Joseph needs a little extra help from his partner this Halloween~ >:}
SuWan indulged me and we did a quick shoot on her visit with Vampire Joseph!! Inspired by lots of Vamp!Jo AUs & fanart seen around on tumblr & twitter. 🧛

Joseph: @su-wan [instagram | twitter]
Sebastian: @delusioncosplay [instagram | twitter]


サイコブレイク2発売一周年おめでとうごさいます~!󠀎 レッドジェルで乾杯じゃ~!! もっともっとSTEMを旅したい! 続編熱望しておりますっ!!

Happy 1st anniversary TEW 2/PSYCHO BREAK 2! Let’s drink a toast to it with RED GEL!! I want to travel the STEM world more and more! I’m eager for the sequel to this game!!

Whumptober #19- Exhaustion

Whumptober prompts by @la-vie-en-whump.  No warnings on this one, just domestic Stefseb fluff.

Sometimes when inspiration strikes, Stefano can go for days without food or water or sleep.  His physical body matters so little when his artistic vision is finally coming through on the canvas or the photograph or out of his raw materials.  The exhilaration, the dizzying high when he finds the perfect way to express what is inside him is unparalleled, and it surges over any feelings of hunger or thirst or fatigue, rushing through him like lightning in his veins.

He knows, when he has developed the final photograph, that he has created something magnificent, and he hangs it in his darkroom so that it will be the first thing he sees when he comes back down in the morning…unless it already is the morning.

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A little late to the party but I’ve been drawing some proper The Evil Within things again for a while, so here we are!
Art blog: questionartbox
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Art by: Yoshifumi Hattori / Shin Hidaka / Reiko Hirashima / Kazuya Matsumura