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For Black History Month:

Phantom of the Opera in South Africa (2004 and 2011-12) made history, casting the first black Phantom outside the US, and the first black* Christine worldwide. In addition they featured two black Piangis, and multiple cast members, amongst them Don Attilio, Passarino and the Wardrobe Mistress.

Many of these also continued into the World Tour.

(*South Africans use the term coloured in reference to people of mixed heritage. This is a neutral term and often preferred, unlike the US and UK where the term is considered slur and avoided. From an American and European point of view, Lana English would be called black, but if regarding her Cape Town heritage she is coloured. I’m mentioning it here to avoid confusion)


Summary: Sebastian Stan x Reader where the reader gives him a blowjob as he’s on the phone and has to stay quiet through the call (as requested by anonymous)
Warnings: smut (oral sex, fingering) | Rating: NSFW, mature
Word count: 1664

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anonymous asked:

Hiiii can u please do a Lance x reader were its a lazy sunday and the reader got a program in the morning and lance doesn't want her to go..he wants to cuddle with her and when she wants to leave lance starts whining like a baby.. he doesn't want her to leave at all but when she listens to him they start to cuddle but lance starts doing naughty things with her and she doesn't want to have sex with him.


Warnings: fluff, implied smut

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“Mhm, baby?” his mouth rubs against her skin as she attempts to pull herself from his grasp.

“Lance, I gotta go to work. C’mon, we can sleep later,” she sighs, kissing his knuckles, wiggling towards the end of the bed, but he squeezes onto her tighter.

“Mhm…call in sick, want ya to stay in with me.”

“You always want me to stay in with you,” she smiled, pulling herself away from her and her boyfriend’s bed. She leans over and kisses his cheek before stepping out of her clothes and turning on the shower.

She sighs loudly, the cold water waking her tired body. Her hands run through her hair and around her body, washing away anything she missed the previous morning. The door to the shower clicks open and Lance wraps his arms around her torso, whining quietly at the cold water hitting his skin. He kisses her collarbone gently and starts to drag his fingers towards the inside of her thighs.

“Not right now, baby. I gotta go,” she utters, pulling his fingers off her. She turns to face him and smiles warmly at him. His eyes are drowsy and the water makes his hair droop over his face. She pushes hair out of his face and pulls herself onto her toes, pulling him in for an alluring kiss. He smiles and tugs at her waist, pushing her gently against the shower wall. “Tuck, c’mon, y’know I gotta go. The kids need me today.”

Her hand pushes the shower knob off and she pulls the towel hanging on top of the door off to dry herself. Lance watched her silently in awe—thinking of all the possible ways to love on her properly when she returned home from the trip she was taking her students on today. She would be tired and giggly, his favorite. Tonight would be all about her, not that any other night isn’t. He just loves her so much.

She steps out of the shower with the towel wrapped around her head. She tosses Lance his towel hanging up on a hook and she changes into jeans and a dark maroon blouse. Lance slips into a pair of sweats that hang loosely on his hips and they both get ready for the day.  

After getting ready for work, Y/n slips her shoes on and pulls her hair out of her face. She grabs her keys and purse from the kitchen counter and stands by the staircase, “Bye, honey! I’ll be home in time for dinner!” she shouted up to him.

She can hear him stumble out of their bathroom and she sees him outside their door and he practically jumped down the stairs to tell her to have a good day. She laughs shaking her head. He grins at her and pulls her into a chaste kiss. “Have a good day, sweetheart. I love you.”

“Love you too, honey.”

come alive with every touch

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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Female Reader
Rating: T - no real warnings.
Summary: You and Sebastian met a few months ago while he had a break between movies. Since then, you’ve grown close, and you decide to surprise him on location in Atlanta.
Author’s Note: Hi, hello. I’ve never posted RPF on this blog, but I had a request to write something for Sebastian Stan. General disclaimer: I don’t know Sebastian, or any of the people in his life. Any similarities are coincidental, and there’s no disrespect intended to anyone involved.

You’re nervous, to say the least. It’s a little crazy, what you’re doing, but you didn’t let yourself start second guessing.

The last time you Skyped with Sebastian, he looked and sounded so tired. Not just physically, but you could see it written all over his face. He’s running on fumes.

He loves his job. He’s told you as much, but you can tell it gets to him sometimes - the long hours and days that seem to bleed together. Your heart goes out to him, because if he’s feeling half as anxious as you are about your job, he’s probably teetering on the edge.

You’re in the back of a cab on the way to the location for his latest film, though he doesn’t know that. You were only able to get the info from his manager, whose details you had to hunt down online. You felt like a stalker, but it was all finally worked out. Turns out Sebastian had mentioned you enough that his manager knew who you were, and she helped you plan the whole thing.

Smiling to yourself, you hope he’s happy to see you. You haven’t seen each other in person in six months.

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“Those Three Words Aren’t Enough”

Your best friend Chris Evans is going to marry the love of his life this weekend and you’ve never been more excited for something – besides maybe seeing your other best friend Sebastian Stan again after you haven’t see him for months. However, your reunion doesn’t happen as you thought it would be.

Warning: None
Sebastian Stan x Reader
Part ONE 

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September 2015 - a summary.

Lust, Lace and Everything Dirty-Sebastian Stan x Reader

You slipped a trench coat over the top of your lingerie. Sebastian was away for months filming and tonight was his return. You had agreed to pick him up from the airport obviously, but because his flight was at such an awkward time, he wouldn’t have any fans which made it easier for your little plan to work. You stepped into your heels and grabbed your keys to get to the airport and pick your boyfriend up. 

It was undeniably cold but the heating in your car made the night a little more bearable, and the look on his face would make you forget, but the sex, oh, the sex would make the cold so worth it. You saw Sebastian collect his luggage and you walked over to kiss him. “Hey, Sebby. I’ve missed you.” He wrapped his arms around your body and you melted into his embrace before you pulled him to the car. “How was your flight?”

“It was fine, I didn’t get much sleep, and all I could think of is you.” Sebastian’s hand slid up your leg and under your coat, a look of surprise on his face when he realised that you didn’t have anything underneath. “I like this.” His voice got a little huskier and you wriggled in your seat just a little.

After a long car ride, you both rushed into your home, before the door was fully shut, Sebastian grabbed your waist and kissed you feverishly with your back to the door. His hands wandered over your body and you only broke off to slide the coat off of your shoulders leaving it to pool at your feet. 

“Wow.” Sebastian looked over your body, he kissed you again, his hands gripping at your ass, trailing to your covered sex. “Keep the heels on.” He pulled you up to the bedroom, the tent in his trousers growing. He threw you onto the bed, peeling your underwear off and teasing you. His fingers at your sex but never touching the aching bundle of nerves. The pad of this thumb ran down your slit slowly, as if he was gathering your slickness. “You’re so wet. Is this all for me?”

You mewl in response but he turns you over and spanks you. “Answer me, sweetheart.” Another hit on your ass, but then his large hands massage away the pain, the stinging went straight to your core. “Are you all nice and wet for me?” He inserts a finger slowly and your back arches to him.

“Oh, yes. Yes. Seb.” You move your hips to try and get more friction but Seb’s other hand holds your hips down. “More, please.” He starts to pump the finger inside of you, the feeling makes you grip the bed sheets to avoid making too much noise.

“Can you be loud for me today?” Sebastian picks up the pace and adds another finger, he’s mercilessly fucking you with his long, thick fingers. “I want to hear all of your pretty little noises. Can you do that for me?” You feel the knot at your stomach tightening and you scream as you reach your first climax of the night.

You’re panting and sweating, a layer of sheen has coated your body and Sebastian pulls off his shirt and your hands are all over him, you fumble at his bed and he pulls down his jeans and boxers at once. His long length springing out. You take him in your mouth, salty and familiar, you cup his balls and bob your head up and down. His fingers are in your hair, guiding your head, and he takes one from your head and plays with your breast, he takes a nipple and twists it. You moan right onto him, but he pulls himself from your mouth and pushes you back to lying down.

He lines himself up with your entrance and fills you slowly. Once he’s in, he thrusts into you quickly, his fingers digging into your flesh, he’s leaving bruises on your legs and your stomach. You claw at his back, legs wrapped around his body to pull him further into you. “Seb, so close.” He pumps into you faster, both of your bodies slick with sweat and wetness, and he cums inside of you. He member pulses as your walls clench around him.