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Kuroshitsuji x 幽喜茶屋 (YUUKI CHAYA) at Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2016

The popular Funtom Cafe which first opened in Harajuku, branched to Osaka, now will open in Kyoto for KYOMAFU 2016. There will be food collaboration and limited edition goods exclusive to this event.

Opens in September 2016.

Follow-up details are available at @FuntomCafe official twitter.


Demon butlers

Anime: Black Butler
Song: Mitch Felito - Where We From
Editor: koon touka

anonymous asked:

If Sebastian had some how became human against his will, how would he adapt?

This is a really interesting and inspiring question but I wasn’t sure how do you want me to answer to it so I wrote this little scenario (๑•́ω•̀๑)

Sebastian knew there was something wrong before he even managed to open his eyes. He couldn’t recall the last time he let himself drift into such a deep sleep, allowing the darkness to completely devour him and his mind; surprisingly physical, chaining, paralyzing, suffocating…

It seemed as if somebody put a frosted glass in front of him, as if he was slowly losing his sight and it made him wince uncontrollably. He was still in his bedroom, although it didn’t look like it at all, laying on the bed which was now much more uncomfortable than he remembered. Every single furniture and object around him was dull. He couldn’t see the edges and details, he barely recognized his own tailcoat hanging on the chair and as much as he didn’t want to admit it – the colours seemed to fade also. There was no perfectly designed, tiny ornaments on the wardrobe, no threads of fabric on the bedsheets, no particles of dust floating in the air, nothing. Only he, himself and this weird painting in front of him, created by some lazy artist who didn’t have enough time nor will to finish his work, leaving it as a bare draft, slightly stroked with a brush touched by the diluted paint.

His head was held underwater. Sebastian experienced similiar feeling while diving in the deep oceans, freezing waves caressing his skin, scratchy sand under his feet and those sounds… Lullabies of the sirens played in the distant, rush of the white foam above him, quiet pulse of the living creatures nearby, all of it muffled by the water, this invisible barrier so much alike the one which was now surrounding him. He couldn’t hear his master wandering in the bedroom, nor any of the three servants who were most likely destroying the mansion to the ashes right now, not even the sweet songs of the birds outside, the wind, the trees.

He was tamed, completely and utterly tamed, unable to feel any scent, not to mention the blissful feeling of human’s soul around him. Everything was so silent, so plain, so dull it made him want to open his skull wide, to destroy what was suffocating him and all his senses in this torture. In an attempt to stand up, he let out a resigned sigh, his limbs so weak he wasn’t sure he could walk, not to mention doing anything more. How ironic, if he was capable of putting words together in a way humans do, calling things in a way more interesting way than they truly are, he could say that something was trying to suck the life out of him.

That he was dying.

The sudden realization caused his heart to beat faster and that was the moment when Sebastian, for the first time in a whole millennials, was scared. Never in his life he thought that the end will be so easy for him, that he will disappear into universe as the smoke on the fresh air and he didn’t want it to be this way. Loud thuds in his chest were still as strong, however, warm blood flowing through his veins and even though he couldn’t hear nor see it as before – the feeling itself was making him feel more alive than ever before.

He was breathing. One deep inhale after another and oh, the air never left so good inside his lungs. So refreshing, as if everytime he did it, the life was growing inside once again. Sebastian felt like the fire itself, the flame in his whole being burning only when given an oxygen, shining brightly when he was present there, in this body and fading slightly when the air escaped his lungs. And he wondered if that was the flame he was previously able to sense from afar, the brightness of…

… the soul.