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best of sebastian stan // i just hope that i can look at certain movies where i’m like, ‘i did my job in terms of fleshing out real people’-whatever they were and whatever they cared for-and i challenge myself enough to not just end up always doing the same thing. it’s self discovery isn’t it? 


Sebastian Stan as Hal Carter and Maggie Grace as Madge Owens in William Inge’s Picnic (2013)

We’ve been blessed and have the good fortune of having a man and an actor who takes an effort to connect and interact with his fans. I don’t want him to feel like he can’t anymore because “fans” are rude to him and those he love. I think it’s very special and rare that he’s reached out and made an effort to interact with us as much as he can. Don’t fuck this up people.

I had this mood when doodling tiny details really helps. And it did a little. Problem is as usual I rushed first part (aka getting proportions right) to get to the fun part. Still it looks quite ok. Even if it’s unfinished since I can’t find energy to finish anything bigger lately :S

Media: orange and white crayon, orange, white and blueishblack watercolor and black ballpen.


“Despre cum e sa fii prietenul lui Captain America si sa il confrunti pe Iron Man. Despre rolurile din Martianul, Black Swan sau musicalurile de pe Broadway. Despre sarmale, Ceausescu si culisele de la Hollywood. La o cafea si o barfa cu actorul roman Sebastian Stan.” Credit to Rares Nastase

Translation: “About how it is being Captain America’s best friend and how it is to confront Iron Man. About his roles from the Martian, Black Swan and the Broadway Musicals. About sarmale [a dish that’s commonly consummed in Romania], Ceausescu and stories from the backstage from Hollywood. I’m drinking coffee and gossiping with the Romanian actor Sebastian Stan. ”

Thanks to @buckylived for the translation.