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dad and i watch captain america: the winter soldier
  • dad: oh god it's starting shut up i've been waiting for this for months
  • (movie starts)
  • dad: i don't know what's happening but the french guy fighting cap looks like french macklemore
  • me: how do you even know who macklemore is?
  • dad: i'm hip. i'm cool
  • me: don't you do it
  • dad: i'm gonna pop some tags, only got 20 baguettes in my pocket
  • (five minutes later)
  • dad: is that the Falcon? that's totally the Falcon
  • me: how do you know?
  • dad: i used to read the comic books trust me on this i'm an expert. his superpower was that he could talk to birds
  • me: birds?
  • dad: i mean in hindsight it probably wasn't the most useful thing ever
  • dad: if this winter soldier is supposedly a ghost in the machine that nobody's ever seen, and nobody will ever catch, you would think showing up in broad daylight and blowing up cars would not be his modus operandi
  • dad: how the heck did he laser through concrete??
  • me: idk dad it's nick fury he can probably do whatever he wants
  • dad: i'm sorry attractive nurse who just so happens to live next door, my heart belongs to a seventy year russian dude with a bionic arm
  • me: what
  • dad:
  • dad: nick fury isn't dead. justice never dies. he probably has a billion clones in some top secret storage facility, just waiting for their organ harvest.
  • me: ew dad gross no
  • dad: i really relate to that apple store employee
  • me: we all do dad
  • dad: oh that's that guy from the first movie! i remember him! he was my favorite, his eyes were so blue, and he loved steve so much. i wanted them to get together
  • me: dad good god
  • dad: he was a little less marilyn manson at that point though
  • dad: not that guyliner isn't a good look for this guy
  • dad: when a deadly russian assassin wears eyeliner, it's 'he's so dreamy' and 'wow what a badass'
  • dad: but when i do it it's 'you're too old' and 'bald guys can't pull off make-up'
  • me: dad it was halloween and it was one time you need to let this go
  • dad: so bucky barnes, aka cute cocky guy who died in the first movie, aka steve roger's best friend/boyfriend, is a top secret super scary brainwashed hydra agent?
  • me: mmm-hm
  • dad: called it
  • dad: do you think single handedly destroying jets is just a common, everyday thing for cap? punch a few tanks, feed a few pigeons, take out a plane, help old ladies cross the street...
  • dad: captain america is like your grandad minus the booze and the cussing
  • dad: in all honesty that was a little anti-climactic
  • dad: i was 100% sure nick fury was gonna descend majestically from the heavens, 'All I do is Win' blaring in the background, and single-handedly save everyone's ass
  • dad: scarjo and chris evans are two of the most beautiful people in the world and they are both in this movie and i don't know how to feel about it i have butterflies in my stomach i'm a schoolboy again
  • me: you know on second thought we should have brought mom
  • dad: where's hawkeye? where's bruce? where's tony? where's thor? WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHER AVENGERS AS THE ENTIRETY OF SHIELD IS COMPROMISED AND NICK FURY DIES
  • me: maybe they figured steve could handle it
  • dad: maybe they're all lazy assholes
Shadowhunters 2x15

Okay this has got to be my favorite episode so far and here is why:

•More leader Alec
•Izzy being a badass Shadowhunter
•Magnus talking about his past
•Alec comforting his boyfriend who he loves very much
•Simon melted my heart
•Raphael caring about Simon and helping him
•Luke being a great father figure


Video Game Challenge : [7/7] video games The Evil Within

“Who do you think you are? I know who you are, ‘Seb’. Will you be able to live with yourself knowing what I’m going to make you do? Poor little Joseph couldn’t. Too bad they dragged you into this. But either way now. You’re mine. To do with as I please. “


[ Okay, I can say absolutely for sure that these panels are the ones of the most important in the entire manga for me. ]

I mean, just look at Sebastian`s eyebrow curved in anxiety and sympathy.The demon is worried about his master. And it doesn`t look like the worry about a future delicious meal. It looks like the worry about…the close one, I guess?

Maybe that was the first time when Sebastian really regret he couldn’t tell a lie.

And I`m not crying, you are :_)

F1 Drivers If They Weren’t Drivers

Lewis Hamilton
- Accountant
- Do you remember how dorky looking he was before he actually embraced his fame
- He looked like his dad (he would do anything to get food on the table)
Valtteri Bottas
- Ice hockey player
- He won’t deny the screaming Finn inside of him
Sebastian Vettel
- Teacher, most likely history
- He just gives me teacher vibes
- Appreciates students efforts
Kimi Raikkonen
- Olympic skier
- The Finns just can’t escape
- He would wear his sunglasses™ on the slopes
Daniel Ricciardo
- Police Officer
- Oh god Daniel in a police uniform
Max Verstappen
- College Student
- Most likely studying Engineering
- Tries to be a Frat guy, but is too awkward
Carlos Sainz Jr.
- Zoologist
- He just wants constant contact with a Meerkat
- He walks around the zoo with a meerkat on his shoulder
Nico Hulkenberg
- Bartender
- The type that protects people from creepy drunks
Fernando Alonso
- Football Player
- Real Madrid’s star player
Stoffel Vandoorne
- Professional Cyclist
- Has won the Tour De France already
Felipe Massa
- Child Psychologist
- Likes to help people with their problems
Lance Stroll
- No job
- Just dating models since he got his dad’s money (Kind of like Chloe Green)
Sergio Perez
- Math Teacher
- Always wearing fancy clothes even though he teaches at a public High School
Esteban Ocon
- Frat college guy
- Studying business, but is mainly in college to act like a bad boy (IN reality he’s a softie)
Romain Grosjean
- Teacher
- The one that stands there and says “I’ll wait” as this students keep talking
Kevin Magnussen
- Factory/ construction worker
- Just wants money for food
Pascal Wehrlein
- Student
- Wants to become a vet
Marcus Ericsson
- Yoga Instructor
- We all saw that pic, the boy can bend
Pierre Gasly
- Photographer
- Travels constantly just to take pics
Brendon Hartley
- Surfing instructor
- The Kiwi in him definitely comes out
- His hair screams surfer
Charles Leclerc
- Model
- He grew up in Monaco, with those looks he was definitely not going to have a “normal” job
Jenson Button
- Pilot
- Just take a second and imagine him in a pilot suit greeting his passenger *melt*

Tom Holland, Mark Rufflo, and Sebastian Stan planning their next spoiler attack.

i said this before but anthony mackie seems like the kid in the back of class who is really funny and loud and distracting and everybody likes him but the teacher needs him to shut up so they put the quiet kid sebastian stan next to him bc hes shy and says like four words every semester and it ends up with anthony making jokes under his breath that only sebastian can hear that makes him laugh out loud super hard until the teacher chastises him “i expect better of you, mr. stan” and anthony looks away w wide innocent eyes while clicking his tongue in disapproval