sebastian smythe x reader


After a new meta-human appeared in Central City the team where focused on catching him….. Let’s just say he caught you. He kidnapped you and locked you in a room in a building next to Central City Park.

“Where is she? She is always late!” Barry complained, jumping off the treadmill. Caitlin raised her eyebrow at the tall man in front of her.

“Seriously? You’re saying ‘shes’ always late? Who’s the one hats late every single day?” Barry just rolled his eyes and walked back into the cortex.

Dr Well turned around in his chair. “Why do you hate (Y/N) so much? She has done nothing. And if you do have a problem with her don’t let it interfere with your Flash work.”

Suddenly a buzzer went off.

“Guys! This is not good! You see, when (Y/N) first came here and found out about Barry… and the mets stuff, I gave her this… let’s say button, and I told her if she’s ever in danger she was to press it.” Cisco ran over to his tablet and picked it up.

“Thank god I put a tracking no device in this thing.” Cisco mumbled while finding the address.

“Okay! She’s in 32 West Avenue, its right next to CC Park!” As soon as those words fell from cuscus mouth the scarlet speedster was out the door.


Barry arrived at the address and saw (Y/N) tied to a chair. He slowly walked over to her.

“Hey… erm… Could you maybe walk a bit faster and untie me?” You ask sounding annoyed.

“Calm down! At least I’m here!” He said as he bend down and untied you hands and ankles.

“Why did he kidnap you?” Barry helping you stand up.

“Oh, he wanted to have tea with me! What do you think! Seriously you’re lucky your good looking, because you-” As soon as those words spilled out of your mouth you blushed. You honestly didn’t mean to call Barry good looking.

“Oh, so you think I’m good looking?” Barry asked with a smirk.

“Yeah… so?” You say crossing your arms.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked moving closer to you.

“I’m surprised someone as smart as you would have to ask.” You say before reaching up and kissing him. He pulled away.

“Hey! I’m pretty slow!” He said before pulling you in for a hug.

“Pretty slow my ass!” You say nuzzling your head into Barry’s neck.

Too Late [a Sebastian Smythe/Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Sebastian Smythe and Barry Allen crossover in which Team Flash wants Barry to admit his feelings for reader already so they brought a doppleganger(seb) to make him jealous.Turns out seb falls for reader too.

a/n: idk guys i needed a glee crossover to prepare for my bday and darren criss…

“Who is this guy and why does he look exactly like Barry?” you immediately ask when you enter the Cortex, eyes wide as you take in his appearance. His tan sweater is pulled over a white polo, both collars popped up like a guy from an old movie. You carefully circle around him, cocking an eyebrow, “Or did Barry get an upgrade or, like, I don’t know, get hit with a confidence gun? I’m lost?”

‘Barry’ scoffs, folding his arms over his chest. “Yeah, I don’t think so. Upgrade? Maybe in some other timeline.” he sneers, looking you up and down; you pull at your striped black sweater. “I’m Sebastian Smythe, Barry’s cousin.” he introduces himself, tilting his head. “And you are? Well, besides super hot.” he smirks, green eyes glimmering playfully.

You bite your lip, feeling your cheeks heat up like a campfire. Damn, he’s so forward, almost the complete opposite of Barry. “I’m Y/N.” you say brightly, readjusting your brown messenger bag on your shoulder.

Smirking, Sebastian comes closer to you, unfolding his arms and letting them hang loosely at hs sides, fingertips hitting his blue jeans. He pouts, squaring his shoulders, “Why does Barry get all the cute ones? Everyone in Ohio is…yikes.” he grimaces, making you giggle. “Huh. That is definitely a sound I could get used to…” he compliments, grinning wickedly at your pink face. “Pretty, smart, if you can sing, you’ll give me a run for my money-”

“Sebastian!” the speedster fumes in a warning tone, plucking off his gloves. Sebastian rolls his eyes, spinning on his heel to face his cousin. “Why must you…you be a flirt?!” Barry huffs, frowning; Seb tries not to laugh, folding his arms. Okay, so maybe Barry needs to work on his insults… “Sorry about him, Y/N. I…he…just showed up…” he mumbles awkwardly.

When you open your mouth, Sebastian scoffs. “Look, Wonder Boy, not my fault Y/N is hot as fuck.” he says nonchalantly; you look down bashfully. “It’s not like you’re gonna make a move anytime soon either.” he shrugs, scrunching his face. “I think you should just go back to what you do best, saving people,” he nods mockingly, “and leave the dating thing to me, cus.”

Cisco presses his fist to his mouth, brown eyes wide, awaiting Barry’s response. The speedster clenches his hands at his sides, face turning bright red like his suit. “You can’t just come here and start flirting with people I like!” he fumes, setting his jaw while he glares.

You look between the two, lips set in a perfect ‘O’ shape, fingers playing with the end of your striped sweater. Damn, two guys are fighting over you! Two cousins! Sebastian spins on his heel, leaning to your level, placing the side of his pale hand the corner of his mouth. “Go on a date with me.” he stage whispers, adding in a cheeky wink at the end.

Blushing, you nibble your bottom lip. Barry has had the chance to ask you out, but he never did… “Okay, Sebastian. On one condition.” you smirk, matching his. “You sing to me.”

A cheshire cat grin appears on his face and he crosses his arms, screwing up his tan sweater; his collar touches his jaw. “I never say no to showing off… Right, Barr?” Sebastian teases, peering over his shoulder. Barry inhales through his nose, storming into the medbay. For the fastest man alive, he always seems to be too late.

I wish I was an ostrich โœ˜ Sebastian Smythe Imagine (Smut) โœ˜

✘ A/N: I’M BACK! Finally post something again o/ 

I explained what happened in my last post, in case you missed it, a little summary: problem with the loader, school took my time, finally posting the old requests and starting to write the new ones, hopefully, wednesday (so, no promises to write and pos a new request before Wednesday). But you can still request!

Oh, and I’m kind in love with Savitar. (and nope, I don’t want Iris to die t.t).

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting this one to be that long!

Well. MY FIRST SMUT, YAY! Hope you like it c:

Thanks @lyss-91 for beta!

✘ Request: Could I have a Sebastian imagine please where you are a member of new directions and are competing at Nationals and fuck before the main show getting caught by your group? Thanks x

 Warning aka disclaimer: S M U T and shame xD

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 “I can’t believe you said I was as attuned as a dying goat.” You giggled as you entered the dark room, knowing that Sebastian was already there, he always arrived before you on any date. Mainly a sex date. “You used to do better with your insults, Sebastian.”

“Says the girl who called me horse’s teeth. You were so original, (Y/N). What happened to stealing Santana’s insults?” Sebastian said wryly and you rolled your eyes, little taunts like these were normal in your secret relationship, and they were actually fun. But now all you wanted was not to talk. You raised your arm to try to find the switch and turn on the light, you didn’t know what that was since Sebastian was the one to send a message saying that he had found the perfect place for both of you to wish each other good luck, which obviously meant the perfect place for him to fuck you, and sent you the way. 

He could have added an ‘after you turn right in the last hallway, you will see a green door where everything will be dark and I will not let you turn on the light, making you sexually frustrated’ because Sebastian held your hand before you could do anything to illuminate the place.

“Seb!” You protested, but any complaint you had in mind was soon replaced by your body bristling and your breath being gasped as you felt his body pushing yours against the wall: strong enough for a mute thud, weak enough for no pain to arrive. “Sebastian…” Your tone had completely changed from frustration to bargaining.

Sebastian laughed against your neck, and his breath, which you knew had a taste of coffee and mint, as always, against your skin made you sigh.

“When you get up on that stage, everyone will look at you and no one will know that you are mine, and they will want you.” Sebastian’s hands traveled to your waist, squeezing it, making sure you were there with him, listening to every syllable he said. “But you’ll know you are mine, and I’ll make sure to make that clear.” He smiled with obvious malice and a kind of anticipated lust. Sebastian put one of his hands on your thigh and up, the fact that you were in a dress just made it easier for him to work. You could already feel wet, as by the words of your ‘enemy’ as the tingling that his fingers provided, and the torture that was how slowly they were going. He pulled your panties away with one of his fingers “You’re so wet, babe,” Sebastian murmured as as he placed two fingers inside you at once, and you bit your lip to choke out a moan as he placed another finger, moving them inside you.

“Sebastian…” You moaned softly, knowing that Warbler knew exactly what that meant.

“What, darling?” He said, faking an innocent tone as he began stroking your clit with his thumb, still moving his 3 fingers inside your pussy. You let out an almost “ah” and pressed your body forward, feeling his erection against your body and making his fingers go even deeper, making it turn to his time to moan instead. You took off his tie and threw it to the floor, putting your hands around his neck.

“Seb, please. I need you now.” You lowered one hand to his arousal, caressing it over his pants.Sebastian growled and used every willpower inside him to pull away from you, taking off his clothes as fast as was humanly while you did the same. In the exact second that you let your last piece of clothing fall to the floor, he picked you up and put it on what looked like a table.

“Oops!” You laughed at the sound of something falling, but your attention soon changed focus as your boyfriend began to suck your neck. ‘’You’ll end up leaving a mark.’’ You warned, not really complaining.

“That’s the goal,” Sebastian said as he parted his mouth from her neck and you took his cock in your hand, stroking it. “Fuck ,” Sebastian snarled and walked away from you to put the condom he had left in the pocket of his blazer, the Warbler couldn’t stand another minute without fucking you.

“SEBASTIAN!” You screamed in pleasure when felt him inside you without any warning. Sebastian started fucking you, moving his hips quickly as you did the same, making him go deeper, just like you did with his finger. You leaned in for a rough, clumsy kiss, the two showing how much they needed that, each other’s, your bodies together.

While his hands tightened your hips, your hands scratched at his shoulders, your lips were connected just like the rest of your bodies, you realized something: you were completely at the mercy of that boy. 

“(Y/N)… ” Sebastian gave a weak moan against your lips and you knew what that meant, and you were close too. Before any of you could catch up the liberation, the light was turned on. You closed your eyes, no time for a reaction, but Sebastian bent down and grabbed his blazer, covering his ass, taking his cock off you and using his own body to cover you. A voice screaming the word traitor made you wake up from your trance, widening your eyes at the sight of the New Directions staring at you two.

Being an ostrich to stick your head into a hole didn’t seem like a bad idea.

“Um… Hi?” You said, feeling your face burn. You were NAKED in front of your Glee group!

‘’Hi? Seriously, (Y / N)? “ Mercedes was the first to speak.

"You could give your beloved virgin vagina to anyone, but you had to choose our gay enemy?” Santana said angry, almost screaming. You were afraid Snixx would come at any moment, if it was not the one who had just spoken.

“I don’t think he’s gay, Santana.” Rachel said, and then you noticed that she had her back to your and Sebastian’s… situation.

“Can you guys please get dressed?” Kurt basically begged.

“Well, if the idiots get out of here, we can finish what we were doing and get dressed.” Sebastian rolled his eyes at that vision, even though, in the position they were in, he could only see some of the members with his head turned.

“I’m not leaving here until you two explain what’s going on!’’ Santana exclaimed, she was 100% sure that wasn’t going to let you and your need for sex take her and New Directions trophy.

’'Santana, I know you would give anything to be in my place now, but this is my girlfriend. ” Sebastian mocked.

“Girlfriend?” Tina asked confused, hadn’t Sebastian hit on Blaine before almost blinded him? Wasn’t he gay?

“(Y/N) has a penis? ” Brittany asked, trying to understand what was going on.

“No, all she has is the ability to betray her own friends right under their noses.” Santana said, her irony and coldness taking form into her words.

“Guys, we’re dating, but can’t we talk about this later?” You asked, you just wanted that situation to end.

“That would be hilarious… if it was not disgusting.” That was Sam.

“Right, people. We should leave them alone.” Blaine tried, but it was obvious that Santana was not going to let a situation like this go easily.

“You’re what, a spy? Did you give our songs to him? Besides giving something else.”

“She’s not a spy, Satan.” Sebastian defended you and you sighed, knowing you would have to reveal your relationship to your friends who did not so discreetly hate your boyfriend.

Actually, your relationship was more than exposed. So…

“I think you blinded her, Sebastian.” Santana smiled wryly at the double meaning of the phrase.

“What are you… Wow!” Mr. Schuester widened his eyes as he met his students in such a situation. He turned his back, just like Rachel. “E… Everyone back to rehearsal room, let’s (Y/N) and Sebastian get ready.”

“But M…’’

’'Now, Santana!” Will ordered, and she rolled her eyes, walking into the dressing room with her teacher and the rest of the Glee Club.

You put your forehead against Sebastian’s shoulder and sighed, still embarrassed and knowing what you would have to face in less than five minutes.

“I’m fucked.’’ You said and Sebastian smirked, never losing his humor.


He Was Right

Request:  Reader is close to the glee club and has gone to school with them since freshman year) Sebastian left his phone at the Lima Bean and someone from the glee club found it. They look through it to see pics of reader and Seb like kissing each other, hugging and cute pics that you would have of your significant other. They ask him about it only to find him and reader talking about date plans and the glee Club finding out when he realizes that he left his phone at the Lima Bean. The entire glee club enters the room and tells them the gig’s up. They confess and the glee club accepts it. - @irony-is-my-life

Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Notes: So I made a few changes. I hope you don’t mind. It’s late and not very well written. I’m sorry if it’s not your favorite. You can always request another one, though. My ask is always open. Also everyone’s a lil bit OOC.

Bells jingled and laughter poured into the local cafe called the Lima Bean. “And then Finn tripped over his books and slid down the hall!” Rachel was giggling through her retelling of an incident with an unsuspecting student and a distracted Finn walking the halls of McKinley. “Hey. I think it was a pretty graceful dive. I only tripped three other people.” Rachel, Finn, Blaine, Kurt, Santana and Artie were making a stop at the Lima Bean to get a little recharged before the weekend was over.

“Hey guys, I’ll catch up in a minute.” “Alright Finn. Don’t be long,” Rachel smiled.

Striding over to the bathroom, something caught his eye before he made it to the door. ‘Someone left their phone here. That’s rough.” Finn thought to himself. ‘I wonder who’s it is.’ Thinking he was doing the right thing, he started looking through the phone and opened up the photos app since it was the first thing he saw. Scrolling through the pics, the screen was filled with red, black and white. Finn cringed as the Warbler symbol flashed across the phone. About ready to just turn the phone in to the cashier, a familiar face caught his eye.. ‘(y/n)?’

“Hey guys!” Finn yelled as he approached his friends. “Oh there you are, Finn. We were wondering what took you.” Artie scrutinized his fellow singer. “You’ll never believe what I found.” Finn had everyone’s attention now.

“Well? What is it?” Santana. Always one to be straight to the point. “I found this phone sitting at a deserted table and so I tried to figure out who it might belong to. So I started looking through their photos-”

“Hold on, hold on,” Santana interrupted. “You tried to find someone’s identity by looking through their pictures?” “Where did you possibly find that knowledge?” Kurt questioned. “Never mind that. Look who’s in the pictures.”

Finn showed the group the picture of (y/n). “So it (y/n)’s phone? Big deal.” Santana stared at Finn as if he grew another head, completely confused.

“Yeah, no. It’s a Warbler’s phone. See?” He then showed them the Warbler symbol. “Let me see that,” Blaine took the phone and started swiping. “..holy crap. I think I might puke. Oh gosh!”

“Blaine! What is it?” Everyone hollered at their raven haired friend. Saying nothing, he held up the phone. Cue collective gasp.

*At Dalton Academy*

“Okay guys. Here’s the plan. We go in and confront that sniveling snake about what he thinks he’s doing with our (y/n). Then we use whatever means necessary to keep him away from our baby.” Santana sneered at the thought of Smythe. “Agreed.” All were in agreement then.

Storming up the stairs of the school, the group made their way to the Warbler’s practice room. Sneaking up to the door, the singers heard voices conversing inside. “Good. Okay. They’re in there. Let’s go.” Finn was ready to ‘talk’ to Sebastian. “Hold up a second,” Artie spoke. “I think.. there’s a girl’s voice..”

Everyone crowded the door, trying to hear. “-last time. Maybe we could hit up the ice cream parlor then head on over to the beach?” “Really? Seb, don’t you think that they’d see us?” “Come on, babe. I want to show you off. I really don’t care about your friends seeing us. In fact, it’d be a good thing. Maybe I can prove to them that it’s a good thing we’re together. I really love you and I’m sure they’ll be able to see that. Even if they don’t want to.” Sebastian had been trying to convince you to tell the New Directions for a while now. Everything he said was either shot down or flat out ignored. You really did care about Sebastian, but it’d be so hard for you if your friends, best friends, disapproved of your relationship.

“Sebastian. I know you really want to tell them.. it’s just,” you heaved a sigh loud enough for your eavesdropping friends to hear. “It’s just that if they didn’t approve of us, if they didn’t like us together, if they’d tried to break us apart.. it would kill me. I love you so much, but they might not love us together. They’re still my friends. My family. I just don’t think I’m ready.”

From the other side of the door, your friends were looking at each other like they were thoroughly disappointed with themselves, not you. “I can’t believe (y/n) feels like she can’t trust us with this. I feel so.. terrible,” Blaine was completely distraught that you felt that way.

“I know. We reacted so harshly when we found out, though. No wonder she felt like she couldn’t tell us. Ugh! I feel like a terrible friend,” Rachel was almost in tears now. “Hey, we all feel horrible. She’s our baby girl and we can’t have her feeling like we won’t support any decision she makes. Even if it is to date that..” Kurt stops as he sees his friends giving him wary looks. “..that great..singer..”

They all looked at each other in confirmation and pushed open the grand doors. Both heads inside snapped up to the intruders. “Guys? Wh-wh-what are you doing here?” Panic was evident in your eyes. Sebastian discreetly took your hand in his, the action not going unnoticed.

“We know, (y/n),” Artie spoke up. “Y-You do? Know what exactly?” “That you and this.. male are dating,” Santana cringed. “We found his phone at the Lima Bean and saw.. pictures,” Kurt visibly shuddered.

With a defeated sigh, you flopped onto the couch. “I’m so sorry, you guys. It’s just..”

“Yeah. We know, baby girl. I must admit we didn’t react well at first, but hearing what you just said.. we feel awful, sweetheart,” Kurt sympathized. “That was never my goal. I really do care a lot for Sebastian and if you all would try and keep me from being with him, it would tear me apart.”

Artie wheeled forward. “We know (n/n). We realize that now and we’re going to try and be supportive. Just as long as he gives us a reason not to.” He have a pointed look in Sebastian’s direction. “R-really? Oh my gosh! Thanks you guys! You won’t regret it, trust me.” “Yeah we better not,” Santana eyed Sebastian.

Sebastian took your hand. “I’m really thankful for this, you guys. (Y/n) means everything to me. So much so I’d give up singing to keep her. I’ll do my absolute best to keep her happy.”

You grinned up at him. You were short, okay? Besides, it doesn’t help he’s a freaking giant. “Keep her happy and we won’t make you quit singing,” Blaine stated. “But if you fail. You will suffer the consequences,” Santana added.

“I agree wholeheartedly. Besides, if I ever did anything to hurt my- our little (y/n), I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

The New Directions looked at each other and silently agreed. “Have fun kids,” Santana said. “Keep it classy,” Kurt added. After hugging all of them and Sebastian surprisingly shaking the guys’ hands and getting his phone back, they took their leave.

“Well. That went better than expected.” “See? I told you they’d be cool,”  Sebastian said with a smirk. “You really like being right, don’t you?” you asked. “I like being right about us.” With a wink and kiss, neither of you could stop beaming.


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Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Request: Hi! Idk if your requests are open but imma go for it: can you please do a Sebastian Smythe x reader thing where they are secretly dating because she’s in the New Directions and they wouldn’t approve? But she is the one that gets hit by the rock salt slushee and he gets all worried? You can go off from there! Thanks 

Word count: 1.678

A/N: Hi, sorry for the late post. I had no time in these weeks, unluckily. Anyways, I added some fluff at the end and I hope that you liked it. Honestly, I’m not happy how it turned out, but I had no clue on how to write it. I tried, though.

- G. x

Love is one of the most important things in your life. You’ve always dreamt of having a prince charming since you were still a little innocent child. You would always envy the Disney princesses and you would always ask your mum when was your prince charming going to arrive in your life. You were just so delightful at the thought of it and it caused you to be so thankful when your other half came into your life: Sebastian Smythe.

You loved the idea of having your boyfriend with you, but the situation became unbearable when the both of you had to hide your relationship from your friends.
Sebastian and you were both in a glee club, The Warblers and New Directions. It was just a shame that the two of you went in two different schools and your groups are always in competition, of course.

Sebastian was the leader of the Warblers and he was the most hated member, of course. He was a competitive person and he loved to annoy his opponents, provoking them with his unnecessary insults and ironic stupid jokes.

You found it hard to hide your relationship from your friends, because you couldn’t ask them for any advices or you couldn’t tell them how your date with Sebastian went. Sebastian forced you many times to reveal them your secret relationship, but you knew that your friends would just separate the two of you and they would never approve it. You loved Sebastian, but you loved your friends too and you just didn’t know what to do.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Kurt shouted your name and you finally turned your head to his side. “Finally, the others have already gone!” He rolled his eyes and you snorted for his actions. Kurt was your gay best friend and his mannerisms have always made you laugh, you never knew for what reason.  

“Sorry.” You finally apologized when you stopped crying and laughing at the same time. He knew the reason why you were laughing and he threw you his empty water bottle, dodging it perfectly. “What is it?”

“The Warblers are already in the auditorium. Let’s kick their asses and get this chaos done.” You laughed at his intensions as you stood up from your chair and you walked towards Kurt.

“C’mon and kick their asses.” You agreed smiling, thinking that you will see Sebastian any time soon.

You walked through the auditorium arm-in-arm with Kurt and you started thinking of the mess your boyfriend’s group creating once again. They were competing against your group at the regionals, but then you found out that both of the groups had the idea of doing a Michael Jackson song. Probably it was your fault, because you left your papers lying around your house messily, but there’s no way you are telling you them that fact.

“Oh, hey losers.” Your cheeky boyfriend looked at you and your best friend as you entered the auditorium. Kurt rolled his eyes once again and you gave him a playful death glare, him trying not to let out a laugh.

“Shut up, idiot.” Santana blurted out. “I think it’s time that I show you a little Lima Heights hospitality.”

“Unless you want to join your relatives in prison, that’s probably not the best idea.” He flashed her a flirty smirk and Santana crossed her arms furiously.

“Smythe, shut your filthy mouth.” You seriously said to him as you went near the auditorium stage. He crossed the line with that offense and he just rolled his eyes, letting you know that the fun has just started. “So why can’t we start fixing this mess?” You stood in the middle of the stage, having Sebastian behind you.

“I demand satisfaction in Warbler tradition.” Sebastian courageously challenged your group.

“Then let’s have a dual.” Kurt sassily answered Sebastian.

“Alright.” Sebastian confidently said, annoying your group members even more.

“We aren’t scared, Warblers.” Artie said as he rolled his wheels forward, nearing himself on the stage.

“You really think you’re that bad?” Sebastian smirked once again. “Is that what they teach you at that little public school of yours?”

“Let’s get it on.” Blaine then butted in, not minding what Sebastian has said, as the members of both groups went on the stage. People were divided in two big groups as the beat of Michael Jackson’s Bad started to be heard.

New Directions started to sing and dance with the Warblers and you didn’t mind that Sebastian dropped hints of you being together during your performance, also because your friends were busy on showing their best.

The most of the time, you were looking at your boyfriend’s eyes and you wanted to hug him in the middle of the song. You wanted to stop this battle between your group, because it was hard to pretend that you both hated each other and
Sebastian needed to moderate his words, because he really offended people with his sass.

You then lost Sebastian’s gaze, realizing that Kurt pulled you further and he blocked your way from Sebastian. You knew that he noticed the tension between you and Sebastian and he tried to protect you, even though you knew that Sebastian would never hurt you.

You then noticed Sebastian taking out a large white paper cup from a brown paper bag. You corrugated your forehead and you started to walk fast towards him, bumping people when you needed to. You knew that Sebastian could play dirty sometimes and you wanted to stop whatever his plans were.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Kurt shouting, but suddenly the song’s beat faded and you felt a cold and stinging liquid running down your face.

You shouted for pain and sting that you were feeling on your face.

“(Y/N)!” Your friends shouted your name.

You were about to fall on the ground, when you felt two familiar strong arms catch your weak body. You couldn’t see anything and you heard nothing, except for your sharp shouts.

“Fuck, Smythe!” You then heard Kurt, anger in his voice.

“You’re paying for this, Smythe.” You heard Santana’s sassiness. The next thing you heard was that your friends were blaming Sebastian because of what happened.

“Quiet, losers!” You then heard your boyfriend’s loud voice. “(Y/N), are you okay?”

“I can’t see and my face stings, Smythe!” You bitterly answered him. How could he ask a question like that when he obviously knew the answer?

“I am sorry,” You sensed the sadness and the regret from his voice. “it was my fault.”

“I knew it was yours, douche.” You answered him sassily, still bearing with the pain.

“Can you open your eyes?” It was Artie’s voice.

“No, don’t! It had rock salt in it.” Sebastian worriedly answered. You felt him wiping your sticky cheeks and you felt cold when the ice went inside your shirt. Your face was still stinging but the pain was bearable than before. “I’m really sorry.”

“You better be, Fievel.” I then felt someone’s hands held my forearm. “Let her go now.”

“No, I’m bringing her to the hospital,” Sebastian protested. “Whether you like it or not.”

“You hurt her.” Santana fought back, still having her hands holding your forearm. “She’s not safe with you.”

“It wasn’t meant for her, it was meant for your loser friend, Kurt.” Sebastian replied harshly. While your friends and your boyfriend were busy on discussing of what happened, you silently thought of how everything happened. The insults that your boyfriend was receiving from your friends just flew across your ears.

“Seb, I am cold.” You suddenly felt cold and you tightened your grip on your boyfriend’s arms. You felt him wrapping his arms around your cold body and you enjoyed the warm temperature that his body gave you, as you heard your friends commenting of how you called him and, obviously, for his gesture.

You were angry at Sebastian for his stupid and brainless actions, but you knew that he was regretting it and it wasn’t meant for you. He did something wrong, of course, and you are not tolerating him once you get better, but he was by your side, worrying. He cared for you and you knew that he always did, even after all those playful insults he told you in front of your friends.

“I’m bringing you to the hospital now, mon bébé.” You massacred your lower lip with your white teeth when you heard how he called you in front of your friends. “Don’t worry, okay?”

“Mon bébé?!” Your friends shouted in unison.

“Oui, mon bébé!” Sebastian confirmed that you two were in a relationship and you heard your friends talking about it. You then felt Sebastian carrying you in a bridal style, assuming that he was finally bringing you to the hospital.

“I’m sorry, love.” You heard him say, noises weren’t heard anymore as the cold breeze of the outside air hit your freezing cold body.

“Asshole.” You playfully insulted him and you laughed afterwards.

“Okay, I deserved that.” He let out a giggle as he put you on his car’s passenger seat.

“You better know it.” You pouted and he let out another giggle.

“Stay still.” You did what he told you to do and you heard the car’s door slammed.

“I love you, (Y/N)!” He sweetly said as he caressed your sweet and red cheeks.

“You’re not buying my love just like that, Smythe, even though you’re worrying for me.” You didn’t hear him talk for awhile, but then you laughed out loud. “You’re in serious troubles.”

“I know.” He shortly answered.

“And I love you too.” You then smiled at him and you felt his warm lips touched your sticky and sweet forehead.

“I know that too.” You both snorted as he started his car.

You knew that Sebastian was an asshole, but you loved him just like that. He never meant to hurt you, but whenever he did, even though it was an accident, he was always by your side and he will never leave you, not even after he accidentally revealed your secret relationship.

First Language [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: ok we know seb lived in paris but never got specifics soooo i had an ideaaaaaa…maybe part 2? yes? no? anyone?

“You guys didn’t have to come with me.” you huff back at the gang following you, angrily stomping through the posh hallways of Dalton Academy. “He is my boyfriend… and you hate him… Why did you come actually?” you wonder, crinkling your eyebrows together, pulling both your backpack straps to the waistband of your ripped sky blue jeans.

Santana scoffs, crossing her tan arms over her cheerio’s uniform. “Uh, duh, I wanna see what happened to the mole faced chipmunk.” she states as if it’s the most obvious thing in the entire world. You roll your eyes, sighing deeply.

While holding Rachel’s hand, Finn tilts his head in confusion; Sam does the same, wondering the exact same question on everyone’s mind. “What exactly happened to him again?” the blonde asks, fixing his purple hoodie on his shoulder. “All I saw was you get a call and leave rehearsal…. Then everyone followed you and I got lost… I’m still lost.”

You bound around the corner, stopping when you get to the door that says ‘nurse’. Spinning on the heel of your sneaker, you fix your pink shoulderless shirt. “He was in lacrosse practice and hit his head and passed out, okay?” you rush out, inhaling deep. “And can I please see him alone before you all parade in?” you plead, hands returning to the straps of your backpack.

When most of the club nods, you let out a breath, facing the door. Turning the knob, you cautiously step in the office. “I’m Y/N, Sebastian’s…” you trail off as the nurse leads you to the cots. “How is he?” you chew on your lip nervously.

“Non! Non!” Sebastian’s voice lingers in the room, French accent a lot more noticeable. “Retire tes mains de moi (get your hands off me)! Ou est ma petite amie (where is my girlfriend)?!” he spits at Trent, who’s trying to coax the Warbler back into the cot, muttering ‘why are you not speaking English?’. “Je ne sais pas bon anglais (I don’t know good english)!” he bites in a frustrated tone, running a hand through his hair.

You furrow your eyebrows together, pushing the curtain. His knuckles curl around the edge of the cot, shoulders almost touching his ears. The moment Sebastian sees you, his green eyes light up, smile stretching on his lips. “Mon bébé, là tu es (my baby, there you are)!” he beams, standing up; navy lacrosse jersey hanging off his shoulder. You blink in confusion. “Ne me comprends-tu pas (do you not understand me)?” he whispers, eyes filling with water.

Frowning, you bend down in front of him, cupping his face. “Sebastian… Je t'aime (I love you)…” you hum, saying the only French you really know.

He grins, “Je t’aime, Y/N.” The knock on the door startles him and the glee club enters. “Pourquoi sont-ils ici (why are they here)?” he snarls, nose scrunching at the gang. “Quelle (what)?”

“Why is he speaking French?” Mercedes whispers to Kurt, who shrugs.

Sighing, you card your hand through his uncharastically messy hair, shaking your head. “French is his first language. He only learned English two years ago, before he came to Dalton.” you frown, eyes searching his face. “When we started dating, he was still learning.” you explain, “He must’ve hit his head really hard…” you cringe, pulling your beanie down.

“So, what’re we gonna do?” Artie pipes up, pushing his glasses to his nose.

Sebastian tugs on your hand, pouting. “Regarde, je ne comprends pas ce que tu dis mais (look, I don’t understand what you’re saying but)…” he pauses, licking his lips. “Je meurs de faim, pouvons-nous manger (I’m starving, can we eat)?”

You shrug your shoulders, squinting your eyes. “I think he’s hungry? Help me take him to Breadstix?”

Smooth Criminal โœ˜ Sebastian Smythe Imagine โœ˜

✘ A/N: Here I’m! Guys, you won’t believe. I passed by a break up, pool party and exams lately, puft. I’m fine sz

For real, I have a weak spot for Sebtana, I love it so fucking much, sexual tension while they sang Smooth Criminal was like WOW. 

I know it’s a lesbian and a gay, it’s my only crackship :’) At laest my others ships on Glee happened o/

(and nop, just bc I ship it I’m homophobic like some people think)

ANYWAY, I really like that scene and this one was kind hard to me to write, but I hope you like it!

~There’s too much of the show, so I’d say it’s a free adaptation?

@lyss-91, thank you for beta!




✘ Request: Could you do a Sebastian Smythe imagine where instead of Santana and Sebastian singing Smooth Criminal it’s the reader and Sebastian and they kinda have a thing for each other and instead of her getting slushied at the end he kisses her. By the way, love your writing!

Originally posted by laheyjackson

Your high heels in contact with the ground made some clicks, the repetitive melody of your footsteps and the shadowed silhouette, which could be seen from inside the room, were the only signs that you were coming. 

‘’Hey, Andrew McCarthy. Don’t now if you heard, but Blaine may lose an eye. The same Blaine who was just besties with most of you not four months ago.’’ You shot before all the Warblers entered the room, staring at Sebastian. 

 ‘’Wait, are you serious? Is he gonna be okay?’’ Trent asked, catching your attention for a few seconds.  

‘’Well, sure, if he doesn’t care about seeing in three dimensions.’’ You answered ironically and crossed your arms, it was for Santana to be here, not you. But she had an important training of the Cheerios marked on last minute, and couldn’t miss.  

Soon, the Latina explained the plan and you agreed, even though you didn’t have much choice when it came about Santana, and if it were to be honest, she also gave you insult tips and said what song you should sing.  

And, of course, forced you to wear a hat and her clothes. You really did feel like you were in an 80s movie. 

Well, anything to help long-time friend.  

‘’Trent, I got this. Bummer about Blaine, he was pretty. He shouldn’t have gotten in the way, though. That slushy was meant for Kurt.’’ Sebastian said impassively, as if the pain he had caused in Blaine was only a side effect, something common like buying pizza at a pizzeria. You wanted to beat yourself for having a thing for such a mean person.  

‘’You may look like the villian out of a cheesy ‘80s high school movie, but you should know that I am fully prepared to go all Danny LaRusso on your ass. Admit you put something in that slushy. What was it, huh? Glass? Asphalt?’’ You asked, trying to stay focused. You could not control what came from your heart or your instincts, but you could control your body. 

‘’Red dye number six.’’ Sebastian said simply, his hands clasped behind his own body.  

‘’You’re a liar.’’ You accused him, the words coming out of your mouth like snake venom.  

‘’She questioned my honor.’’ His tone was ironic again, and you really wanted to kick his pretty stupid ass for that. He looked at the Warblers smiling and rested his gaze on you. ‘’I demand satisfation in Warbler tradition.’’ Sebastian approached you and you held your breath. He had hurt Blaine and you had to fulfill Santana’s plan, focus!  

‘’You want to have a duel?’’ You also approached him in order to intimidate him. Two could play this game. You turned your head to two men sitting in the yellow chairs. ‘’Cello guys, can you hang back for a second? I’m gonna need you for this one.’’  

‘’Everyone else clear out. I don’t  want you to see me make a girl cry.’’ The leader of the Warblers asked, maintained his cocky posture and his natural sarcasm.  

‘’Let’s just keep this on point.’’ you nodded and smiled wryly, tired of little games.  

The cellists began to play their respective instruments, you walked away from Sebastian and sat in one of the chairs comfortably, crossing your arms and legs right away. You moved your head slightly to the side, a shade of defiant smile on your lips, as a signal for the him to begin.  

Sebastian paced between the chairs, occasionally putting his hands on them as the instrument players dueled a battle of intense looks and precisely fast touches.

Uh, as he came into the window

It was the sound of a crescendo, uh!

Meanwhile the Warbler sang, he didn’t take his eyes off you, going in your direction. You, of course, wouldn’t not look back.

He came into her apartment

Sebastian moved closer to the chair where you were, leaning over and touching it.

He left the bloodstains on the carpet, uh!

As he sang the verse, you watched when Sebastian took his touch off the chair to your body, running his hand a little down your arm and shoulders gently, something you never imagined he could be. That simple touch made your heart race and your hands sweat, damn body.

In the second Sebastian finished uh, you turned your head quickly to follow where he was going, his mouth half open with the simple act that had just happened, the effect it had on himself.

She ran underneath the table

He had his back to you, trying to catch his breath. After all, that was a difficult song to sing fast, and the overwhelming feel of touching you does not help, at all.

He could see she was unable

Sebastian quickly turned with force, returning with his fearless stance, letting the music take care of footsteps.

So she ran into the bedroom

He gave a quick, provocative smile to you, which you responded by tilting your head to the side and rising from chair.

She was struck downIt was her doom

Sebastian opened his arms, as if exclaiming an event, but his eyes never lost sight of you.

Annie are you OK?

He turned his head when followed in his footsteps as a leopard chases its prey, his emerald green eyes darkening while the intensity of his gaze on you, like did his smile and the challenge itself.

So, Annie are you OK?

You continued the singing of the chorus, leaning on the chair of a cellists players and running your hands over it, going to Sebastian, all while you and he held a war of looks, smirks were a part of their expression.

Are you OK, Annie?

You got rid of the chair and your body walked to Sebastian and his did the same for him, you were like a positive and negative magnet: attracting to your opposing poles, to your difference which completed everything that was missing.

Annie are you OK?

So, Annie are you OK?

You and Sebastian came as close as two humans could approach without touching each other. And then turned 180 degrees, continuing to look at each other, as if you two were in a parallel world, completely different from the earth planet, perhaps even in another solar system where only you and he were living creatures and so they feared to abandon each other’s image.

Are you OK, Annie?

Annie are you OK?

After the spin, both of you started to walk backwards, moving away from each other. Even that you two preferred the way it used to, you had to admit in the deep places of your mind that this was even fun; Fleeing and coming back, felt like an addiction.

So, Annie are you OK?

Are you OK, Annie?

Sebastian and you stepped into the middle of the chairs again, heading toward each other, as if the distance to be beat was to offer a valuable prize.

Until you were so close that in just a half step your lips could meet, but they did not. This fact only gave more air to your lungs and made you sing with the greatest determination ever seen in that room.

Annie are you OK?

So, Annie are you OK?

You pulled your tie violently, but not hurting, and you took a turn, bringing your hand up his arm in the process. Adrenaline was palpable in the room.

Are you OK, Annie?

Annie are you OK?

Will you tell us that you’re OK

You walked back and Sebastian followed you, like you both were playing tag.


There’s a sign in the window

Again, you were so close you could feel each other’s breath as the song unfolded from their tongues to the outside world. Sebastian let his gaze travel all over your body, checking you out.

That he struck you - A crescendo Annie

You shoved Sebastian’s shoulder when you realized what he was doing, resisting the desire to do the same.

He came into your apartmentHe left the bloodstains on the carpet

Once more approcheing, eyes (Y/E/C) and gree united.


Then you ran into the bedroom

You were struck down

It was your doom

Annie are you OK?

So, Annie are you OK?

It was he’s turn to walk away from you and you follow him. And so it went on.

Are you OK Annie?

Smythe stopped and looked at you, waiting for you to reach him.

Annie, are you OK?

You, involuntarily, threw a provocative glance at Sebastian and turned away from him.

So, Annie are you OK?

He looked at your butt, checking you out again. Human instincts sucked.

Are you OK Annie?

You turned your face to Sebastian, the moment he looked at your face: symmetrically.

Are you OK Annie?

You moved away again, waiting for Sebastian to follow you, you returned to your home position and found himself next to you, singing aggressively.

You’ve been hit by

You leaned toward him, showing 0 percent fear.

You’ve been struck by

A Smooth Criminal

You two walked away again, following opposite paths between the chairs. You looked at the floor for a few seconds as your fingers touched the wood of a chair, but Sebastian was just looking at you. They both ran for a while, touching distinct chairs, until you stepped away from the object.

I don’t know!

Annie are you OK, Will you tell us, that you’re OK

There’s a sign in the window

Sebastian began to chase you at varying strides, the fight between the instruments was obvious and beautiful.

I don’t know!

That he struck you - A crescendo Annie

I don’t know!

He came into your apartment

I don’t know!

Left bloodstains on the carpet

The impromptu cinematographic chase went on, you slammed your chest without strength and raised your voice.

I don’t know why, baby!

Then you ran into the bedroom

I don’t know!

You were struck downIt was your doom - Annie!

Annie are you OK?

Stirring the bare part of the hat of your hair, you tried to steady your own quick steps without falling or losing tone.

Dang, gone it - Baby!

Will you tell us, that you’re OK

Dang, gone it - Baby!

There’s a sign in the window

Dang, gone it - baby!

That he struck you - A crescendo Annie

You bowed again, in order that your tone might reach even more Sebastian like the Black Canary with her cry.

Hoo! Hoo!

He turned a chair, pulling it out of his way to take you.

He came into your apartment

Dang, gone it!

Sebastian walked to one side and you went the other way, in a circle. What was left between you was, basically, a small circle made up of a few chairs and cellos.

Left bloodstains on the carpet, uh!

Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

Then you ran into the bedroom

Dang gone it!

You were struck down

Sebastian approached and made a gun signal with his hand, but you did not panic or bowed your head in front said: you have moved forward.

It was your doom - Annie!

The leader of the Warblers let his eyes travel all over your body one last time until he fell on your face, never losing his rhythm.

You’ve been hit by

War of looks had reached a new proportion, his height making him look down and yours you face up, but now it was the end: the great finder of the winner.

You’ve been struck by

Distance between two of you was dangerously small.

A Smooth Criminal

For the first time in the history of choiral duels, there was no winner.


Just like it was a draw the war your tongue was waging with Sebastian’s, an aggressive kiss started by the boy. He had something for you and you had something for him, it was obvious. And with a song like that and such a performance, the result couldn’t be any different. As soon as the last syllable was sung, Sebastian kissed you and reciprocated.

The noise of the door opened at the end of the cellos, the Warbles released nothing but their breaths: their leader was voraciously kissing the girl he would make cry.

Sebastian’s hands tightened on your hip and brought you closer, wanting to enjoy every bit of that kiss distressed by the wait, and you pulled closer to the nape of the neck, caressing a small part of his hair.

None of you had felt that way when you kissed someone: fully alive. It was as if every atom of you had resolved to give a ‘hello, I’m alive and here’, and it felt so good.

You took your lips from his for air, but you could’t let Sebastian out of your arms, okay, he didn’t seem to mind either.

Meanwhile, Trent threw slushy into the trash, his leader would probably not need it, anyway.

Fandom Imagines Trash - Masterlist

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Mistaken Words

“Mr. Shue!” You exclaim as Coach Beiste walks into the choir room. “Can I call Sebastian to cancel our date tonight? Blaine just reminded me it’s family night.”

“Sure, Y/N, just stay on speaker phone.” He replies offhandedly, not really paying attention.

You stand and move to the side of the room, pulling your phone out as you do so.

You sigh as you dial his number. The whole Glee Club is staring at you, and he’s not going to be happy that you have to cancel.

“Hey, Y/N.” His voice causes you to grin.

“Hey, Bas, you’re on speaker so be nice.” You caution him, worried he might say something negative.

“So I shouldn’t comment about how ridiculous Kurt looks when-”

“Nope! No you shouldn’t do that.” You exclaim. You catch Kurt rolling his eyes and sigh. “Anyway, I have to cancel for tonight. It’s family night at our house and my mom will kill me if I skip.”

“It’s just one time.” He complains.

“Except it’s not. I missed the last two for our dates.” You rub your neck and Sebastian sighs.

Mr. Shue turns around and you speak again.

“I’ve gotta go, Seb. Love you, bye.”

You freeze. You and Sebastian hadn’t said “those three words” yet. But a slip of the tongue had caused you to let him know.

You can’t do anything but stare at your phone as Mr. Shue claps his hands.

A sound that is clearly not a clap rings through the room, followed closely by screams.


“Was that a-”

Another crack rings out and your phone slips from your hands in shock. Your school is under fire. There’s a shooter inside of McKinley High.


Sebastian stared at his phone in shock. Just moments after you declared your love to him, accidentally it seemed, two sounds like gunshots rang out.


“Sebastian? Are you okay? We need to start practice.” One of the Warblers came up to him.

He brushed past them.

“Turn on the tv.” He ordered, grabbing the remote and doing it himself when they were too slow.

“We are at McKinley High School right now, where there may be a shooter inside the building. Earlier this afternoon, two gunshots rang out, causing the school to go on lockdown. Although some students were lucky enough o be outside, a majority of them are still inside and stuck until the police give the all clear.”

Sebastian didn’t wait any longer. He was out the door before any of the Warblers could even try to protest. Not that they would. When Sebastian started dating Y/N, he was nicer. None of them wanted him to go back to the old Sebastian. They only hoped she would be okay.


“Sam please sit down!” You hissed, clutching the edge of Blaine’s sleeve. “Mr. Shue is getting Brittany. You can’t do anything else!”

Sam reluctantly sat down, and you leaned closer to your brother.

Blaine had his arms wrapped around you protectively.

He’d been born seven minutes earlier and that had left him with a protective streak over you.

The door opened and you tensed, until you saw the familiar red and white of a Cheerios uniform and the curly hair of a glee supervisor.

You sighed in relief and tears slipped down your face.

Sam stood up to hug Brittany and you looked up at them.

What did Sebastian think was happening? Had he even heard the gunshots or was he stuck wondering.

Voices echoed through the hallway, bringing the news of an all clear.

You cried and relaxed against Blaine, and you felt a tear drop on your hair from him.

This had been the worst fear of your life, and you were ready to leave the school.


“Blaine! Y/N!” Tina yelled, before running towards the two of you.

You stood there, hugging, and Tina was crying with relief.

When the hug ended, you and Tina both had streaks on your cheeks.

“I was so worried!” Tina said through sobs. “I’m so sorry.”

“We’re glad you’re safe, Tina.” Blaine said, rubbing her back. He glanced over her shoulder and his eyes narrowed, before relaxing and looking at you.

“Y/N, I think there’s someone here to see you.”

You look where he’s indicating and smile, before rushing to the boy in the blazer.

His arms wrap around you and your bury your face against his chest, inhaling his calming scent.

His hands run through your hair as fresh tears leak from your eyes.

“I love you too.” He whispers.

School Shooting [S.Smythe]

Set in season four episode eighteen (04x18) where the school shooting occurs, and you’re dating Sebastian in secret.

The first shot startled everyone quiet. No one moved and Mr. Schue paused his statement.

The second was like a confirmation that what they heard wasn’t just a slam or a firecracker a football team member smuggled into the school, but a gunshot.

People in the glee club let out yelps and shrieks as they hit the ground. Ryder grabbed you and pulled you down with him. The kids in the glee club hid behind the pianos and other items in the room as Mr. Schue and Coach turned off the lights.

You pushed yourself against the wall, heart racing at an unsafe pace. Sam and Ryder were on either side of you, and you could see Artie fall out of his wheelchair and pull himself to the wall.

“Start texting your families,” Mr. Schue ordered quietly, “let them know what’s going on but don’t tell them where you are. Shooters have cell phones too.” Quickly, you grabbed your phone and started a group text with your parent(s)/legal guardian(s).

You hear footsteps as you start spamming your boyfriend with text messages. Deciding that you had to speak to him one more time, you called him. You squeezed your eyes shut as a tear fell down your face, hearing Sebastian’s voicemail.

He didn’t pick up.

“Seb, it’s me,” you whispered in the voicemail, sniffling, “Listen, there were gunshots. Someone’s in the school with a gun. I-I’m with Mr. Schue and the glee club. I don’t know what’s going on, but-”

Someone suddenly started jiggling the handle to one of the doors, causing your classmates to yelp and cower into each other. You let out a sharp gasp and curled into yourself, starting to cry harder as you forced yourself to hold your breath.

The person ran to the other door when they couldn’t get in and wiggled the doorknob. You let out a small sob, but the person quickly left back down the hall.

You let out a shaky breath. “I love you, Seb,” you whispered, crying quietly, “I don’t know if any of us are gonna get out of here. I just wanted to tell you that I love you.” You stopped th voicemail, hiding your face in your knees.

Back at Dalton, Sebastian sat in class, not noticing his phone vibrating in his pocket as he took notes and stared at the clock, counting down the twenty minutes that was left in class.

About ten minutes later, Mr. Schue got up and went to the door. “Where are you going,” you whisper-hissed, “You can’t leave!” Mr. Schue turned to you, seeing your terrified frame. “I’m going to get Britney,” he assured you, “I’ll be back.” And then he was gone, leaving you and the rest of the glee club members in the hands of Coach.

You leaned your head against the wall, fishing your phone out of your pocket. Quickly, you dialed the one other person you could think of calling, praying that he’d pick up. “Hey, Y/N,” Hunter’s voice echoed in your ear, “What’s up?”

You let out a sob as emotions filled you, relieved that you were able to talk to your best friend, but also extremely upset at the fact that this may be the last time you’d ever talk to him.

“Y/N,” Hunter asked, concern lacing his voice as he heard you cry, “What’s wrong-” You sniffled, “There’s a school shooter, Hunt.”

Hunter was silent for a couple seconds, before he spoke again. “What did you just say?” He asked. You felt the tears roll down your cheeks as your friends began to record their possibly final words and statements to their families. “Someone shot of a gun,” you cried quietly, “The entire school is on lockdown. Someone tried to get in but the doors were locked…I…”

“Oh my god,” Hunter gasped, “Sebastian’s about to get out of class. Try to stay on the line with me, okay kid? You’re gonna be fine.” You bit your palm, trying to stop a sob that wanted to so desperately rip from your throat. “I called and texted but he didn’t answer,” you told your friend, “Hunter, I’m so scared.”

There was a knock on the door and you yelped, sending Hunter into a panic on the other line. Mr. Schue, Britney, and two other students entered the room, locking the door. “Hunter-” you went to say, but your phone suddenly died, causing you to chuck your phone across the room and let another sob escape your lips.

Hunter was shouting into the phone when the line cut off, just as Sebastian walked in. “Hey man.” He greeted, unaware of anything. He threw his bag down and walked over to his friend, furrowing his eyebrows. “Dude, the phone can’t talk to you,” he joked, “Stop yelling at it.”

Hunter looked up from his phone to Sebastian, and Sebastian’s infamous smirk faltered when he saw Hunter with tears in his eyes. “Woah, Hunter, what’s wrong, man?” Sebastian asked him.

Hunter only stared at him, “There’s a shooter at McKinley.”

That’s how the two Dalton boys ended up outside William McKinley High School, behind barriers of police officers and SWAT members. Students that were able to get out were running to meet their families or hopping onto busses to get away and off to safety.

To Sebastian’s surprise, Blaine, Finn, and other alumni members of New Directions were waiting outside by the barriers. Blaine was the first to notice the two men that were out of place, being able to spot a Dalton blazer fro, a mile away.

He walked over to Sebastian and Hunter, ready to snap at them for trying something during such an awful time, but stopped himself when he saw how distraught the boys looked. Instead, he tried with a different approach.

“Hunter? Sebastian? What are you doing here?” He questioned, walking next to the blond boy. Sebastian didn’t respond, simply stared at the doors of McKinley with worry and sadness. Hunter wrapped an arm around his friend and turned his head to Blaine.

“His (girlfriend/boyfriend) is inside,” Hunter frowned, “Y/N is my best friend.” Blaine’s eyes widened at the name of his fellow glee club member, and Sebastian couldn’t find himself to give a damn that your relationship was outed. You could be dead. Blaine was the least of his worries at the moment.

“All I can think of is that voicemail,” Sebastian sniffled, “(She/He) left me a voicemail when I didn’t pick up the phone…god, (she/he) sounded so scared.”

The New Directions watched from afar as Blaine talked with the two Warblers. They were sure Blaine was giving them a piece of his mind, but were utterly confused when Blaine turned to them, shook his head, and blocked Sebastian and Hunter from their view.

“Y/N’s a fighter,” Blaine tried to reassure the boys that seemed on the edge of breaking, “I’m sure Mr. Schue is taking care of (her/him).” The three of them stared at the front doors as police officers and SWAT team members ran in and out of the school and barked orders at each other. Blaine put his hand on Sebastian’s arm, trying his best to comfort his enemy…friend?…frenemy?

It felt like hours upon hours when the captain of the SWAT team announced that the school was all clear. Moments later, students were pouring out of the doors, and even some fire escape windows, in a frantic rush. They ran down to meet their friends or family members.

Sebastian watched in panic when the flow of students began to diminish and you still weren’t in his line of sight. But then, there you were, pushing Artie out of the front doors with other members of the glee club by your side. The alumni New Directions at the barriers ran towards their members, screaming and yelling and hugging each other.

People began swarming by Sebastian and Hunter as they reunited and ran to the busses, blocking their sights on you. “Blaine!” You yelled, jumping on your good friend in a hug. Blaine hugged you before pulling away. He pointed to the barriers, were you saw a familiar pattern of Dalton blazers push past people and shout for you.

You looked to Blaine, who gave you a smile, nodding. You turned back to the two Warblers. “Sebastian!” You yelled, taking off in his direction. The name caught the ears of many people around you, but you didn’t care. There was your boyfriend and your best friend, running towards you as they shoved people out of the way.

You began pushing past people, not caring about the scene you were making or that the entire glee club was watching you. You were so close. He was yards away…feet away…just an arms length…

And suddenly, there you were, crashing into Sebastian with a cry. He held you tight, pulling you as close as he possibly could. You both broke when your skin touched, and you nestled your head in the crook of his neck as you started crying harder than you ever have.

Sebastian kept his arms locked around your body as he, too, began to cry. Hunter was by you in an instant, wrapping his arms around the both of you. The three of you embraced each other, hiccuping and sobbing and muttering “I love you,” “I missed you,” “Don’t leave me.”

You pulled back and held Hunter in a tight hug, before you reached up and pressed your lips against Sebastian’s. It was messy, fast, and desperate, as if the two of you were trying to assure yourselves that you were okay, and that everything was fine.

A swarm of blue and red blazers invaded the grounds of William McKinley High, surrounding you, Sebastian, and Hunter. The New Directions watched in shock as the Warblers panicked over you, making sure you were okay.

“Why didn’t Y/N tell us?” Finn asked, staring at you wrapped up in Sebastian’s arms. “Well, he is our arch enemy,” Puck replied, more surprised that you and Hunter were such good friends than you and Sebastian being a couple, “er, was. Still is? I dunno.”

You could hear what they were saying, being only about a yard or two away from them. You didn’t care, though, and it seemed that none of the Warblers did, either. You just clung onto Sebastian, who draped his blazer around your shoulders.

Hunter turned to the New Directions as the large group of Warblers started walking off the grounds. “We’re all going to Seb’s dorm to relax,” Hunter told them, “Do you want to come?” Rachel, Finn, and Kurt looked exceptionally surprised at this, as did all the members of the glee club.

“You want New Directions to come hang out with the Warblers,” Blaine asked in suspicion, “What’s your game here, Clarington?” Hunter sighed. “No game,” he admitted, “Y/N’s my best friend. You’re all good friends of our Y/N and it’s only fair that we have a truce right now. For Y/N.”

The New Directions looked absolutely shocked, but Blaine walked forward, “For Y/N.” He stood by Hunter, looking at his friends expectantly. Finn sighed, “For Y/N.” Marley quickly followed, then Jake, and Ryder, and Artie, and soon, the New Directions and the Warblers were laying around in Sebastian’s dorm room at Dalton, watching with small smiles as you and Sebastian slept on one another, curled up on his bed.

They could handle a truce for today, if it meant that you were happy.

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Imagine Sebastian listening to you perform, knowing the song you chose is about him. 

“You make me feel like I’m livin’ a teenage dream..”

Sebastian smiled, butterflies erupting in his stomach. 

*gif not mine credit to the owner ^-^*

Yes I’m aware this song was performed i Glee, no I don’t care.

His Girl โœ˜ Sebastian Smythe Imagine โœ˜

A/N: I’M SO IN LOVE WITH SEBASTIAN SMYTHE! I hope you all like it ♡ The next chapter is done ♡ 

Thanks @lyss-91 for beta 

Summary: Sebastian sees his ex girlfriend (the person he’s still in love with, by the way) dating a New Directions’s guy, Sam Evans. Of course, Sebastian is going to get his girl back, after all, she’s his girl. She always was and always will be. And he’s hers. Which doesn’t mean they’ll be back at the first look.

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 Sebastian couldn’t believe in his own eyes. You were here. Beautiful as always, he added to himself in thought.

Sebastian was not the kind of guy who got nervous easily. After all, he was a confident guy with a cocky attitude, what could make him really nervous?

You, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) could.

Well, that would, probably, be a completely normal reaction, since you were the only girl who he ever had a relationship with and who he fell in love with. His others, and few (Sebastian was always more like the One Night Stand guy), relationships were with men. And none, ever, made him feel like you did.

That did not mean you two were perfect. Arguments, jealousy, it all happened. But you both always managed to make it out somehow. Because, at the end of the day, you loved each other. And that was more than enough.

But you broke up. Your father was transferred to Vancouver and you waited until the day of your flight to tell Sebastian. You knew it was wrong and selfish, but you could not bear to have to tell him before. So, obviously, there’s a fight. And Sebastian did not even go to the airport.

Actually, that’s what you thought. His anger, sadness and frustration had not passed, of course, but it was the last time Sebastian would see the girl he loved in God knows how long. He needed every second with you.

But he wasn’t fast enough.

Sebastian just arrived in time to see your plane taking off, tears struck his emerald eyes as he felt a pain he had never felt before, even though the younger Smythe had worse break ups, but this one was killing him inside. You were the love of his life, Sebastian knew it.

And now you had left.

Sebastian cocked his head to the ground, unable to look at the sky for another millisecond. And as a tear fell quietly from his eyes, the box he was holding also fell.

But now you were here. Sitting at a table in Lima Bean, Ohio, USA. Exactly where he was. And Sebastian would not lose you again, ever.

His quick steps toward her stopped abruptly when Sam Evans, a blond trout from the New-Directions, Sebastian could add, sat down beside you and handed you a cup of coffee, receiving a quick kiss from you.

Sebastian’s feelings were completely mixed. For one side, he was angry as hell. What the fuck? She was his girl. His. No one, again, no one could have her other than Sebastian, she was his. But on the other side, he was feeling devastated. Were you in love with this shoddy trout? Had you forgotten him?

The Warbler looked at you, letting out a sigh. People did not always say that stupid phrase, “If you love, let go” ? Maybe that’s what he should do for you. He still loved you and wanted you to be happy and…

He shook his head from side to side; Fuck it. Fuck the New Directions pet trout. Of course you loved Sebastian, you were his girl. A year would not change that, for sure.

And Sebastian would take what was his back.

His confident, and, even a little convinced, posture and his usual cocky smile returned. Then Smythe took a pen and wrote his new number on the cup, holding where the number was. He walked toward your table and sat down, not even asking.

If that were possible, he would have lost his breath when he saw you closer. God, you looked even more beautiful than last time.

Sebastian almost growled when saw Sam touching your hand on the table, but he just smirked, catching your surprised expression and Sam’s confused expression. Or was he just trying to breathe oxygen and needed to get back into the water? Hard to say with that mouth. He left his thoughts and began to speak.

“What did you get for her?” Sebastian smiled wryly, asking Sam but keeping his eyes on you.

“Hm… A double black?” Sam asked more than confirmed, confused by the Warbler’s question. Sebastian laughed cynically and picked up your coffee, placing his in front of you.

Café au lait, no sweetener and with a little bit of Vodka. Votre favori, mon amour.” He smiled, as if talking to you after all this time had not been affecting him. But fuck, all he wanted was to kiss you right there in front of everyone.

You coughed, falling into reality again. You didn’t know Sebastian would be here. You thought you were finally ready to forget him. Because, come on, a year! You made out with other boys, just like you were sure he had with other boys and girls, but you didn’t get into a relationship, you just couldn’t. But when you met Sam, it was a bit easy to get a crush on him. You were together for a week or two now. He was really sweet.

But seeing Sebastian again made all the old feelings, which had never really left, came back, and through his eyes you could almost say the same about him.

“Thank you.” You said, kind of insecure about what talk. For a moment, both of you were lost in each other’s eyes, involuntary smiles on your faces. God, it had been so long. And those lips, if…

‘’Okay, it’s weird. What’s going on here?’’ Sam asked, who was still completely confused.

“I didn’t know that trouts could speak English.” Sebastian said ironic as he looked at Sam, angry that he was even stepping into Lima Bean.

‘’Sam, it’s Sebastian. Sebastian, it’s…’’

‘’I know him, mon bébé. The New Directions pet trout. Your public school couldn’t pay an aquarium for you?“

‘’Seb!‘’ His nickname slipped easily through your tongue, catching him off guard. No one called him that, but you.

‘’It’s have been a year since someone called me that.’’ He glared you, and your heart pounded a little faster in your chest. But you could not do that to Sam, he was good. Like, really good. You could not be such a bitch.

’'We have to go, we have glee club rehearsal.” You looked down, more telling Sam than Sebastian. Your ex-boyfriend grimaced at that, but quickly argued his eyebrows.

‘’Really? New Directions? Don’t we both know that you’re better than all these Losers, hottie?’’ Sebastian smirked.

“They’re my friends, Sebastian. They’re not Losers.” You rolled your eyes. “Thank you for the coffee.”

‘’Anything you need, mon bébé.’’ He winked at you, smiling malicious. You got the coffee and got up with Sam. You two leaving as you let out the breath you did not even know you were holding.

Sure enough, things got a bit complicated from now on.

A bit, just to sound cool.


Being in glee club was your favorite part of high school. You had a ton of friends in the glee club and you always looked forward to it. The only problem is that your biggest rival was Dalton Academy. The reason that was such a big problem was your best friend, notorious asshole, Sebastian Smythe.

You were walking down the hallway at regionals, making your way to McKinley’s dressing room. You were humming your notes when someone grabbed you elbow, covered your mouth and pulled you into a closet.

“Hey, Y/N.” Sebastian whispered in your ear. The smirk on his face evident in his voice. “Sebastian!” you whisper-yelled at him, trying to hide a laugh. “What? I was trying to come wish you luck without your people tearing me apart.” Sebastian answered, laughing. “My people? What is this? West Side Story?” you retort. “Well I hope not” he laughed “because then I get shot and let’s be real. I’m too pretty to died.” You laughed hard but tried to keep it quiet because how were you gonna explain two teenagers in a closet if some one found you. “Well I just wanted to say break a leg, Y/N.” he said with a big smile. “Thanks Seb, you too.” you replied hugging him. He hugged you back then put his hands on your shoulders. “Make me proud, I love you.” “I love you too, Seb.” 

You walked out of the closet and heard someone coming around the corner, so you stopped and leaned against the wall and started looking at your phone. “There she is!” Brittany yelled. “Y/N! Where the hell have you been? We’ve been looking everywhere!” Santana said to you. “Sorry guys, I guess I just lost track of time.” You answered them. And you could almost feel that boy smirking from behind the door. 

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Steamy [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe smut]

Request: barry and seb poly where reader is taking a bath, and seb walks in, and hes all like hot damn you’re sexy and that gets the attention of barr, and he comes into the bathroom, and both staring at readers body. the reader gets out and looks at them all seductively and that leads into steamy bathroom sex?

a/n: seb would lose it if this happened…so would barr

WARNING: Smut (threesome)

“Hot damn!” Sebastian smirks, leaning against the door frame, arms and ankles crossed. He moves his shoulders, tongue flicking over his teeth, eyes taking in every part of your naked body. “Is this a goddess I see before me?” he chuckles, bright blue v-neck scrunching underneath a hand. “Our girlfriend’s a goddess, B.” Sebastian mutters behind him; Barry nods, mouth open.

Biting your lip, you stand up, water droplets racing down the bumps of your breasts, to your stomach, dipping in between your thighs. “I’m going to ignore that you kinda recited MacBeth, because, damn!” Barry whispers, ripping off his tank top. You bush, stepping out of the tub, catching your tongue between your teeth, winking.

A low moan escapes Sebastian and he glances at the speedster, uncrossing his ankles to move forward. He unzips his black skinny jeans, kicking them off in a hurry, frowning when he sees that Barry is already naked. “Are you ready yet?” you tease, grinning seductively. Barry zips behind you, grabbing your boobs in his hands, nipping at your neck. “Seb?” you moan, curling your index finger in the ‘come here’ motion; other hand reaching up to the scientists hair.

Licking his lips, shirt tossed to the floor, chest exposed, the Warbler stalks towards you. His lime green eyes darken a shade significantly, pupils blown wide with lust. Slowly, Sebastian places his long fingers against your stomach, batting his eyelashes at you and Barry. “I’m gonna finger you, princess, and, B, you know what to do.” he winks, hands running over your thighs, to your pussy. “Mmm… only done this a few times.”

You gasp at the feeling of the speedster’s dick slide into your body, panting, trying to adjust. “You okay, baby?” Barry murmurs against your neck, chest propping up your back. Nodding, you tangle your hand in Sebastian’s thick locks. “Bas, your turn.” Barry muses, groping your breasts as he thrusts his hips forward.

At the sound of your blissful moan, the Warbler plunges his digits into you, giving you no time to recoup before pumping. “Jesus christ, girl, I’m not even this tight.” he grumbles, scissoring you; you gasp, grinding your hips against his fingers. Barry pants, dick vibrating inside you, a fair warning that he’s getting close. “Do you like this, princess? Maybe next time we can change positions.” he offers, blowing his milk chocolate hair from his eyes, shifting on his knees, curling his middle finger, thumb pressed to your clit.

“Barr… Seb… I can’t take this… Ugh!” you shout, pulling Barry’s short hair as your orgasm arrives. The speedster grunts a string of profanities when he cums, snapping his hips with yours. Through the steam, you see Sebastian put his fingers in his mouth, humming, getting off the floor to go to the mirror. “Damn, that was hot!” you pant, feeling Barry nod against your skin.

Wiping the fog off the mirror, Sebastian smirks, winking at the two of you. “It was steamy.”


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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Summary: Barry and (Y/N) are secretly in a relationship, but then Cisco caught them.

Word count: 949

A/N: I was thinking of some possible plots and this came into my mind. I found it funny and I decided to share my fantasies with you. Hope you guys like it and thank you for the support that I am getting these days.

P.S.: New requested imagines coming soon, just wait for it.

- G. x  

Warnings: (Y/H/L) is Your Hair Length, (Y/H/C) is Your Hair Colour and (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Colour.

You and Barry were best friends and everyone in the city knew it. Well, who wouldn’t?

They’ve always thought that you looked great and lovely together and they even started to ship the both of you. In fact, your friends, Caitlin and Cisco, and Barry’s adoptive sister, Iris, were the first to ship the two of you.

You’ve always told them that you and Barry were just best friends and you didn’t have time for those kinds of relationships, but little did they know that Barry is more than your best friend.

“Babe, have you ever thought of divulging to our friends that we’re in a relationship?” Barry curiously asked as he was caressing your (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair.

You were both cuddling under his warm blankets after a passionate and a sensual making love session. You were alone in the West household and the thing just got out of hand, as usual.

“I did.” You honestly said, even nodding your head for a few times.

“And?” He added as he pulled the blanket to cover his uncovered chest.

“I don’t know,” You shrugged your shoulders while you looked at him, focusing your (Y/E/C) eyes in his orbs. “but, seriously, I’m not ready.”

“What’s stopping you from saying it to them?” He caressed your cheek as he waited for your answer.

“I have no idea. I mean, they always tease us and it wouldn’t be a problem to me if they teased us even more, but I really don’t know why I’m not ready to reveal it to our friends.” You hardly bit your lip as you honestly told him what you’ve thought.

“Alright.” He shortly answered as he nodded his head, meaning that he understood everything.

“I’m not shy of having you as my boyfriend, Bar.” You wrapped your arms around his waist. “Okay?”

“I know, love. I am not fussing too much over it, I was just curious.” He smiled at you as he pressed a kiss on top of your head. He wrapped his arms around you too and he was now facing you.

“Thank you for understanding it.” He shook his head as he leant in closer to leave a kiss on your lips.

You replied to his kiss, but it was immediately interrupted as you heard someone knocking on Barry’s room door.

“Yes?” It was Iris and it was obvious in Barry’s response that he was shocked and alarmed.

“Cisco is downstairs, he was trying to contact you but your phone is off.” Iris informed and you quickly unwrapped your arms around his waist. You turned the light on in just a swift movement and you gestured him that he needed to go downstairs quickly.

“I’m coming, just a second.” He quickly got up from the bed and he put his clothes on as he found them in different angles of the room.

“Is (Y/N) with you?” Iris then asked.

“Yup.” He said as he struggled with his pants. “She’s sleeping peacefully.”

“What?” You silently shouted to him and he threw your clothes that he has found. “My shirt?”

“Here.” He got a random shirt in his closet and he threw it across the room, hitting your face. “Sorry.”

“Idiot.” You rolled your eyes as you put his shirt on. He left you a quick kiss on your lips and he tucked the blankets in your body.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” You replied as you shut your eyes closed. He turned the lights off once again and he opened the door, kind of exposing your covered body to Iris.

“What took you so long?” Iris rolled her eyes as Barry closed the door, leaving you in the dark, pretending to be asleep.

“I was charging my phone, stop whining!” Barry responded in defence.

As they went downstairs, you were in Barry’s room, patiently waiting for him to come back.

But when an hour has already passed from the moment Iris called Barry, you got up from the bed and you fixed yourself before deciding to go downstairs.

“Oh,” Iris exclaimed as she saw you going downstairs. “sleeping beauty is finally awake!”

“Oh, hi Iris!” You pretended to be still asleep and you stretched your bones, remaining on the last step of the stair. “Cisco!”

“Hey!” Cisco greeted cheerfully. “Slept well?”

“Yup, I did.” You answered, lying through your teeth.

“Wait,” Cisco raised his eyebrows with a little smirk on his face as he spoke, eyes focusing on a lower level than where his eyes should be. “isn’t that Barry’s shirt?”

“Huh?” You pretended not to understand what he was saying, but you saw Barry face-palming himself with his eyes opened wide.

“Alright!” Iris excitedly exclaimed, she was fangirling over you and Barry. “Tell us the truth!”

“Fuck!” Barry cursed under his breathe.

“Since when?” Cisco curiously asked, smiling widely for the information he’s just known.

“Months ago.” You honestly said as you walked towards the couch, sitting where Barry was.

“OMG!” Iris shouted for her happiness. “No one knew it?”

“No one.” Barry said as he fidgeted with your fingers.

“Except me.” You both looked at the direction where the voice came from and you saw Joe standing in front of the doorstep.

“How?!” You and Barry both said in unison, curiosity filling your brains.

“I’m a detective, guys.” He smirked as he entered the house.

“Oops.” You both said as you harshly bit your lower lips. Cisco and Iris laughed and cheered because, finally, they knew that you and Barry are now together. 

You were caught even though you weren’t ready, but, at least, your friends were ecstatic and delighted for you and Barry and that’s all that matters.

Request: 35 + 99 w/ Sebastian Smythe please and thank you <3

35. “There’s absolutely no way I’m doing that for you.”

99. “I don’t know whether to punch you or kiss you.”

You and Sebastian weren’t exactly friends, in fact, you were far from it. Yes, you might have had a crush on him and yes, maybe he did reciprocate your feelings but no, you did not know that. You also weren’t quite sure how to handle your feelings so instead of your banter being flirtatious it had become a verbal fight between you two. The fact that you were part of New Directions didn’t really help.

It was a normal day, with you and the rest of New Directions going to confront the Warblers about some unfair thing they did that you quite frankly thought was a little nitpicky and didn’t make any sense. Of course, there was the usual dance and song battle but you didn’t participate this time. A lot of stuff had been stressing you out lately and all of your friends agreed that you didn’t need the stress of performing right now. You had gone outside before anything really started, opting to get some air and just relax a little bit before the bickering started again. When you heard them all stop singing and start spitting comments of venom at each other, you decided that you weren’t far enough from them. You walked to the Lima Bean which wasn’t too far away from where you were.

You were waiting in line when your favorite Warbler stood in line behind you.

“Well well if it isn’t Y/N Y/L/N. I didn’t see you singing with your little friends. Did you get scared?” He mocked. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of answering, instead, looking straight ahead. Maybe if you didn’t react he’d think that he’d got the wrong person. Of course, Sebastian had studied you enough to know that you were you from the way your hair fell down your back. He didn’t know why you hated him so much but he determined that it would be easier to pretend to hate you right back then follow you around like a lost puppy. Plus he’d never had such intense feelings for someone and in all honesty, he didn’t know what to do either.

At that very moment, your ex had walked in. He had lied to you plenty of times throughout your relationship and you had given him plenty of chances, but when he lied to you about where he was going on a particularly special Friday night, that was the last straw. After you broke it off he kept trying to get back with you, telling you that he wouldn’t leave you alone until you had a boyfriend and had proof.

“Sebastian, I need you to kiss me.” You said, turning to face the tall brunette.

There’s absolutely no way I’m doing that for you.” But oh how he wanted to, so desperately, but after the charade he had successfully pulled off for the past year or so, he couldn’t just give in.

“Listen, I know you don’t like me very much but my ex just walked in and he’s been harassing me ever since I broke it off with him and he won’t leave me alone so please can you just do me this one favor.” Without warning, Sebastian kissed you. If you wanted this guy to leave you alone then he’d sure as hell make sure it happened. Your heart was racing because you never thought that you’d have the chance to kiss Sebastian Smythe. When you pulled apart your ex was nowhere to be found and that made you very happy.

“Y/N, I totally understand if you don’t want to say yes but… Will you go out with me?”

“Uh… well yeah, of course I will. But don’t you hate me?”

“Well no… I actually really like you but when we first met you were part of New Directions and so I figured everyone probably told you stories about me. I didn’t know what to do and the fake hatred thing just sorta happened.” He rambled.

I don’t know whether to punch you or kiss you.” You said.

“How about the latter.” You smiled as he pulled you into his body and placed his lips on your once again. It seemed to you as if the world didn’t exist outside of you two. You didn’t even notice the angry customers behind you two as you were holding up the line with your PDA.

She Sets the City on Fire

Request: A Sebastian smthye imagine with the reader being small and a part of new directions (I’m 4'9"½) and they are secretly dating and he sees some carry the reader during a performance and he gets jealous so he sings she sets the city on fire or closer (in front of new directions) and then he kisses them saying she’s is his girl(?) -Anonymous

Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Notes: PRETEND FINN IS NOT WITH RACHEL RN. Hope you like it!

“Babe.. babe.. baaaaabe!”


*record scratch/freeze frame*

“Hi. My name is (y/n) and this is my boyfriend Sebastian. I’m currently trying to study for the big history test coming up and someone is not being very helpful.” 

“Sorry, babe, but I can’t help the fact you’re incredibly gorgeous, you look completely adorable when you’re concentrating and the whole.. situation we have working here isn’t in fact.. working.”

“Yeah. I should probably elaborate. I’m in a club in my school-McKinley High-called Glee. You’ve probably heard of it. We’re called the New Directions and are currently in the middle of a legendary battle with Seb here’s glee club from a neighboring school, the Warblers. Somehow this little idiot convinced me that it would be a good idea for him and I to date.”

“I don’t know, babe. Even if I were the one to convince you, it was pretty easy.”

“Whatever, Warbler. So, now we’re hiding it from our teams because we don’t want any unnecessary drama between the already feuding clubs. Dating in secret definitely has it’s perks, but Sebastian doesn’t exactly like the fact that he can’t ‘flaunt’ me around in public. His words.”

“I just want to be able to show off my best girl like any other sane guy in this world. I don’t really care what your.. friends think of us as long as we can be together. It would be so nice to be able to take you out without having to always be on alert or driving over an hour away.”

“I know, honey, but I don’t think I’m ready to hear what they have to say. Especially Santana and Finn.”

Sebastian scoffs. “Finn? Why would you care what Finn thought? I’m sick of him always hanging around you. It’s time he realizes that you’re mine a-and taken and.. mine.”

“Aww. Is someone getting a little jelly there, baby?’

“No! I just.. want people to know you’re mine.”

“I know, Seb. We’ll tell them soon. I promise.”

“Ok. As long as it’s soon. I’m tired of sneaking. Although, it is kinda hot isn’t it, babe?”

My cheeks turned bright red. “Seb, hush! We don’t talk about that!”

-The next day-

“5! 6! 7! 8! And step! And step! And spin! And drop! And step! And-hey! Guys we have to focus if we want to win at Nationals and beat those wiry Warblers!”

The high and slightly squeaky voice of Rachel Berry rang through the auditorium as she directed the glee club and led everyone through their respective steps.

“Rachel. We’re working really hard and I just think that everyone could use a little break,” Tina tried to reason with the diva, but when does reason ever work with Rachel Berry?

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know my passion for this team and club was too much for you. I just want to win. Us! I want us to win.”

Everyone tried to hide either their annoyance or amusement at their female lead. Most failed.

“Ok, Rachel. You win. Let’s run it again.” “Thank you. 5! 6! 7! 8!”

The first notes of Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me reverberated across the auditorium and the stage came a live with song and passion. Mr. Schuester gave me the ‘role’ of Taylor with Finn as respective love interest. Go figure.

The glee club did a wonderful job of playing out the events of Taylor’s music video. Too good of a job. At least according to Sebastian who was hiding in the back of the first floor. He watched as his girlfriend was paraded around the stage portrayed as a love struck girl who had the hots for the exact guy he wanted her to stay away from. As (y/n) stole the stage, Finn held up the newly added male vocals. Sebastian could start to feel the anger and jealousy seeping into his veins. He was about to rage. At the end of the performance, Finn and (y/n) strutted up to each other and demonstrated a stage kiss. You know. The thing where the guys brings his hands up to girl’s face and places his THUMBS OVER HER LIPS AND KISSES HIS FINGERS! Sebastian was mad. He stalked out of the auditorium and made his way to the glee room where he knew everyone would be going after the performance. It was time.

The voices and laughter of the members of McKinley High’s glee club were nearing closer and closer. Sebastian recruited the instrumentalists for a very special performance. She Sets the City on Fire by Gavin Degraw began playing as the New Directions came into sight. (Y/n) was at the front of the group with Finn not far behind. They stopped in their tracks when they saw Sebastian standing in the middle of their choir room.


“What’s the devil doing here? In our school? In our practice room?’

“Hello to you too, Santana. I’m here to serenade my girlfriend so if you all could take a seat.”

“GIRLFRIEND?!” Everyone was very confused including yourself, but everyone surprisingly listened and took their seats.

“Everybody knows she’s a perfect ten
And I’m hanging on tight til the whole thing ends
Cause New York sky don’t get much brighter
She sets, she sets the city on fire.”

Sebastian walked up to the group and pulled (y/n) onto her feet. 

“Somebody told me if I’m not careful
Well, this one’s gonna roll me
I got my hands full and this one’s gonna own me and control me
I’m so mystified
She caught the last train last night, left another note
Saying “see you next time; miss me if you don’t”
You look good in your bed; til we meet again
You went through my head and nobody told me so.”

The New Directions were all very confused. How could their sweet little (y/n) fall for such a cold-hearted jerk?

“Everybody knows she’s a perfect ten
And I’m hanging on tight til the whole thing ends
Cause New York sky don’t get much brighter
She sets, she sets the city on fire
She sets the city on fire
Burns like a million lighters
I’m going up, I couldn’t get much higher
She sets, she sets the city on fire.”

As the song went on, the glee club actually started listening and watching. The whole time Sebastian was staring into (Y/n)’s eyes and twirling her around. He looked like a love struck little boy who had fallen in love with what he thought to be an angel. He looked.. kind.

“New scene, next block
She’ll be jaywalking right across while the cops talk
Make you feel like a boss when your eyes lock
And you can’t stop staring endlessly
She got the whole thing figured out; hits me where it hurts
And I know I might be swinging at a curve
I don’t mind it, though, when the lights are low
She can hit the notes wearing my T-shirt.”

Sebastian ended the song with the chorus and everyone was either deep in thought or their jaws were on the ground. Sebastian then began speaking.

“Hello, New Directions. If your public school brains hadn’t caught on yet, (y/n) and I are dating. We’ve been together for 5 months and I felt it was time everyone knew.”

The choir room then exploded with yells and screams. Everyone was upset at because not only did (y/n) not tell them she was dating, but she was dating Sebastian Smythe-glee club enemy #1 and who Santana called Satan.

“Guys, guys! Calm down! This is exactly why we-I-didn’t want to tell you. I knew you’d freak out and basically forbid me from seeing him. It’s just.. I know he hasn’t been on your best sides.. ever, but I really, really like him. As in more then I’ve liked any guy before. He’d kind and caring and apparently overprotective and I love him. I just hope you can support me in this and trust that I know what I’m doing.”

All was quiet among (y/n)’s friends. For about three seconds.

“But (y/n), he’s the enemy!” “He’s caused nothing but trouble for this team!” “Do you not remember all the insults and threats that came from his own mouth?!’

A loud whistle pierced the shouts and hollers of the enraged glee club, effectively silencing all the voices in the room.

“Excuse me. I’m still quite confused as to what’s happening here. Our little ray of sunshine, (y/n), has chosen the devil himself as her lover. That’s complete bull!”

“(Y/n) was trying to say that she cares about all of you just as much as she cares about her own happiness. Actually more! She was scared to tell you because she didn’t want to disappoint any of you, but I’m telling you that there is nothing you have to be disappointed in her about. I love (y/n) with my whole heart. No one has ever made me as happy as she does. She’s loving and passionate and the cutest little alto I have ever met. She completes me and makes be want to be a better person.”

“And he’s gotten better,” you jumped in. “Sebastian has been nothing but swoon worthy throughout our whole relationship. Just a bit annoying sometimes.”

“Hey! I have been a great boyfriend!” “Yes you have, dear, but everyone has their own faults.” “Whatever,” Seb scoffed.

Everyone was watching Sebastian and (y/n) with mild interest and disgust.

“Guys, please. I’m a big girl. I’m not a baby like you all sometimes treat me.”

“We know that, (y/n). We’re just shocked you chose our competitor who has tried to demolish us to date,” poor Finn muttered.

“I think they’re cute.”

Eyes widened and stared at Rachel as the seemingly traitorous words slipped from her mouth.

“What? It’s not because Finn has a puppy crush on (y/n). I know she doesn’t like him like that. Obviously. But haven’t you been listening to what they’re saying. They love each other. Who are we to get in the way of that?”

For once everyone agreed with Rachel’s statement. The last bits of resistance drained from their eyes.

“OK. We’ll support your relationship as long as you know one thing. If you’re doing this to mess with us, hurt our team or just screw up like every guy does and hurt (y/n), you’re are going to suffer. Do you hear me? I will make you want to have never been born, much less have ever met us,” Santana threatened.

“Message received, but my intentions with (Y/n) are completely- ok mostly- innocent. I genuinely love her and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Ever.”

“Fine. Then we give you our blessing. Treat her well.. or you’ll regret it.”

“Ok, Santana. Thanks for you approval,” you tried to calm her.


“Thank you all for your cooperation. I was just ready to let everyone know that this angel is mine. I want her to wear my jacket, go on public normal dates with me and not have to hide anything.”

“I love you, my Warbler.”

“I love you too, my angel.”

“…you were a little pitchy in areas.”


*When you finally have free time and sit down to write*

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Speechless - Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Prompt: Can you write a Sebastian Smythe one shot he’s one of grant gustins character he played where the reader gets jealous because girls are all over him

A/N: Okay so this is my first Character imagine and I was never really a big Glee fan, so if I don’t get his character quite right I apologise… however I HAVE seen all of the clips of Grant singing, from what I gathered the character was a bit of an arse! Just a little short one, enjoy, thanks for requesting! (Sidenote: I kept this one Gender neutral for the reader’s part.) 

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You put your hands to your face and sighed, rubbing your temples before whispering to yourself “at it again, for goodness sake!” In front of you, stood the one and only Sebastian Smythe aka every girl’s Prince Charming and for that matter, every guy’s Prince Charming too. He began to walk over to you and panic set in. After all, he was your Prince Charming too.

“Hey Y/N,” he smiled, “how are you?”
“Better now” you grinned, immediately cursing yourself; what a stupid thing to say “so what was going on over there?” you quickly questioned him, pointing to the giggling group of girls behind him, hoping he hadn’t taken any note of your previous stupidity.
He turned around, flashing them a smile and causing them to giggle even more. “Oh they were just flirting with me, no big deal” he shrugged it off.
“No big deal?” sighing and under your breath whispering “egomaniac much.”
“No, it’s not, happens all the time” he bragged.
“Well I mean it kind of is a big deal isn’t it”
“What do you mean Y/N? It’s really not.” He pressed.

You sighed and decided to change the subject, “So, what – “
Sebastian cut you off. “Oh no, you’re not getting out of this conversation so quickly, why is it such a big deal? It’s not like there’s anyone special in my life at the moment, who am I hurting?”
Your face must have been a picture as he spoke those words, no one special in his life; you felt your face drop and your heart break.
“Oh, I’ve hit a nerve there haven’t I.” a smirk appeared on his face.
“No, you haven’t, I just realised what an asshole you are.” You turned to walk away from him when you felt his hand on your shoulder. “What are you doing? Get your hand off me.”
“No” he whispered, tugging on your shoulder slightly so that you would turn back to face him. “Damn it Y/N,” he glared at you. You glared back in confusion. He sighed before dropping his head and saying “you, it’s always you.”
“What are you talking about?” You were even more confused now.
“Whenever I’m with anyone, kissing anyone,” he paused, scanning your face with his gorgeous eyes; “I always wish it was you.”
Your jaw dropped. “Wh-… but-… I,” your inability to form a sentence made him laugh.
“Hm” he breathed “It’s not often you’re speechless.”