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The last diary entry German school shooter Sebastian Bosse made dated on the same day he went to the Geschwister-Scholl-Realschule in Emsdetten, North Rhine-Westphalia and wounded five students before killing himself. He started documenting his thoughts and plans in a diary and made his first entry on August 10, 2006.

Quotes from Sebastians Livejournal

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The longer I’m wondering about this life, the more I recognize how senceless it actually is. … Someone gets born, has a good life for 6 years, but then gets put to school. There he has to unconsciously take a decision; should I stay the person I really am, or fit in [this certain behavior]? To be exact: stay strong or will I become the betrayer of myself [in German the meaning silently includes ‘loose my soul’ as a reference to satanism]? If one’s decided in favor of bearing up, you get laughed down, just because talking different, or because looking diversely, or listens to other music, has other interests. This will continue 4 years, and then our ten year old kid hopes: Fortunately, now it’s another school where things will be better, finally! And what happens? You’re fucked! Everything just gets worse. The slogan of the secondary schools: Go along with it [in German meaning: parttake in evil] or go down!

You get semi-conscious in the hope to survive all that hateful crap you’re confronted with every day, in order to hopefully be able to live a better life, lateron.

[But] Then everything continues: Either you’ll get no job in the first place [you have to know this: in Germany, different to the US, jobs are rare and it’s very hard to get one for many strings in German life build on the false assumption of equal opportunities and everyone getting completed vocational training while indeed the German schools are so into violent chaos that many fail due to depression which pretty much messes up their whole lifes] or you’ll work yourself dead for a ridiculous minimum wage till you’re 65. Perhaps you’ll start a family, which means you put on all this shit to your kids. Mightbe you build a house which most likely you’ll never be able to pay off… anyway finally you’ll find yourself, old and wrinkled, perhaps have another 20 years to live. What are you doing then? You’ll begin to reflect your life, and finally realize: Why on earth did I let them do this to me??? What do I have from life, now? NOTHING! [May. 15th, 2005. age ~16(!)]

Sebastian: I’m locked in on Sherlock’s throat, Neil’s my secondary.  Miranda’s on Watson with Kevin.  Waiting on the signal boss.

Sebastian: Kevin, where the fuck are you aiming.  That’s the wall.  Aim for Watson’s chest.  Down a bit.  To the right.  No, your right.  For fuck’s sake we’re here for murder not petty vandalism.  If the bullet hole can be fixed by plaster you’re not at your mark.  We are killers not wallers.  Aim your goddamned gun at the tiny doctor in the fucking cardigan.

Kevin: You’re breaking my concentration, man.  I got this.  I’ll be ready.

Sebastian: Why did we even bring you.

Jack & David ~ Kings
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nighttimeteaparty  asked:

Popping into your ask box to tell you how much I loved that nurse AU fic. I loved how it started out with Ciel bossing Sebastian around, who had a hard time understanding what's going on anyway. Then the revelation of Ciel's real intentions. And THEN the revelation of the reason for Sebastian's hospitalization. Perfect.

I am so glad you enjoyed it! Sebastian is forever a cat obsessed moron. I can’t wait for part two, I will definitely be turning to you and @irllax for proper medical terms.