Someday Darling (Part Fifteen)

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Summary: Leaving LA to go to New York to spend time with your brother might just be the worst/best decision of your life.

Words: 1,451

Student!Sebastian x Reader ; Actor!Chris Evans x Reader


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I sit on the couch, snuggled between Chris and Sebastian. Mikayla finished washing the dishes and came in, popping P.S. I Love You in the DVD player. This was most definitely the most romantic movie ever. I kept sighing and wanted to get up and move but Sebastian was looking at me from the corner of his eye and smiling. I kept looking at him, wondering if I should hold his hand or just stay put with my hands under my thighs. I looked over at Chris, who was watching me and Sebastian, uncomfortable written all over his face. I felt bad for him, I really truly did. He came over here thinking that I would crawl back into his arms after his long apology but I didn’t and now he was going along with my terrible plan.

I shook my head and shifted slightly. My hands had fallen asleep being squished under my legs so I brought them out and shook them. Sebastian reached over and laced his fingers with my own and I felt myself instantly mellow. His skin touching mine, his thumb rubbing my knuckles. I felt butterflies in my stomach and for the first time in a long time, I was happy. Happy enough that I didn’t care that my ex was sitting right beside me, eyeing me up and watching every move I made. I smiled and he brought my hand to his lips, kissing my knuckles gently. He chuckled when I blushed and I could see the smirk that was on his lips, glancing over at Chris.

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Favorite Bucky Barnes / Sebastian Stan Smut Master-List

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None of these stories are mine! I just wanted to put together all the best/favorite Bucky Barnes Smuts on Tumblr together! So don’t give me any credit! :)


Bucky Barnes

Tonight, The Focus is on You
Woodsmoke & Lavender
Snowflakes And Misltoe
What’s Mine
I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
Another kinky wager
The look on his face
I Love You
Old Dog, New Tricks
Like a Book
Swimming pool
Dark Lovers
Just Another Bucky Smut
Strip It Down
I Think I’m In Love With You
Incy Wincy Spider 
It feels nice
Suit and Tie
Sharing a Moment
Cheap Thrills
A Soldier Told Me
Special Places
I Feel It Coming
Star-spangled brushwork
The End of November
Halloween Party
Leather Jacket
Morning shower
The conversation

Sebastian Stan

So Far So Good
Not Fair
Seven Years
Rainy Mornings
Wanna Be Your Lover
A Friend Like Mine
Birthday Girl
Slow Motion
Bon appétit
Shape Of You
I Feel It Coming
The man on the train
Last Christmas

If you have any smut one-shots/stories that aren’t up here let me know and I’ll add them!


Annika: Sebastian, what are you doing up there?

Sebastian: Singing for you, my dear Annika…

Annika: Come down, I don’t want you to fall over.

Sebastian: Don’t worry, I’m a big boy. But it’s so cute that you’re worrying about me. Now let me sing for you first…

 You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off you….

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*Poses are by the awesome @simmerberlin and the amazing lot is by the talented  @oaksim *


Time to go to the boooyyys side \o/ !

Same principle, I imagined the dance flower outfits of all the bachelors! So fun! I looove drawing that so much haha…! Of course, they’re all in shades of blue, to match the game, a little bit : p !
(In fact, I’ve drawn that immediately after posting the other one haha! But It’s better if I spread a little the posts, isn’t it :x ?)

((I tend to imagine Elliott as a really nice Howl haha…))

(((Again, I put the line and I also cut it in 3 parts, ‘cause, you know eh…)))