sebastian fc


“Thank you for staying despite the chances you could get, thank you for your loyalty
Thank you for your perseverance and hard-work to lead us
Thank you for being more than just a coach, you are a father, a family
Gracias for everything, for uniting us into one
Thank you for inspiring us
Thank you for having faith in us despite we never fully support you, thank you for having our backs even when we rarely appreciate you
Thank you for all these wonderful years

We may not see you guys with the same badge in front of the jersey anymore, but the name on the back would forever remains in our heart. 

Thank you.”

AT THE LINK you will find a few hundred hq medium/small textless gifs of the cutest romanian puppy Sebastian Stan ( aka my husband ). He is known for his work in the Captain America films, The Bronze, Once Upon a Time and Political Animals. These gifs are from various roles, his personal instagram, interviews and red carpets. I do not own nor do I take credit for any of the gifs in this gif hunt. Requests are currently open and please like or reblog if this benefits you in any way. trigger warning: blood, torture, flashing, guns, drug use, alcohol and minor nsfw material. major spoiler warning for captain america civil war.