sebastian in the back right

When I was in 8th grade a friend of mine and I were fucking around during our study period and he accidentally stabbed me in the arm with a pencil and the pencil was partially stuck in my arm but I was really shy in social situations so I just raised my hand and waited for the teacher to notice which took about five minutes so when he finally asked me what I needed I said “TJ accidentally stabbed me with a pencil a few minutes ago and now it’s hanging out of my arm, can I go see the nurse?”. He freaked out and yelled “OH MY GOD SEBASTIAN WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME RIGHT AWAY?” And I said right back “please don’t yell at me, I have a pencil in my arm, if anyone is yelling it should be me” and that sums up my attitude and personality fairly well tbh


“The floor beyond the stage is FILLED with people – among them Mia, beaming with pride. Sebastian smiles to her. Mia grins right back, heart swelling. This is the Echo, the first headline show for Keith’s band – yet right now, it’s as if Mia and Sebastian were the only two people here, echoing the spotlit fantasy when she first watched him play...

- la la land screenplay, by damien chazelle


Aliens are definitely real. They’re among us right now. Um… I mean, 100 %.

Demetrius found a hole somewhere and got his head stuck when he tried to see what was inside

Demetrius: Help! Somebody help!

Sebastian: What happened?

Demetrius: I was trying to see what was in here and my head got stuck.

Sebastian: Why would you do that?

Demetrius: It’s called scientific curiosity… Now go get butter.

Sebastian:Hang in there. I’ll be right back.

Sebastian takes a seat and plays with his phone


Difficult one here. Go for the full frame shots or get it over with quickly? All is good. (x)

Call in Sick Today

This post has been brought to you by the reasons to stay in bed today campaign. You may now return to your regularly scheduled dashboard scrolling. 

If you can. ;D


➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸

“Remember, Mommy and Daddy’ll be right back in the same spot to pick you up after school ok?” You reassured your little boy, Alex. “Babe I’m sure he’d be aware after the 5th time you told him.” Sebastian remarked, making you scoff.

It was his first day of preschool, you felt like he was prepared, you just didn’t think either you or Sebastian were prepared emotionally. Sebastian drove into the elementary school parking lot, “Here we are.” He sighed. You both got out of the car and you went to take Alex out of his car seat.

You slid his book bag onto his back, “Again, we don’t want to hear about any trouble from here on out.” You explained to Alex, holding his hand as you led him into the school. “Mommy I get it. Daddy isn’t worried like you.” He said.

Sebastian chuckled, earning a push from you, “He is… He’s just hiding it.” You said. “Of course I am.” Sebastian retorted. You two met with one of the main office workers, being directed to Alex’s class.

When you got there you were all met with families with crying children. “Guess you’re the only one not crying huh?” Sebastian said to Alex, kneeling down to his level. “I’m a big kid!” He exclaimed, making you both smile.

“Alright, well, we’ll see you in a bit hm?” Sebastian said, pulling him into a hug. Memories flowed through you, his first kick, his first birthday, now he was starting school. Tears brimmed your eyes as you kneeled, pulling him into your arms.

“Mommy why are you sad?” Alex asked. You pulled away from the hug, smiling, “I’m just happy, you’re growing up so fast.” You explained, tears falling down your cheeks. Sebastian put a hand on your shoulder, kissing your cheek.

You stood, ruffling Alex’s hair, “Have a good day Hun.” You said with a smile. He smiled back, running to the other kids. Sebastian turned to you, “You could be mistaken for a toddler considering how you’re crying.” Sebastian said, wiping away your tears.

You sighed, “He’s my baby, I don’t want him to grow up.” You said, nearly sobbing. “Aw, come on.” Sebastian said with a smile, pulling you into a hug as you both walked out. “He’s always going to be our baby.”

Just that mood again...

Jim stood swaying in the middle of the living room, his grip on his sanity slowly loosening as that mood washed over him once more.

His brows furrowed as he clutched at his stuffed tiger…
He drops it on the couch as he suddenly grabs a bottle and throws it at the wall, then a book is lobbed and then the table lamp…

He grabs his phone as small window of calm washes over him and he text Sebastian.

-They just don’t understand! why wont they Understand!- JM

He does right back to throwing thing till he spots a pocket knife… but is distracted as his phone chimes…