Yana’s comment on Sebastian’s true nature

(Yana Toboso blog post August 13, 2010)

English translation:

[] Speaking of demons, I was recently interviewed together with Okada-san [*Mari Okada, screenwriter of season 2]. We talked a bit about demons and after listening to our discussion, the interviewer seemed a bit surprised. He was like, “Ah, I see… so that’s what demons are like in Kuroshitsuji….” (lol)

I might write more about my perception of the demons in Kuroshitsuji when the magazine with said interview has been released. [*Note: She never did.] I’ve never really talked about demons and their existence in depth so far and I probably won’t do that in the future either, so if our discussion about demons isn’t cut, it will be quite a rare interview.

Anyway, it is commonly said that demons are angels that have fallen or that they were born from the crotch of the tree. However, I’ll probably never state clearly what Sebastian’s true nature is. I’ve already vaguely decided on what he could be, though. (lol)

I think it really doesn’t matter. It’s like the ‘margin’ of a book, it’s not relevant to the main plot.

Sebastian is just Sebastian. One hell of a butler. That’s all you need to know about the character Sebastian from the manga ‘Kuroshitsuji’.


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  • Me:Sebastian, I would like you to read my schedule.
  • Sebastian:well today you a have three meetings. The company's papers need to be filled out and filed. Then later, Elizabeth is coming over to accompany you at the Viscount Druitt's ball.
  • Me:is that all?
  • Sebastian:well, there one more thing.
  • Me:and what might that be?
  • Sebastian:I'm going to rek dat ass tonite b.
  • Me:Dammit Sebastian.

Pleaaassseee take the time and watch this. It hits ya in the heart…

In eloquent defense of Sebastian Michaelis

Fandom: “Yeah. Sebastian is such a Gary-Stu! He’s way too pretty, he’s totally over-powered, he always saves the day, and he has no personality. Ugh. BORING!”

Me: (immediately drafts a 50,000 word counter-argument in my head complete with 50 examples from the manga that proves my arrogant, manipulative and sardonic bastion of soul-hankering sin is a unique, story-driving character who has personality in spades, is compellingly flawed, and gets his ass gorgeously kicked on a semi-regular basis (THANK YOU, YANA!). Wonders if the fandom is even reading the same manga I’m reading. Exhausts self with incredulity) “Fuck off.”