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Fake Movie Meme - Thriller/Crime - Staring Sebastian Stan, Emma Watson, Chris Evans and Amber Heard (Requested by anonymous) 

Girls are receiving loving and lustful text messages from unknown senders and mysterious gifts on their doorsteps days before they’re kidnapped. Detectives (Evans and Stan) are on the case, but when two best friends (Heard and Watsn) are taken, only one is released, left mute from the traumas. The authorities are desperate to get as much information from the released girl before more messages are delivered and more girls are found dead.

fake film | sebastian stan + amber heard + toby regbo + oblivion

(requested by bashangouleme) in a world where bodies are merely disposable shells, grown to be occupied by whoever pays the highest price, a young genius (regbo) hacks into the system out of pure boredom. his intelligence government-bred and his body purposefully crippled, he is seen as nothing more than a breathing computer, not capable of spontaneous action or genuine feelings. using his mind to animate two random bodies, he sets out to satisfy his hunger for entertainment by re-enacting a classic revolutionary story, unknowingly orchestrating a true rebellion in the progress.


[] fake film || genderbent bond: operation viper

inspired by hesgotametalarm’s post

the name is bond. jane bond.

When Prime Minister Eric Watson (Idris Elba) is found dead by poison and strangulation, angry fang marks puncturing his neck and back outside of Bristol’s famed underground hotspot The Den, reluctant MI6 agent Jane Bond (Lucy Liu) is called in to bring down a ring of bloodthirsty serial killers known as The Vipers.

As politician after politician turn up dead, all by the same fatal bite, Bond tracks the clan down head by head: Constantine Rosseau (Jessica Lange), her daughter Jade (Amber Heard), and serpent dealer Ava Blood (Laverne Cox).

But when the city begins to drown in venom, Bond realizes that their head count is only a ticking time bomb.

And it’s about to hit zero.

also starring: sebastian stan as bradley cox (resident Bond Boy, son of parliament member Andrew Cox, who grows infatuated with Bond after being saved from The Den); gugu mbatha-raw as a gun-toting miss moneypenny; and chanel iman and emma watson as vipers.