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faithfulinmysins  asked:

Can I get head canons for both Black Butler's Sebastian and Claud & Ouran's Mori, Kyoya, Tamaki, Hikaru, Kaoru finding out the girl they love is a single teenage mother?

So um yeah this ask exceeds the character limit, but thank you for negotiating with me about this. We’ve gone and removed Claude and Tamaki from this ask.

Sorry, Claude and Tamaki fans. 

Sebastian Michaelis

  • Hmm, you’re a mother of a child you say?
  • A child… yes, he knows what a child is…
  • …Yeah, you might need to lay down some of the details. 
  • He’d be so curious about how babies work. Sure, he’s been around Ciel but an actual baby is an all new playing field to him. 
  • When you first show the baby to him he’ll just stare at it curiously. 
  • He might poke them on the nose a little bit. 
  • When you explain your situation to him, he’d be more than happy to help you out, he is a butler after all. 
  • He excels at pretty much everything: cooking, cleaning… you name it, so he’d make a great babysitter. 
  • He’d be one of those people who hold a spoonful of food in front of a kid and says, “here comes the airplane.”
  • The first time the baby starts crying he gets all confused like… why is it crying for no reason? Humans usually don’t do that. What??
  • He might go to you for advice on the baby’s emotions. 
  • I think the baby would really take a liking to Sebastian, mostly because he does everything for them. 

Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka

  • Not much of a reaction… on the outside. 
  • on the inside, he’s slack-jawed and buggy eyed. 
  • like? Are you a mother? When did this happen??
  • He doesn’t want to pry but he has so many questions. 
  • He secretly loves babies so he’s ready to drop everything to take care of them with you. 
  • In my opinion I think he would make a pretty great father. 
  • no body knows how but he just has that vibe that all kids seem to like… 
  • You child could be crying their eyes out but all it takes is a little magic from Mori senpai and suddenly the crying stops. 
  • You were so confused the first time it happened…
  • Like… What did Mori just do…? And how can you do it?
  • He’ll teach you the basics and give you tips on how to take care of children. He has a little experience with Honey senpai so the advice he gives is pretty solid. 
  • In conclusion: Mori is the best dad. 

Kyoya Ootori

  • Like Mori, Kyoya wouldn’t have much of a reaction. But trust me, there’d be a lot of questions and concerns going on under the surface. 
  • He’ll ask if there’s anything he can do for you, taking care of a baby while you’re still a teenager must be had work, he’ll help any way he can. 
  • He’d be sure to give you all of the financial support you need. 
  • The baby takes a liking to him for some reason. 
  • Kyoya does not approve. As much as he loves you and wants to help you, he admits babies can be a bit of a pain. 
  • He can’t bring himself to hate your child though because… it’s your child. 
  • A lot of staring contests between Kyoya and the child would ensue.
  • He starts to show love for the child in due time. 
  • The host club starts to tease him about being a father. 
  • He secretly likes it. To be honest he’s dreamed of becoming a father. 

Hikaru Hitachiin

  • Now, Hikaru is a completely different person to Mori and Kyoya, no emotions are being kept in this time, everything’s coming out. 
  • Over anything, he’d mostly be curious. 
  • Again, he doesn’t want to pry but at the same time, he wants to know everything. Well, maybe not everything… but you get what I mean.
  • Like… what circumstances have led you up to this moment? 
  • He’d also be angry at the dude who went and knocked you up. Where was he right now? Why wasn’t he taking care of you? 
  • Well… Looks like he has to be the one to step in and take care of you. 
  • Despite the arrogance in that last point, he’ll help you selflessly. He’s not doing it for some type of reward, heck you don’t even need to like him back he just believes that you deserve all the help he can give. 
  • He’ll support you to the moon and back, he’ll even go out and buy some baby stuff for you. 
  • He’d love to dress your kid up in little costumes. With your permission of course. 
  • Sometimes he gets caught up in the moment and acts like the father. He gets a little embarrassed when this happens. 

Kaoru Hitachiin

  • Kaoru is a man of sympathy, he’ll sit you down and you can talk to him about your problems. 
  • He’ll be there for a shoulder to cry on if things get too much for you. 
  • He gives the best hugs by far. 
  • He’ll try his best to help you in any way he can. 
  • Like his brother, he’s not helping you for some sort of recognition or praise, he’s simply helping you because he loves you and he wants you to be happy. 
  • He’ll be the first one to volunteer if you ever need a babysitter.
  • I can just imagine Kaoru in one of those cleaning outfits taking care of your baby. He’s the sweetest boy honestly. 
  • His weekends will be spent going to your house and taking care of you. 
  • If you ever look tired he’ll send you off to bed and he’ll take care of the baby for you. 
  • He’s surprisingly good at taking care of children 
  • That being said he still has a lot to learn, he might go and ask the rest of the host club for help.  
I shouldn’t be this attracted to an animated character.
—  Me to myself while watching anime.


Judai: SOARA’s Morihito and Growth’s Kensuke.

Mori looks like a “butler of hell” Lol!!! Like Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. XD

Mori is getting more and more sexy and cool as the time goes by… Seriously… Last visual (the hood series), he looks like a mafia boss… XD

And Ken looks cute~♪

And it seems those under the Angels have long hair.

Angels: Shiki, Sora, Koki, Kensuke
Demons: Shu, Tsubasa, Eichi, Morihito

Another forbidden pair? Sora and Mori.

- Judai