seb Stan fic where the reader doesn’t think he likes her because she isn’t like a bombshell beauty and doesn’t wear tons of makeup? Like she thinks she is ordinary, but Seb likes her being different and all. They could boyfriend and girlfriend… All up to you. 😊 Thanks! - @lokiandbuckyaremine

pairing: seb stan x reader

word count: 1094 words

notes: I don’t often do real person fics a lot but this is just something cute that I thought should be a fic, because I like the concept. this was the fic I’ve made the most progress on lately and I’ve needed to publish another one. 

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