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Elizabeth’s Secret

Lizzy: Ciel i have a confession to make….I DID sleep with Alois that night.

Ciel: *GASP*

Sebastian: What a twist!

Lizzy: Its just…he was scared of the storm and asked me to sleep beside him just in case. 

Ciel: What, you mean you two never….? You know?

Lizzy: Ohh! Ciel, you bloody pervert! *slap!*

Sebastian: And so the plot curdles. *Amused grin*

anonymous asked:

If the assailant really is the real Ciel.. Then he must've been seeing Soma and Agni as intruders to his house. Maybe they somehow triggered the memory of the time when he was kidnapped. And that's why he pulled the trigger without thinking twice. Because this time he atleast had a chance to win the fight against the intruders. I imagine him having serious trust issues much more so than our Ciel.

He would see anyone at the townhouse as an intruder right now, with the possible exception of Tanaka…. However, Tanaka must be at the manor right now.

Trust issues, for sure. Like the earl says he can trust Sebastian the least, real Ciel would probably trust the earl the least right now, tbh….

artsy-jandi  asked:

Can I have headcanons of Sebastian with a s/o who fears heights?

- He would find it amusing.

-As with anything, he’d research it and come to know that it’s a perfectly common fear among humans.

- He may not know why it’s common though and would ask you why heights scare you.

- Sebastian would probably question you about it a little until he’s satisfied with your answer as a whole.

- He’d perform little experiments on you.

- Some weeks after your talk, he’d conveniently take the way home to Phantomhive Manor by going across a bridge suspended above water.

- He’d evaluate your fear response.

- If it’s minor, he will continue to find it funny and almost pathetic.

- If it’s major and you begin to panic, he’d become curious and would get you across the bridge as quickly as he can.

- Another time, you have to go across seas. 

- Sebastian would carry you there the same way he does Ciel, though he encourages you to bury your face in his neck and to not look down.

- Easier said than done, so of course you’d look and he’d chuckle.

- I think if it’s a serious fear, he’d try to accomodate to it and would help you avoid heights at all costs.

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

So, I finished watching season one of Black Butler, I think it’s pretty good. Ciel is DEFINITELY my favourite character. If you don’t know, without spoiling it, the anime basically follows the adventures of a demon butler Sebastian Michaelis who made a contract with 13 year old Ciel Phantomhive. But of course, this is only the first season. 8/10.

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