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The last diary entry German school shooter Sebastian Bosse made dated on the same day he went to the Geschwister-Scholl-Realschule in Emsdetten, North Rhine-Westphalia and wounded five students before killing himself. He started documenting his thoughts and plans in a diary and made his first entry on August 10, 2006.


best of sebastian stan // i just hope that i can look at certain movies where i’m like, ‘i did my job in terms of fleshing out real people’-whatever they were and whatever they cared for-and i challenge myself enough to not just end up always doing the same thing. it’s self discovery isn’t it? 

On November 20, 2006 in Emsdetten, Germany, 18-year-old Sebastian Bosse entered the high school he had graduated from that spring with several guns and explosive devices dressed in a black trench coat and a black gas mask. “At first we all laughed at him, the way he was standing there. He looked totally ridiculous,” one student recalls. Bosse fired indiscriminately and threw several smoke bombs throughout his rampage, but no one died or suffered severe injuries. His body was found on the second floor, dead from a gunshot wound to the roof of the mouth. In a farewell message he left on the internet, he wrote:

“If you realize you’ll never find happiness in your life and the reasons for this pile up day by day, the only option you have is to disappear from this life.”

Quotes from Sebastians Livejournal

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The longer I’m wondering about this life, the more I recognize how senceless it actually is. … Someone gets born, has a good life for 6 years, but then gets put to school. There he has to unconsciously take a decision; should I stay the person I really am, or fit in [this certain behavior]? To be exact: stay strong or will I become the betrayer of myself [in German the meaning silently includes ‘loose my soul’ as a reference to satanism]? If one’s decided in favor of bearing up, you get laughed down, just because talking different, or because looking diversely, or listens to other music, has other interests. This will continue 4 years, and then our ten year old kid hopes: Fortunately, now it’s another school where things will be better, finally! And what happens? You’re fucked! Everything just gets worse. The slogan of the secondary schools: Go along with it [in German meaning: parttake in evil] or go down!

You get semi-conscious in the hope to survive all that hateful crap you’re confronted with every day, in order to hopefully be able to live a better life, lateron.

[But] Then everything continues: Either you’ll get no job in the first place [you have to know this: in Germany, different to the US, jobs are rare and it’s very hard to get one for many strings in German life build on the false assumption of equal opportunities and everyone getting completed vocational training while indeed the German schools are so into violent chaos that many fail due to depression which pretty much messes up their whole lifes] or you’ll work yourself dead for a ridiculous minimum wage till you’re 65. Perhaps you’ll start a family, which means you put on all this shit to your kids. Mightbe you build a house which most likely you’ll never be able to pay off… anyway finally you’ll find yourself, old and wrinkled, perhaps have another 20 years to live. What are you doing then? You’ll begin to reflect your life, and finally realize: Why on earth did I let them do this to me??? What do I have from life, now? NOTHING! [May. 15th, 2005. age ~16(!)]

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Okay then! Could you please write a fic where he sings "Baby one more time" :D

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“Is he in there?”, Jim asked raising his eyebrows. The brawny man in front of him nodded silently and opened the door that led Moriarty into a dark room.

It was empty except for a chair and a light that was pointing at a man that was sitting in it. The walls were covered in mirrors. Even the ceiling showed the reflection of the people that were inside of it.

The man, not in the best state, raised his head as he heard the door open. His body was covered in bruises but his face was untouched. The eyes, incredibly tired, started staring in fear as Jim walked towards him.

“Well hello, hello Mr Dawson. How are we today? Are my boys treating you well?” A smirk appeared on Jim’s face.

Allan Dawson, an old client of his, had crossed the line between cooperating with him and doing his own things thus exposing parts of Jim’s network to other influential people. Not a smart move.

The man didn’t answer. He was sleep-deprived and starving. Jim had him woken up as soon as he seemed to slide into unconsciousness. Barely any food and little water were keeping Dawson alive.

How else could he learn his lesson?

“You don’t want to answer me, dear? How so? That’s very rude, I think.” Jim placed his left hand on the back of the chair and leaned his head towards the prisoner.

“Look, I’m offering you my best room. You’re my guest. Don’t be so ungrateful.”, he whispered at his face.

At this very second the door opened again. A single look in the mirror in front of him told Jim who’d entered the room. He gently pushed himself away from the chair and elegantly turned around with a smile.


“Boss.”, the addressed one answered with a brief nod.

“Seeee”, Jim sang-song to Dawson “That’s how you answer.”

Sebastian walked up to Moriarty and stopped next to him, observing the sitting man.

“He looks miserable. For how long has he been in here?”, he asked scrunching his forehead.

“Oh I don’t know. I forgot. Let’s ask him.” Jim turned around again.

“Dawson, be a lamb and tell us for how long you’ve been sitting here?”

Whether it was exhaustion or fear -he didn’t answer. Only a quiet groan left his throat.

“Again! He doesn’t talk to me. Can you imagine?”, Moriarty pointed at the weak man with a finger.

“Unbelievable.”, the sarcastic undertone of Sebastians voice couldn’t be overheard.

“Hit him.” The little smile had disappeared from Jim’s eyes. “Hit him.”, he repeated coldly watching the man in the chair who was now moving in discomfort.

Sebastian took a deep breath and stepped closer to Dawson. He never looked his victim in the eyes. The fixation of the point to hit was the only thing he concentrated on. This time it was the face. Sebastian clenched his fist and hit the man.

Hard and quick.

A scream left Dawsons mouth and blood started flowing from his nose. He was struggling to keep his eyes open and his eyelids were twitching.

“Ooh hit me baby one more time.”, Jim broke into singing. He visibly enjoyed the situation.

Sebastian followed his order without thinking twice. This time the punch knocked the man out. His body was hanging loose from the chair and his breathing was calm and barely noticeable. Blood was still dripping out of his nose.

“Let’s go. Apparently he doesn’t want to play.” Immediately Moriarty had lost all of his interest. Now the prisoner was useless. Now he was boring.


Seventeen-year-old Rolf B. was considered a reserved and “inconspicuous young man,” but when classmates at the Georg-Büchner Gymnasium in Cologne, Germany noticed pictures of the Columbine High School Massacre on his school-related account, they were alarmed enough to inform the administration. Rolf was required to meet with the principal, but the conversation didn’t relieve her concerns, so the police were called in for further questioning, and he promised to delete the pictures, while offering an apology.  They both didn’t suspect anything was wrong when they allowed him to go home, yet on the way, he threw himself in front of a train and suffered fatal injuries, later dying in the hospital. A search of his home arose suspicions of a planned attack at the school, which was soon confirmed by his 18-year-old friend Robin G. He confessed they intended to “hurt, kill and kill ourselves” on the first anniversary of Sebastian Bosse’s shooting in Emsdetten. Searches revealed a hit list with 17 names of students and teachers on it, two air-soft guns, and two crossbows with 16 arrows. Unlike his accomplice, Robin was described as the “very introverted” bullied loner who wore all black, and the typical school shooter type, which is why the police were hesitant to believe his claim these plans had been called off for several months. However, it was later proven to be true though chat logs on his computer. Robin received treatment at a psychiatric hospital, then transferred schools to finish his education. His mother had since said, “If it were not so sad that Rolf is no longer alive, we could say that the result is ultimately not the worst.”


Emsdetten School Shooting

On the 20th of November 2006 in Germany, former student 18 year old Sebastian Bosse walked into the Geschwister Scholl-Schule and began shooting. Bosse also set off a number of smoke bombs around the school before authorities came. No students or teachers were killed.

The motive was bullying and Bosse left multiple suicide notes. One extract was “I hate you and the way you are! You’ve all got to die! Since I was 6 you’ve all been taking the piss out of me! Now you’re going to pay. Finally, I want to apologise for all this to the people who mean something to me or who were ever good to me! I’m gone”.

Sebastian Bosse committed suicide at the scene and was the only fatality

It’s claimed that Bosse played hours on violent video game Counter Strike

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