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Duet- Bucky Barnes x Reader(f)

Authors Notes: Duet  By: Penny and Sparrow. I recommend playing this on repeat as you read. It sets the mood and tempo of the work and honestly it’s just a beautiful song and is worth hearing more than once. Italics are the lyrics. 

Notes/warnings: Anxiety, self-hate, mentions of scars, fluff, mentions of pregnancy. 

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I bet your shoulders can hold more than
Just the straps of that tiny dress
That I’ll help you slide aside
When we get home

 Bucky leaned against the bar and sipped on his scotch with a phantom smile on his lips. He watched as you mingled with patrons; smiling and offering gentle touches on arms and backs. The thin straps of your silk floor length gown pressed lightly into the soft flesh of your shoulders from the weight of the fabric and all he wanted to do was take you in his arms and slide them from your frame.

 His breath caught in his throat when you turned away from him and your hair brushed over your exposed back. How was it, that after years of being together, you still managed to make him feel like he was seeing you for the first time? How was it that you were able to shatter every wall he’d ever built with one look? How was it, that a man like himself, was with a woman like you?

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Misfire [Chap. 4]- Ending.

Summary: The four times Bucky tries to ask you out and fails.

Warnings: couple of swear words, that’s all!

a/n: well this is it! the end! thank you so much for all your responses and support and ahhhhhh i love oyu guys so much!! i can’t believe i actually finished a series that i started holy shit

Chapter 3 || Series Masterlist || Masterlist

The Song

Bucky had never felt more defeated in his life as he stared at you while you laughed, tipping your head back at Tony’s final successful attempt of lighting a bonfire. 

“AHA! Fuck you, I win!” he exclaimed, pointing a finger at the fire which crackled vibrantly. “Alright; who’s ready for s’mores!”

Your face was illuminated by the orange light of the fire in front of you, a wide grin stretched over your face. You looked positively radiant and Bucky could feel himself smile the most dopiest smile ever.

His hair was still slightly damp, but he carelessly pushed it out of his face. He probably looked like the Loch Ness monster. 

By the time you both had dragged yourselves out of the lake, Sam and Wanda were waiting at the bank with towels which you gratefully accepted. Sam rolled his eyes at Bucky when you weren’t watching, wondering how on earth he could have accomplished the marvellous feat of 3 unsuccessful attempts of asking you out.

The two of you had changed into your spare change of clothes, and joined the team as they set up a campfire near the shore of the water. 

“If you’re making my s’more, I don’t want any,” Sam said quickly as Bucky reached for a cracker. Bucky rolled his eyes at him.

“Nonsense. Bucky makes the best s’mores. Why don’t you make one for Y/N?” Tony prompted him. Bucky’s eye twitched as he wondered what the fuck was wrong with him.

“I’d love one,” you said, smiling at Bucky who almost dropped the marshmallow in his hand at your gaze. 

“What if a bear appears?” Wanda mused.

“We’ll sacrifice Bucky to him.” Sam earned a whack on his head from Bucky at that.

“Bucky would probably fight the bear.” Tony shrugged, earning a snort from Sam.

“Oh no. This mother fucker won’t just fight him. He’s going to be dramatic as fuck as always. He’d be shirtless and he’d probably be wrestling the damn thing,” Sam chided, which soon turned into a groan as Bucky hit him harder this time, blushing profusely as you giggled.

“Are any of you going to sing campfire songs? Sam brought his guitar.” Wanda asked, a smile playing at her lips.

“As a matter of fact, you know what? Bucky does know how to play and sing!” Sam clapped his back, making him choke on piece of chocolate.

“You know how to play?” you asked in surprise, missing the pleading look he gave you.

“He knows all the classics! Elvis, Queen, Phoebe Buffay!” Sam winked at him, pulling up his guitar and placing it into Bucky’s lap.

“Hey Wanda. Can you come with me to get some firewood?” Tony asked, quickly glancing at Bucky who smiled meekly at him. 

“Don’t we have enough?” She gestured to the lardge unused pile next to them.

“Oh little one, how inexperienced you are.” He forced a laugh, throwing an arm around her shoulder and tugging her away gently.

“Well, when nature calls, you gotta go to nature. I’ll be back,” Sam declared, standing up and striding away, ignoring the shouts of “Too much information!”.

Bucky awkwardly strummed the guitar on his lap, saying a silent prayer that his voice didn’t crack or his grip on the instrument didn’t actually break it.

“You don’t have to play if you don’t want to. You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable,” you said gently. Damn it, you were making it harder and harder for him to not fall in love with you.

He just smiled softly, letting his fingers sit on the chords Sam had taught him earlier in these two weeks. 

A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather.” He couldn’t help but feel the heat crawl up his neck. Okay, you didn’t looked repulsed so far. He was doing fine.

I was praying that you and me might end up together.”

From a distance, Tony and Wanda looked on, an excited grin on Wanda’s face while Tony furrowed his eyebrows.

“Barnes is on fire right now.” Tony stared blankly.

“I know right!” Wanda said with a smile.

“No, no. You don’t understand. He literally is on fire right now.” Tony pointed at his Bucky’s leg. Flames had travelled up to nearly his shin, and the dork didn’t even realise as he forced himself to go on with the song.

“Tony, what the hell! You couldn’t have told me earlier?!” Wanda jumped up from where she was sitting and ran forward. “BUCKY! YOU’RE ON FIRE!”

“I said the same fucking thing and you didn’t believe me,” Tony grumbled, jumping up as well.

Bucky’s attention suddenly moved to Wanda running towards him, screaming something wildly. He furrowed his eyebrows but his fingers kept strumming the guitar.

“YOU’RE ON FIRE RIGHT NOW!” she yelled, gathering even your attention.

“I KNOW, HE SOUNDS AMAZING!” you yelled back, trying to stop him from discontinuing the song. Bucky hoped you wouldn’t see the blush on his face. 

Suddenly you heard wild laughter from behind you, as Tony doubled over, unable to compose himself.

“NO, LOOK AT HIS LEG!” She was about 50 metres away. Bucky stopped singing finally (to your disappointment), both of you turning to look at what she was gesturing to. 

“Oh,” Bucky said, finally seeing the cause of the heat on his legs. His eyes widened. “Oh. OH. OH SHIT. OH SHIT.

“Oh fuck!” You leapt to your feet, pulling the guitar away and almost throwing it away. 

“SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT,” Bucky cursed as he blew on it, his mind not exactly working at the moment.

“YOU DON’T BLOW ON FIRE, YOU IDIOT! THAT INCREASES THE FLAME!” Tony’s voice was distant but clear.

“THEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!” He usually would have known what to do but the panic in the moment got to him, and all he could do was flail around like a chicken.

“STOP, DROP AND ROLL!” Wanda chanted, making him look at her with his eyes wide open in fear.

“IF I ROLL ANYWHERE, I’M ROLLING INTO THE DAMN FIRE.” He hopped around on one leg, metal arm furiously patting at the fire which had not yeat burnt him due to the thick material of his pants.

“Okay, movie away, rookies.” Sam pushed through you and Wanda, moving towards Bucky who didn’t even notice him coming as he jumped dangerously on the edge of the water. 

“Bucky,” Sam said, making him look up just for a second before Sam’s hands pushed at his chest, making him shriek slightly as he lost his balance, falling straight into the lake for the second time that day.

At least the fire was out, right?

He pushed himself deeper into his sleeping bag, hoping it would warm him up a little more, but to no avail.

He stared at the top of his tent in silence. All of you had retreated to your respective tents after his incident. 

His hair was clinging to his forehead and there was a fly in his space which he wanted shoo away but was unable to do because he couldn’t move because he was so damn cold and-

His head shot up as someone rapped on the front of his tent.

“If you’re a bear, then just come in and kill me. I won’t fight you,” he groaned, pushing his head under his sleeping bag. 

If it was a bear, Sam would be right about one thing. Bucky would be fighting him shirtless since he had used his spare change of clothes today and had nothing left to wear. He couldn’t borrow Tony’s, or Sam’s because their clothes would be too small for him.

When he heard nothing until a second rap at his ‘door’, he curiously peeked out of his mini bed, sliding out and crawling to the front and unzipping the opening.

“Y/N?” he asked, confused as you stood there impatiently, arms crossed over your chest. 

“Move over,” you commanded, trying to maintain your composure. 

Bucky was suddenly very aware of his nearly naked form but complied anyway, unzipping the rest of it and pushing it, allowing you to come in. 

You bit your lip, finally noticing his attire- or rather, lack of attire-, his back muscles clenching gloriously as he twisted to close his door again. 

He was only in his boxers, and was probably dying of the cold.

His eyebrows were furrowed slightly as he turned to look at you. “What are you doing here- mmpf!”

You cut him him off silently, pushing your lips against his, hands cupping his jaw. He froze momentarily, eyes blown open wide as his mind raced to register what was happening. 

Just before he was about to do anything, you pulled away, leaving a sting of sudden loneliness as you looked straight into his eyes with a smile. His jaw was slightly open and his heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest, and holy shit he had never felt more alive.

“Wanda told me.” You breathed out.

Whaa..?” His mind had sirens going off, butterflies were attacking his stomach and he just couldn’t understand what was going on because it was too much for his poor mind.

“How have you not given up yet?” You couldn’t help but laugh, eyes crinkling.

Uhh- I- uhh- I’m never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down?” He mentally smacked himself three hundred times once he realised what was the first thing he said coherently.

“You are unbelievable. I can’t believe you just Rickrolled me in the middle of a conversation.” You only laughed harder, bringing a stupid fluttering to Bucky’s heart. 

With a damn burst of courage he didn’t know he possessed, he leant forward to kiss you softly, effectively stopping your laughter.

A blush overtook his face as he felt you move your lips with his gently, making him weak in the knees. 

His hand reached behind your neck and within a second you flipped both of you over so that you were straddling his hips, hands caressing his face while his ran fervently up and down your sides, lips never once leaving yours. 

And Lord, Bucky swore he felt like he could fly with how much happiness and adrenaline and testosterone was coursing through his veins, until-

“Ow, ow, ow, ow,” he muttered suddenly, making you break away from the best feeling you had experienced in a long time to look at him in alarm.

“I think there’s a rock under me.” He looked at you sheepishly as you gave a sigh, can’t help the smile that grew at the dork in front of you. “I’m sorry.”

“How do I put up with you?” you asked him playfully, poking at his chest.

“And yet you’re here, in my tent, on me-” you couldn’t help but giggle as he turned the both of you around so that he was hovering over you now, a breathtaking grin on his face.

“I had to save you from yourself. Next time you tried to ask me out, you’d have probably died. I’m currently saving your life.” You smirked at him, watching him groan. “I mean, how many times did you try? One time with the flowers-”

He pressed his lips to yours, unable to muffle out the laughter that erupted from you. 

“One time with the letter-” you continued as he tried to shut you up by kissing you slowly, languidly again, but you weren’t going to let this go so easily.

“One time with the boat-” He groaned, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“And the one with the song. You wanna know what my personal favourite was?” you gave a faltering breath when he planted a kiss on the base of your neck. You could almost feel the smirk on his lips.

“I do not want to know that.” His lips travelled downwards, making it increasingly hard to pay attention.

“Well, my favourite was-”


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Oops my hand slipped 😂

I was actually saving this concept for Bucky (it’s been in my sketchbook for months) but after seeing Shim’s video yesterday, I decided to give this to the Gym Mafia instead. Tadaa!!! The Four Seasons Soldiers ❄️🌸☀️🍂

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4 and 18 with Bucky?

4. “I’m no one’s hero.”- Bucky Barnes

Waking up to the sunlight filtering in through your blinds, you scrunched your nose up as you slowly woke up. Shifting slightly under the sheets, you felt the hard chest of your boyfriend curl up closer behind you.

“Morning baby.” Bucky’s gruff voice murmured close to your skin, a light kiss being pressed against your bare shoulder.

“Morning.” you hummed, a smile tugging at your lips as you felt his breath against your skin, “How’d you sleep, superhero?”

Scoffing, Bucky just pressed another kiss against your skin, smiling as you giggled softly.

I’m no one’s hero, Doll.” he said, nose brushing against your neck.

“You’re my hero.” you whispered, turning your head to capture his lips with yours, “And I know you’re gonna be their hero too.” Moving his hand to rest on your slightly swollen stomach.

“I’m gonna try.” he said, smiling against your lips.

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Rescue •P7•

Avengers x Reader

Summary: reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.

Word Count: 1781

Warnings: I don’t think any :))

A/N: this is a lot later than usual I’m so sorry, I had a lot of family and mental health things going on. But it’s here now. Sorry if it’s boring, just need some plot development. I present part seven 💛

“Okay, so this is plan for the next month or so.” Tony says, scrolling on his fancy tablet. I nod along at the plans he has prepared for me. After having a talk with him, telling him that I didn’t want to feel so useless, he quickly got me something to do.

When he swipes the tablet and it doesn’t move, he taps it violently. “Goddammit.” he says angrily. I frown. He grunts in frustration. I reach across the table and lightly lift the tablet from his hands, putting it down beside me. I tilt my head in question. He just looks at me with his jaw clenched.

“What’s wrong?” I prod. He sighs, trying to let off steam.

“What do you mean?” he tries to cover up. I give him a face.

“Considering you’re the person I’ve seen most often in the last three months other than Penny, I can tell when something is bugging you.” I say quietly. It doesn’t seem like my place, but I can’t help it. Tony has—is—taking such good care of me. I want to help him somehow. He runs a hand over his face. I haven’t missed the bags under his eyes, but I figured it was from staying up late working on some brand new technology. It’s seems like something he’d do.

“There’s…been a disturbance in my routine. And I know I’m supposed to do the right thing, but seriously, when have I ever been known to do that?”

“What’s this right thing you have to do?” I prop my chin on my fists, looking at him softly. Even Tony Stark has adversities. He purses his lips.

“Forgiveness.” he says quietly. I think before I respond.

“Forgiveness is complicated.” I draw circles on my dining table with my index finger. “I think it is the right thing to forgive someone. If what they did is forgivable. But…you can’t rush it, ‘cause then it’s not real. I think whoever you need to forgive should know that.” I say. “But I dunno. I don’t know that much about the situation.” I flick my eyes up to see Tony gazing at me with a small smile. My face grows red, thinking that maybe I had given bad advice. “What?” I ask. I mutter something to myself in my head in what I assume is Greek. I close my eyes for a moment, dismissing the foreign language. Tony notices this, but he’s grown accustomed to ignoring it, just like everyone else. He chuckles lightly, shaking his head.

“You’re somethin’ else.” he says, sliding the tablet back toward him. I smile small, looking down at my hands. It’s not everyday you get a compliment from Tony Stark.

I get news from staff saying that they hadn’t been prepared for the return of the Winter Soldier. He had been taken out of cryofreeze after his trigger words had been removed. There had been an unexpected breakthrough in their work. Because of this, he had taken up a living space on the seventeenth floor guest suites, away from the rest of the Avengers. Unfortunately for me, that’s the same floor I live on. I try not to pay it much mind, as the most often we’ll have to be around one another is to see the other in the halls. Besides, I have bigger things to worry about.

“Um…” I sigh, closing my eyes and trying to refresh my horrible memories. Dr. Simone pats my knee.

“First thing you think of.” he reminds. I scrunch my nose in focus.

“Cryofreeze.” I mumble. A little girl hums in my head. Stop, I plead with her. Instead of complying, she becomes louder. I physically shake my head, trying to loosen her hold. A new voice overlaps hers. Again, an accented man says. He doesn’t sound familiar, his voice gruff and angry. Again, he shouts. I shudder. Images of punches being thrown scurry around in my brain. The little girl begins to cry. No, I don’t want to, she says. I whimper, squeezing my stress ball until my hand hurts. So many voices. It hurts. The back of my eyelids go white for a moment, replaced by a large X engraved into a circle on a necklace. My heart jumps to my throat. My eyes snap open. Dr. Simone’s eyes are searching once again, but rather than trying to reappear, I get out of my seat in search for paper. Though it’s not the first time, it startles him nonetheless. He jumps at the notice that the notepad on his desk has flown into midair. I reach for a pen and quickly scribble the image on, not trusting my mind to remember it much longer.

As I finish the messy drawing, I know I’ve reappeared by the swirling feeling in my chest. I sit back down in my inclined chair, giving Dr. Simone an apologetic look before handing him the notepad. He eyes it in thought. He doesn’t recognize it, that much I know, but he looks at it anyway. An X engraved into a circle. How much he wishes he could know what it meant.

Tony analyzes the entire web for any sign of the symbol, but doesn’t come up with anything that relates to HYDRA or jogs my memory. I can tell he’s getting frustrated as each day passes. We aren’t any closer than when we started.

Luckily, he helps me keep busy. Everyday, I wake up at ten and have a quick meal. I go up to Tony’s more public labs, like the ones I was supposed to work in before all that happened, happened. His associates teach me. About their technology, about building equipment and robots and suits, about It’s fascinating. Not only does it keep me busy, but it makes me new. Sometimes, when memories that aren’t really mine swarm my head, I list off any facts I had learned. Blocking out haunting thoughts with matter-of-fact ones. Occasionally, I even work out. Not that I need to. My new body manages to keep fit on its own. But it helps me clear my mind. I focus on pushing myself until my lungs burn and my muscles are raw. It probably isn’t good for me, but not much is.

I jerk up in my bed, sweat sticking on my skin, tears poking my eyes. I squeeze my eyes shut, almost as a way of confirming I still can.

I’m in my kitchen, pulling on my trainers. Then, I’m in the gym, speeding on the treadmill, breathing like my life depends on it. Push, push, push. I urge myself on, beads of sweat dripping down my skin. I jump and nearly fall off the treadmill at the sound of a door slamming. Without stopping, I look over my shoulder to see who it and nearly fall off the treadmill again. I’ve never seen him before in my life, yet I know exactly who he is. The metal arm. The long, dark hair. The muscular build. I can see them all from across the gym as he faces the door, realizing there is someone in the room. I swallow and turn back to face in front of me. I let my eyes unfocus on the wall in front of me, trying to ignore the presence of the super soldier. It’s impossible to think that I was injected with the same serum he was. My mind flashes back, remembering the pain. I grimace, holding onto the sides of the treadmill to steady myself. Happy thoughts, I remind myself. But it’s too late. I try to reach for my watch that Tony issued to me, but the I’m still running and my hands are shaking. A phantom pain goes through my body like an electric shock, a little reminder of what I endured. I whimper, holding onto the bars of the treadmill, not daring to stop. Not for this. My stomach clenches, the same way it did all those months ago. The images roll in on the back of my eyelids. The twisted smile. The brick building. The X in the circle. The garbage bins. I shudder violently, trying to move my hands to activate my watch. But I’m numb. And this time, I do fall off the treadmill.

I barely notice when I reach the ground with a thud, all I can do is try to will away the crying little girl.

“Stop.” I whisper. A hand lands on my shoulder and I shriek. The hand flies back, followed by a yelp of surprise. I curl up into a little ball and breathe deep, still whispering unintelligibly. Stay grounded, I think. I look up around me, immediately met with a startled Winter Soldier, his marble blue eyes darting around the space. I realize I’ve gone invisible. The treadmill is making a little noise. I think. I smell rubber and sweat. There are yoga mats. Yellow and blue. I breathe deeply, trying to reach over to my watch. It makes a little beep as I slide my finger across it, requesting help. I look back up at the man in front of me. He looks right at me now in shock. He doesn’t know what I am. I look down, trying to keep myself calm long enough for help to arrive. His unease doesn’t help. I feel like a freak. Maybe I am one.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper. I close my eyes and swallow back the lump in my throat.

The gym doors open. I look to see two women approaching me quickly with reassuring smiles, dressed in their grey Stark Industries uniforms. My eyes can’t help but flick back up to the Winter Soldier, who looks at me in curiosity. I nearly sigh with relief that he no longer looks scared. His eyes meet mine for just a moment, and I see everything. I gasp, nearly falling back onto the floor. Images race through my brain, pain and war and torture and murder. So much. I slap a hand over my mouth as the two women help me to my feet. But I’m still looking at him. So much pain. My chest pierces. I let out a sob, seeing flashing memories, so vivid it’s like I’m living in each one of them. My left arm goes numb. My entire body turns cold as ice. My brain feels like it’s being fried. There’s a gun. A train. A river. My eyes spill tears onto my cheeks and onto the floor. My eyes are attacked by the torment of it all. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I go limp.

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Suprise Part 3

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: mentions of blood,bombs, fluff

Word count: 3,756

Y/N = your name

E/C = eye color

Summary: Bucky finds out one of his old gal friends is in town and was invited to hang out. But reader has a bad history with her since she too loved Bucky so she wants to come along, but Bucky doesn’t think that it is a good idea. This leads to an argument that doesn’t end with tears of happiness.

Part one  Part two

Justice has been served to you on a silver platter. Bon Appetit!

“Bucky! Bucky wake up!” Steve couldn’t believe this. Bucky’s nightmares had come back, but they weren’t about him being back at Hydra headquarters…They were about Y/N. And it was always the same thing, Y/N walking out of the door, Bucky trying to stop her, but he can’t move. Or her coming back with his son or daughter and them resenting him for what he did to Y/N. Bucky said they would say things like, “Maybe if you hadn’t told mom you didn’t love her anymore you could’ve seen my first steps, or heard my first words” or “I got married Dad and you weren’t there to walk me down the aisle”.

These dreams were killing Bucky slowly, and all Steve could do was stand by and watch his best friend be consumed by his fears once again. Of course Steve had thought that his friend was stupid for leaving things the way he did, but he thought that they would work it out. Y/N has been gone for five months now, god knows where she is but Bucky has barely been able to sleep, eat, or even talk. He had been looking for Y/N every day, trying to figure out where she’d gone, to no avail. Steve would have to be the one to tell Bucky that it was time to call it quits, sometimes he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Steve also had to make sure that Bucky showered regularly, sometimes he would have to stay in the bathroom with him with his face to the door just to make sure Bucky was actually cleaning himself. The whole team (not including Wanda or Natasha since they’re still pissed at Bucky for what happened) has been trying get cheer him up, trying to get him back into missions with them, or even a simple movie night, but nothing worked.

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shimtheleader: The Summer vs The Winter who will win??? Super Duper Shoutout to @dianoskaa for the amazing artwork!!!!I love it! #thesummersoldier #thewintersoldier

…I try to imagine my life without her and all I see is pain… And heartbreak. But at least I’ll be the only one feeling it. I take solace in that thought… And hold on to it for as long as I can.
But it or won’t be long enough.

~Winter Soldier #14, Edward Brubaker, 2013