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Mess is mine - Bucky Barnes

Summary:  “You’re my roommate who’s super cute and it’s the middle of the night and you’re cramming for your exams in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and it’s becoming increasingly hard for me not to kiss you” AU.

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Bucky had been out working the late night shift again. He was ready to come home, hopefully, catch you before going to bed, and relax in front of the TV. He opened the door, keys jiggling, smiling when he saw the light in the living room still on.

The sight that met him though wasn’t what he had pictured in his head. You weren’t half asleep on the couch snuggled up in a blanket watching the latest episode of your favourite show. A dishevelled head of hair, flannel pyjamas and a mess of a room was what he saw instead.

“Oh hey, Bucky. Don’t mind the mess, I’ll clean up later.” You gave him a tired smile returning to your book, fingers scrawling notes down faster than he had seen you write before.

Papers were strewn across the room in what looked like a frustrated rage and in the eye of the hurricane you sat. Multiple cups of coffee stood on the ground next to you as an ironic trophy of your accomplishments and a half-eaten bowl of ramen you forgot about.

Your notebook was full of your increasingly messy handwriting and random doodles when you got distracted. In between other classes and assignments, this exam had been left in the bottom drawer of your mind. You were paying for it now.

He knew he should convince you to get some rest knowing that this all-nighter cramming session would do you no good in the long run. He was, however, unable to move and let his mind wander past the thoughts of how cute you looked. His fingers were itching to reach out and move that fallen piece of hair out of your face. Even as a complete mess you looked beautiful and he hated you for it. Falling in love with his roommate was something he had promised himself he would never do. He wouldn’t be part of another cliché story but somehow you made him break his promises without even trying.

“Are you gonna stand there all night?” You didn’t look up from your book but you could feel his eyes on you. If you hadn’t been running on your last energy and only using that to study, your body might have felt the effect of him giving you all his attention.

He blinked surprised noticing he was stood at the same spot staring at you. He coughed embarrassedly before plopping down next to you.

“What are you doing?”

“Helping you study, so you can go to bed.” He grabbed a book and mentioned for you to grab one, too.

Bucky spent the next 2 hours cramming with you and even with his own body screaming for sleep he kept going for you. You’d laid down on his lap after about an hour with a smile hoping he didn’t mind, and a book raised over your head. He definitely didn’t and after a while, he noticed he had absentmindedly been playing with your hair. He blushed a deep red but since you hadn’t said anything, he continued.

After a while of not hearing you softly singing along to the playlist you put on, he realised you had fallen asleep on him. Gingerly he put his book down contemplating how to get you to bed.

He tried gently lifting your head up but the position made it difficult for him to do it without waking you.

“Doll, you need to wake up so you can go to bed.”

Your eyes fluttered open and you sat up in a panic.

“Did I fall asleep? I have so much to do,” you began gathering your books and opened your notebook, “I don’t have time to sleep.”

Bucky gently grabbed your wrist, “You’re done studying for tonight,” he could see you were about to protest, “I’ll help you study tomorrow, okay?”

Your features softened at his words and you nodded. Was he really willing to spend all this time studying with you when he could do literally anything so much more interesting?

“Thank you.” You threw your arms around his neck hoping he could feel your gratitude. He was caught off guard but you soon felt his arms encasing your waist and holding you close. You could almost swear that you heard him sigh contently into your neck.

You drew back slightly, arms still wrapped around his neck.

“I really do mean it. Thank you.” You searched his eyes hoping he understood.

He brought up a hand to caress your cheek and you subconsciously leaned into it. Emotions flickered through his calm blue eyes and he seemed to be battling himself.

“Tell me to stop if you don’t want it.” He leaned forward stopping just as his lips were about to touch yours. You could feel his warm breath sweeping over your skin and with no hesitation, you closed the distance.

You always hear people talking about feelings sparks and fireworks when they have their first kiss and with Bucky that feeling was magnified. His lips were soft but behind the sparks, a  feeling of comfortableness was transferred through the kiss. There was no rush between the two of you and time seemed to go on forever.

When you had to break the kiss to breathe he rested his forehead on yours. He smiled laughing slightly in disbelief at what had just happened. He would have never guessed that the evening would have gone this way but he was definitely not complaining. He stole another little kiss from you just because he could. No words were spoken, neither of you wanting to break the little bubble you had created together.

Paul & Sam on September 11, 2001
  • Paul Banks: I was on Grand and Ludlow, where I lived.
  • Sam Fogarino: I was in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I watched them fall from my roof.
  • Paul Banks: I had a job then - at that point I was doing data entry for Scholastic News. This is after I bailed on doing a real career. I was just doing shit work. I woke up to 1010 WINS every day, and some chick phoned in and said, "A plane crashed into the Twin Towers." I thought, "Ah, cool, I'll go see that." Because I'm thinking, "It has to be a Cessna, some moron in a Cessna just crashed into the Twin Towers." I walk down and see Armageddon happening.
  • You know how in movies like King Kong, women put their hands over their mouths and run the other way? I saw that for real. That's not just a film trope. That's an animal thing that humans do. A reflex.
  • I volunteered that whole day. My roommate Sebastian and I get on these MTA buses and we drive across the West Side Highway. We take off our T-shirts so they can be used as tourniquets for all these people we're going to rescue. They're teaching us CPR. You know, this was official. But we're just standing around. I wound up kind of saying to some fire marshal guy, I was like, "Are we gonna go in? Are we gonna do anything?" And he said, quote, "We're waiting for that building to come down." So I can vouch for the fact that they knew ahead of time that building seven was going to fall. Whether there was a conspiracy or not, I don't know. But I didn't do shit. I just stood around on the West Side Highway with my shirt off, with the volunteer group all fucking day, until sundown. But the one thing that I took away as being really, really memorable was seeing a bus full of firefighters going to the site. Fast-forward a couple of hours. It's dark, and the bus comes back with all the lights on inside, showing the firefighters completely covered in ash. I can see their faces and the look was deep dejection. That shit was heavy.
  • Sam Fogarino: For a couple months thereafter there was a great sense of paranoia and New York bonded together. It was like, "Oh, man. I'd rather be in shitty New York with people pissing on my leg."
  • I'd say for a minute we probably collectively thought that it was over, that we were not going to make a record. But then it became fuel for the fire. New York puffed up again and said, "You picked the wrong city. You picked the wrong one," and on a microscopic level this little band, Interpol, is going to put out a fucking record anyway.
  • - Meet Me In The Bathroom, Lizzy Goodman (2017)
Congrats on the Hatty

Word Count: 1056

Player: Sebastian Aho (Carolina Hurricanes)

feat. Teuvo Teravainen (Carolina Hurricanes)

Warning/s: none

This is a repost of my own work!

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You were watching the door to the locker room closely. The families of the other players were waiting next to you, everyone pretty happy after the 5 to 1 win against the flyers. It had been a great game and everyone was proud of their team. Some of them were looking at you from time to time, a pair of women sending you confused glares. Maybe they thought you were someone’s girlfriend that hadn’t been introduced to them yet?

You hoped not to miss your brother. Because if you wouldn’t get to see him the whole surprise thing wouldn’t have worked out the way you planned. You slightly tugged at the hem of your jersey, looking up as the door opened and the players began coming out. 

The second that he came out you saw him, but he was so concentrated on talking with Sebastian Aho, he didn’t even look up. They would have walked right past you, if you wouldn’t have said anything.

“But the two assists were great.”, his friend said.

“I agree. They were pretty great.”, you said loud enough for them to hear. 

Aho looked slightly confused but Teuvo’s head snapped around and a grin spread on his face, mixed with surprise!

“Y/n!”, he cheered, quickly pulling you into a bone crushing hug. You were lifted from the ground as your taller brother spun you around a little, before setting you back down.

“Nice to see you too, Teukka.”, you mumbled with your arms around his waist. He was so freakishly tall you couldn’t do anything else, although you weren’t really small yourself.

“How- I mean how are you even in the country?”, he exclaimed, not believing you were really there.  

The last time you had seen each other seemed to be months away. On Christmas with your family in Finnland.

“I got an offer to check out the University of North Carolina. So I thought, why not surprise my lovely brother? And it just so happened to be a game night.”, you grinned.

Teuvo loosened the hug, absently tucking a streak of your hair behind your ear with a big smile.

“I missed you.”, he uttered.

“Yeah, I know. I missed you too.”

You stayed in the hug for a little while, before you separated, both taking a step back. And as you looked at your brother, trying to find the little changes in his appearance since you had last seen him, you suddenly felt guilty and embarrassed. Because you had totally forgotten that his friend was still there, staring at the two of you.

“Congrats on the hatty.”, you greeted him.

“Thank you.”, he replied with a smirk, his accent very familiar from home.
Teuvo realized that you had never formally met his roommate, so he turned around slightly, introducing you.

“This is my little sister Y/n. Y/n, this is Sebastian Aho. Obviously a teammate of mine and my roommate. Tell me, how long can you stay?”

“I have to meet someone at the University tomorrow at 1 PM. But I have to get the last bus back to Chapel Hill so that would be in two hours.”

“Why don’t you just stay for the night and take a bus tomorrow?”, Teuvo offered, as you started walking out of the PNC Arena.

“Would that be okay?”, you asked not only your brother but his roommate too.

“Sure.”, both said.

“Well then I’m gonna take you up on that offer.”, you said getting into the car you knew was your brother’s.

“When is she going to come?”, Sebastian asked as Teuvo was turning off the TV.

“She should be here any minute.”

“And why is she coming again?”

“Campus is closed, classes are canceled because they have a state of emergency. Something is wrong with the water so I thought it would be better to have her here, you know?”

“Yes.”, Sebastian said absentmindedly. 

He didn’t notice that Teuvo was beaming at him from across the room, a smile on the older one’s face. Because while Teuvo was already 23, you were a year younger than Sebastian, making you 18 although you would turn 19 soon.
When Sebastian noticed the look on Teuvo’s face, he looked up.

“What?”, he asked.

“Oh nothing, just tone it down with the heart-eyes if you’re still too chicken to tell her.”, he smirked.

“Uh- no I- uh.”

“I don’t have a problem with that, Sepe. Plus I think she likes you too. So why not go for it? Although I have to inform you of the part in my lifelong contract as her brother which says that I have to break your bones if you hurt her. But I know you wouldn’t, so were good on that one.”, Teuvo finished, just as the doorbell rang.

“Hey, Y/n.”, he greeted as he pulled you into a hug, taking your bag from you.

“Hey, Teukka. Thanks for offering me to stay here.”, you smiled but you were already looking into the Appartement. You entered and while Teuvo closed the door you went into the living room.

Sebastian was still standing there, slightly flustered from what Teuvo had seen. You didn’t ask what was going on, instead, you just went directly to him and pulled him into a hug.

“Hey. Good to see you.”, you greeted quietly.

“Hi.”, was his shy reply as he carefully wrapped his arms around your waist.

“You might want to get some coffee later?”, you asked, your heart racing as you separated. 

Your best friend and roommate in your dorm had pep talked you into this for two hours straight before you had to go. You wanted this since the start of the semester but you weren’t sure what he would reply.

“Yes.”, Sebastian blurted out.

“Coffee?”, Teuvo asked behind you. You wheeled around and send your brother a glare that said: You’re not invited.

“I have to go pick up some stuff later today. Glad you two got something to do while I’m gone.”, he quickly saved himself from the situation, earning a relieved glare from you.

That was close. But now you had to get through a date with Sebastian without dying from cardiac arrest. Nothing easier than that, right?

Something Old (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: I have an idea! Seb and reader meet each other at a mutual friend’s wedding because they’re the bridesmaid and the groomsmen and they spend the whole night together celebrating. Then later on at night they both have a really cute, sweet moment alone together? Thanks sweetness!

A/N: WEDDING SEBASTIAN. AH. This is the fluff to prepare you for the angst that is coming later. So enjoy it while it lasts. Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this one! 

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Recently, my room mate and I discussed the strange orbs that float around Sebastian whenever he’s near a trap. The boring answer is: it’s a game mechanic designed to give the player an edge against traps; the storytellers in us weren’t going to let that slide.

 I used to think it was floating blood bits, but that would insinuate that it’s Ruvik warning Sebastian. Already that’s a stupid thought, considering the man wants him dead. My roommate, however, suggested that they could be embers. In the right lighting they had a surprisingly warm glow, and the longer I sat on that idea, the more I liked it. Now it’s a head canon of mine.

Embers draw a connection to the house fire that destroyed the happy life Sebastian once had, but more importantly they represent his daughter, Lily, who was lost in said fire. Like Ruvik’s reborn Laura, she manifests within STEM (through Seb) in a way that helps to protect him, silently warning her father of the hidden dangers lurking just beyond the darkness…

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klav apollo asougi sebastian edgeworth and gumshoe

  • Push off a cliff: Gumshoe but only because i’m certain he’d survive from sheer dumb gumshoe luck 
  • Kiss: Asougi
  • Marry: Listen I know I said Asougi for marry on the other one but I’m….. a gold digger so Edgeworth this time  
  • Set on Fire: Klavier and I’m really sorry about that but listen he’s been set on fire before and he handled it pretty quick he’ll be ok 
  • Wrap a Blanket around: Sebastian…. my son…. come here…. 
  • Be Roommates with: Apollo. I’m gonna make him not go back to khura’in so help me god we’re taking care of mikeko together 
On Ice

anisstaranise prompted: Seblaine meeting at an ice skating rink.

“Ugh, come on, Sebastian! It’s going to be fun, I swear.” Jeff nearly pleaded, tugging on his roommate’s arm.

                “What could possibly be fun about going around in circles in the freezing cold?” Sebastian asked the other boy, raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms over his chest, “I’m not even remotely drunk, right now. There is zero chance that I will enjoy going ice skating. Besides, is Nick going?” Jeff immediately looked guilty,

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do you know of any good trans youtube channels to follow? i cant really search for it online since people post gross transphobic stuff, so i was wondering if you had any recommendations?

Kii says:

(Apologies that I’m on mobile and can’t link things)

Julie Vu/Princess Joules
Chrissi Bentley (our Chrissi!)
jayistransandboring (our Jay!)
Sebastian Columbine *Lots of NSFW/18+ content!
bitterwort (my roommate)
Kii Cash is me and I keep meaning to start posting stuff but I haven’t yet

Others, please add on!

oblivious · seblaine

sophisticatedloserchick prompted: High school!seblaine. Sebastian spends his summer traveling across Europe. When he comes back to school he starts giving Blaine random kisses on the cheek or lips at any possible moment. At first Blaine thinks nothing of it (assumes its something sophisticated Europeans do that Sebastian picked up). Gradually Sebastian starts to deepen the kisses. Its your choice for how long it takes for Blaine to catch on :)
notes: I hope its okay I made this a Dalton!AU :3 also happy birthday! I don’t know what this fandom would do without you or what I would do without such an amazing friend xoxoxo

Blaine realizes that the line from point A to point B (or in this case point S to point B) is not always a straight one (there’s a pun in there somewhere).

But more often than not that line is zigzagged and twisted and looped until it reaches it’s destination, but eventually it does. Even when it doesn’t seem like it’ll get there. He just has no idea why it had taken him so long to figure that out.

They had slowly become really great friends the moment he had transferred to Dalton, Sebastian volunteering wholeheartedly to take him under his wing to help him settle in. Regardless of the promise of a new school and a fresh start, he had a little trouble melting into his surroundings, into his own skin again.

Sebastian didn’t look at him like he was broken pieces that would never fit right together again, like he’d always have these cracks underneath his skin, when he told him about what happened at his old school. Why he had to transfer to Dalton in the first place. It probably sounds horribly clichéd and it’s not something he would admit outloud in mixed company, but Sebastian’s the one who helped him feel whole. He’d never be the same person that he was, something those boys had taken away from him by cutting his skin and bruising his muscles, breaking bones.

But by being around Sebastian, with his gorgeous green eyes and freckle-kissed cheeks, his handsome smirk and long mile legs, with flirtatious compliments that always made him blush—he knew he’d eventually be okay.

And he was.

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Ciel and Sebastian being roommates. Ciel, leaving his clothes all around, can’t cook for himself, doesn’t clean his room nor after his mess and Sebastian complaining about how he always cleans up after him, does his bed, and cooks for him, even tho he isn’t payed for it and only has to do that cause leaving Ciel’s mess would also affect Sebastian’s work, since he’s a clean freak. The only thing missing is actually bathing and showering the younger male; but that happens once their relationship develop into something more.


Sebastian glanced down at his new schedule, only looking back up with an equally perplexed expression. So this was his new home then.

Or at least, for the time being. It was a nice college, and it cost quite the pretty penny, even the so called ‘yearly’ rate it went for was up there. Though, the didn’t call it 'Ivy League’ for nothing. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, checking over his new roommate. Apparently he was supposed to be alone, but a last minute addict have him someone new.

Ciel Phantomhive… The name sounded terribly familiar, but he brushed it off as merely coincidence. It wasn’t as if anyone from high school made in here, well, no one that mattered. That is, as far as Sebastian was concerned.

He hauled up his things to the new room and placed them down. Classes didn’t start for a good thirty minutes, at least that gave him plenty of time to meet this new kid, whoever he was. At he pulled out bed sheets he heard a knock at the door, ah, he must’ve forgotten his key. So far this Phantomhive kid wasn’t looking all too impressive. Whatever, he’d make do with what he had.

With another impatient bang at the door and grunted and walked over to open it. “Geez, calm down, I’m right here.”
He opened it up and smiled, stepping to the side to let him in.

“Hey, nice to meet you, my name is Sebastian, I guess we’re roommates.”