Sebastian Stan is one of the purest and sweetest people I’ve ever seen, he is so caring with his fans and takes time out of his life, even when he’s tired or has a lot of work to do, to go panels and conventions. He posted a billion videos being all excited for the con in Philly today, talked to the fans before his photo op started, HE BROUGHT FREAKING CUPCAKES for the fans at the meeting.

And someone bit him.

This is why we can’t have nice things, wtf is wrong with some people…

Oh, and instead of calling security he said “she didn’t bite too hard so it’s okay”… That’s the angel we have but don’t deserve.

And just as I was typing this I saw a video of a girl insulting him with some stupid nickname and he looked so uncomfortable, I swear to God people disappoint me so much, this angel writes long ass paragraphs on fans ig accounts helping them with their anxiety or motivating them to pursue their dreams, runs to nervous fans to hug them, wears and uses the stuff you give him, and this is how you repay him.

Celebrities are not dolls, just because they are on the public eye it doesn’t mean you can say or do whatever you want with them, they are human beings too.

Someone please buy him a cake or something and let him know he is loved

!!!!NEWS: the biting was a lie guys! The video is out there for anyone to see but Seb confirmed he wasn’t bitten. Thank god that didn’t happen.