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Who do you guys think are the most interesting couples around? And which ones do you think are set to crash and burn in the new year?

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Dear Reader,

We, for once, seem to be in complete agreement and have decided to put our brilliant minds together and give you our… drum roll, please… shared opinion. We believe that most couples, both in and out of school, have their individually interesting qualities, so we’re listing all of them. But despite how strong some of these flames seem to be burning, we can guarantee that a few of them are destined to end in heartbreak.

Nikolai & Bella -  Now we both believe that these two will last but for entirely different reasons. I, Georgina, have already voiced how much I love these two as a couple. Nikobella (yes, I am insisting that is their ship name until i am told otherwise) were obviously miserable without each other and I think it’s just lovely that they have been pulled back together. Without a doubt, I thinks they’re in it for the long haul. Whereas I, Tessie, think that they will stick together because, they are both walking stereotypes. A boring, cliche, cookie-cutter couple. When you have so much in common with somebody what’s left for you to fight over?

Lily and Apollo -   We don’t think these two are capable of crashing and burning, just fizzling out quietly. They’re both pretty boring though, so, like Nikobella, we think they’re going to make it. A girl can hope, at least, that one of them will come to their senses and find a more interesting partner but until that day, we’re just going to sit back and ignore their insignificant love story.

James and Lorcan - Now, we’re not stupid. We know these two may not be official yet. But their budding romance does have us wondering whether Scamander Squared is over? Despite any jealousy or heartbreak it may spark, we’re all for this couple because as much as everybody misses Teddy, I think we can all agree that James needs to find somebody new, and soon. Who better than a guy he’s been friends with for years? Somebody who can understand the pain he’s so obviously going through?

Jace and Mason - We know, we know, another ‘unofficial’ couple but you’d have to be blind not to notice the chemistry between these two. Their unashamedly public flirting definitely has us rooting for them, and we have it on good authority that Jace decided to visit Mason in France over the summer. But we have to say, we don’t think it’s going to last very long. Sure, in the World’s romantic city it’d be pretty easy to get lost in each other’s eyes, but with the whole Jace/William situation, this whirlwind romance is exactly that. A whirlwind romance. 

Luke and Mikey - We think these two make a very cute couple and we wish them a long and happy marriage. Although, we would like to put it out there, maybe their engagement was a little hasty. Legally they have to wait until they’re both seventeen, right? And we think that’s going to work in their favour. Nothing breaks up a couple faster than tying the knot too quickly. So, roll on 2026 for the James/Greengrass wedding. We hope everything goes according to plan.

Sebastian and Gale - We hate to say that any couple is going to crash and burn (Georgina does, anyway), but we just don’t see these two lasting. Professor Pyrites, Merlin rest her soul, hasn’t long passed and it’s no secret that Nolan is pretty much prostrate with grief. Add little baby Aurora to the mix along with the rumours suggesting the couple have previously dated… We just think, all things considered, it’ll be difficult to keep a relationship going.  

Rosie and Scorpius -  Now, this couple piqued our interest the moment they agreed to an open relationship. From what we’ve seen that almost always leads to some petty drama. As far as we’re aware the two are still going strong but we can always hope for a blowout, right? Even if it doesn’t look likely.

Lysander and Tristan -  Okay, now we’re definitely wondering whether Scamander Squared is over. It certainly looks like it. As much as we’ll miss hearing about that particular family drama, we’re happy for Lorcan so we’re happy for Ly too. We want to see this couple last and they’ve been getting close for years now so we really think they stand a good chance. 

Georgina Darcey


Tristan is Going to Die (Spoilers For Soldier)

And he knows it. He just shot the Patriarch five times in the back. Yes, the Patriarch was just ‘proven’ to work with Dragons, but he was still their leader. He wasn’t sentenced yet, and Tristan still killed him. That alone would probably bring on some major punishment.

But why did Tristan shoot him? It wasn’t because he was working with dragons, otherwise he would have just let a firing squad do it. No, it was because The Patriarch was about to kill his Garret. He just killed his leader because said leader aimed his gun at Garret, who committed treason, which means Tristan allied himself with the opposite side. 

And Tristan is smart. He knows the consequences, he knew them when he fired that gun, and in his mind he made the decision, however impulsive, that Garret was more important. In that moment he didn’t give a singular flying shit about the order or its consequences. And just to seal his coffin, he ran over to Garret, the dragonloving traitor, knelt beside a dragon, and tried to save his life.

So, taking that into consideration, in Legion Tristan’s either going to get the best redemption arch, or he’ll be in Garret’s place at the beginning of Rouge. Only issue being that there won’t be anyone coming to save him