sebastian is my roommate

My Romanian Roommate

Part Three in the “My Romanian” series.

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It had been two weeks since you had seen Sebastian. He was doing stuff for the movie and had to be with the cast. You were trying to keep busy with filming. And any time you really needed him, he would facetime you. He encouraged and loved you from wherever he was. He made sure you were okay at all times. He took care of you.

           “So, I was wondering something,” you said, trying not to sound too nervous about your question over facetime.

           “What is it?” Sebastian asked.

           “Umm … you know that I get kind of … weird or panicky or whatever when you’re gone,” you said.

           “You’re fine, Y/N.”

           “Just … I was wondering if maybe … maybe you’d like to be my roommate,” you just spit it out.

           “You want me to move in with you?” Sebastian asked.

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Ciel and Sebastian being roommates. Ciel, leaving his clothes all around, can’t cook for himself, doesn’t clean his room nor after his mess and Sebastian complaining about how he always cleans up after him, does his bed, and cooks for him, even tho he isn’t payed for it and only has to do that cause leaving Ciel’s mess would also affect Sebastian’s work, since he’s a clean freak. The only thing missing is actually bathing and showering the younger male; but that happens once their relationship develop into something more.