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Imagine From Au Meme

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When you were invited to visit the Avenger set you didn’t need to even think about it. Just as they asked you yelled out YES. People on the other side of the phone laughed at how excited you were. The day arrived very fast and your excitement was big. You wanted to meet everyone but you really wanted to meet Robert Downey Jr.. He was like your hero, you’ve always wanted to film a movie with him or at least meat the man and now was your chance. You just hoped you wouldn’t make a fool out of yourself. 

The set was big and full of people. In the distance you saw people you knew like :Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan and Chadwick Boseman. 

“Why don’t we meet the cast?” said one of the movie producers who had invited you to visit. As you made way to the guys you saw them stand up. Tom cleaned his already clean pants. Sebastian was fixing his hair, Chadwick stood tall and smiled, Evans looked good as always so he didn’t feel the need to do anything that was until you were just few steps away, then he took a look in the mirror. 

“Hey” you said to all of them. There was a moment of silence but then they all started to talk but all at the same time. You could see they were nerves. 

“Guys, hey. How about one at a time” said Joe Russo. “We don’t want to scare the girl way now do we” he turned to you and have you a hug. You and Joe had already met before so you it was safe to say you two were friends. After the hug was exchanged Sebastian took on step closer to you. 

“I’m Sebastian. I’m lovely to meet you and if I may say you look even more beautiful in person” he took your hand and kissed the back of it. It was very obvious  he was flirting. But you had no problem with that. 

“Smooth” Evans said under his breath, but you still heard him, making you giggle. The fun introduction didn’t stop there. They tried to outdo each other. One started to sing your new song, one started to tell you about him doing his own stunts. It was all nice and all but it was getting to be too much. You loved the guys, they were sweet and talented but it really was getting to be too much for you. Soon someone stopped all the  bragging and flirting. 

“Y/N” you heard Roberts voice and when the guys moved you saw him waling to you with opened arms. “It’s so good to meet you. I’m Robert” 

“I know. I’m a big fan of yours” you said trying to keep your voice calm as possible. 

“Thank you. I was going to go out for lunch you want to join me?” you couldn’t believe the RDJ was inviting for lunch. 

“Yes, I’d love to” you two started to turn and walk away when Chadwick spoke 

“We’ll see you later right?” you looked back and smiled at him 

“Yeah sure”  and you waled away with Robert. Leaving the guys watch you walk away with sad eyes. 

“Who told RDJ she’ll be here?”  Sebastian said looking at the guys, Tom slowly lifted his hand. “Really Holland? You can’t keep a secret?” Sebastian shaked his head and walked to his trailer. 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know this would happen” he yelled after Sebastian but he wasn’t listening anymore. 

“She’s coming back right? Y/N will be back” Chadwick said still looking the way you had just walked away. Evans patted Chadwick on the shoulder. 

“I don’t man. I don’t know” and walked off. 

Black Butler: Book of Atlantic Dub review

The movie was bloody brilliant!! The graphics and fight sequences were fantastic, the comedy was hilarious, the soundtrack was remarkable, and the voice acting was ON POINT!! Everyone in the team did an amazing job on it! Can’t wait to see it again on DVD!

The signs as my current favourite songs

Aries: Bailame- Nacho

Taurus: Robarte un Beso- Carlos Vives, Sebastián Yatra

Gemini:El Perdedor- Maluma ft Bruninho y Davi

Cancer: Quédate Conmigo- Chyno Miranda ft. Wisin, Gente de Zona

Leo: Otra Vez- Zion & Lennox ft. J Balvin

Virgo: Díganle- Leslie Grace, Becky G

Libra: Sé Preparo- Ozuna

Scorpio: Traicionera- Sebastián Yatra

Sagittarius: Felices Los 4- Maluma

Capricorn: Vamo’ A La Calle- Carlos Baute & Chyno Miranda

Aquarius: Perro Fiel- Shakira, Nicky Jam

Pisces: Amarillo- Shakira

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