I don’t know if this was done but I was re-reading the Green Witch Arc when this flashback happen in Chapter 101. The more re-reading I do the more everything falls into place and I mean everything! Of course he could be mentioning Rachel, but it makes more sense if he was referring to Our!Ciel and Real!Ciel in that instance. 

Also, another thing I noticed. Earlier in the arc when Ciel is poisoned, he has flashbacks to when he was kidnapped. LIKE BUD. Yana basically confirmed 2CT in chapter 90 in that arc!! She flat out spilled the beans!

It just… makes sense. The more you re-read, the more things jump out at you and you notice all the little clues and details. I’m all for 2CT. I’m excited to see how this will play out and how both our Ciel and Sebastian take to it. There is no doubt that Undertaker is involved in this too. No doubt at all. 

I’m also intrigued to see how Prince Soma is going to take to this. My heart physically hurt for him. We’ve never seen him make a face like that before either. I’m afraid of how these events are going to unfold for him. 

Musical Instrument HCs for Kuroshitsuji Characters

Sebastian: everything

Our!Ciel: viola (I know in canon he plays violin but idk he just seems like a viola guy to me)

Real!Ciel: instead of an instrument he just plays everyone around him (oh burn)

Lizzy: drums (idk why but I see it?)

Grell: bitch you bet your sweet bippy she’s the conductor

Undertaker: violin

Ronald: trumpet (of course, that brasstard)

William: piccolo

Mey Rein: tuba

Bard: mayonnaise

Finny: ukelele

Sieglinde: piano

Wolfram: French horn

Madam Red:  operatic mezzo soprano

Vincent: cello

Frances: a giant ass pipe organ

Alexis: a thicc and sultry baritone voice

Edward: clarinet

Soma: veena

Agni: flute

Snake: oboe (the basic “snake charming” instrument, of course)

Tanaka: theramin

Joker: electric guitar

Beast: bass guitar

Dagger: keyboards (instead of a circus they should have formed a band)

Doll: lyric soprano

Lau: a freaking synthesizer

Ran Mao: bawu

Cheslock: also everything 

Clayton: string bass

Harcourt: a beautiful boy soprano

Maurice Cole: an entire monk choir somehow comes out of his mouth

MacMillan: harmonica

Rudger: classical guitar

Othello: accordian

Sascha: saxophone

maelikimichaelis  asked:

Dear Sebastian, What things really torment and blacken a soul? Just curious.

My Lady,

I have observed through the centuries many humans seeking out perfection. The idea is laughable to a demon such as myself who sees that such a thing does not exist, and yet humans strive towards it. Setting out to achieve something impossible can torment a soul for one’s goals can be altered time and again and so one never knows when one is finished in their pursuit of perfection.

Another point I wish to bring to your attention is one’s own mind. Tell me, have you ever experienced thoughts that whisper to you in the back of your mind? Thoughts that tell you that you are not beautiful nor slim enough, that you are unworthy of other’s attentions and that maybe you should simply cease to exist? Yes, I very much suspect that you have. It is common, I’m afraid. These thoughts can poison one’s soul, blackening it. Criticising oneself instead of approving of who one is and their actions can lead to torment, questions as to why one is as they are. You humans have never quite figured out yet that who you are is who you’ll always be, but you strive to change yourselves to match the perfect image of who you are inside your complex little minds.

Emotions, while useful, can also cause torment and the end result is a blackened soul. Jealousy, anger, greed, are in the base instincts of the human psyche, and you humans are all too easily tempted. You insult others, bring them down to make yourselves feel better about your own existence, you push each other over and trample others to further yourself in your own goals with no regard to others. It is as my Young Master once said…. humans are more demonic than demons are, a thought I once found absurd but now I am reassured in that fact. 

And yet, despite it all, I have witnessed time and again, people reaching out to help, putting others’ needs before their own and exercising self-sacrifice and love. This obvious contradiction can lighten one’s soul, but if it is done with the ulterior motive of self-gain then I’m afraid the end result is still much the same. Having to battle oneself and one’s thoughts on a daily basis is a sweet torment from my perspective, one that many humans suffer, and yet nothing ever changes and nothing is ever as it seems.

I thank you for your letter. Your attentions towards a mere servant overwhelms me. 


Sebastian Michaelis

The Phantomhive Butler

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