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Julian Blackthorn and Character hate

DISCLAIMER:  THIS ISN’T SUPPOSED TO HAVE A GO AT ANYONE AND IT ISN’T AIMED AT A SPECIFIC PERSON! IT IS JUST WHAT I HAVE NOTICED AND HOW I FEEL! Please do not get offended. This isn’t supposed to hurt anyone in any shape or form.

Okay, so I have noticed a lot of Julian and other character hate. Fictional characters are supposed to have flaws just like we do; that is what makes them relatable. If they were perfect and didn’t have any flaws the plot won’t be that interesting. We as humans aren’t supposed to hate them because they have them since we have them ourselves. One character that gets a lot of hate for his flaws is Julian Blackthorn. Julian is morally grey. We all know that. Yes, he is considering cutting all the parabatai bonds and yes he has done a lot of shady things but he is doing it mostly for the people he loves. I agree that cutting all the parabatai bonds is not okay but the thing is I don’t hate Julian for considering it since he is doing it out of love. It is selfish, yes, but Julian has been doing stuff for others his whole life and it makes sense if he wants to be selfish for once even if it is really bad.Moreover, it makes the plot more interesting! If Julian was all sunshine and rainbows then it wouldn’t be realistic since no one who has suffered as much as him comes out unharmed. One of the reasons I love Julian so much is because he is a complex character. Actually he is the most complex character I have ever read about. Julian isn’t perfect but then no one is. Julian’s flaw is being morally grey. He shouldn’t be hated for it.

Another character is Emma. Okay I saw this post that said that Emma is using Julian and Mark- like she is trying to break both of their hearts and overall hating on her and Tessa because apparently they were both in the same situation and just want to hurt everyone. No Emma and Tessa’s situations were VERY different and they weren’t using anyone. Tessa was in love with both Will and Jem- she wasn’t trying to turn Jem and Will against each other. She simply loved them and they loved her, there was no cruel thinking. Emma wasn’t even in love with Mark in the first place and neither was Mark- he was in love with Cristina and Kieran while Emma was in love with Julian. Emma decided to hurt Julian to save him from the curse- not because she wanted him to feel bad or because she wanted any drama. Emma is in love with him just as he is and neither of them want to hurt each other. Emma too, has her flaws and that’s her love for revenge but that doesn’t make her a bad person. 

Another person is Alec Lightwood. I still can’t believe there are people calling him out with the situation with Magnus. To clarify Alec was confused. He never wanted to hurt Magnus. He went to Camille 3 times. One was to see what her offer was. The second was to clarify it and the third was to tell her that he didn’t want to go with anything she wanted to say. Alec was scared and confused and he made a mistake. Don’t we all make mistakes? Do we really deserve hate for making a mistake. What is important is that they LEARNED from them. Julian, Emma, Tessa and Alec aren’t bad people. They have simply been pressured too much, been scared, or confused, that might have made them make a mistake. Although in terms of Tessa- I don’t see her doing anything wrong- she was simply in love with two boys. In addition, I just wanted to say that I don’t think Julian will cut all the parabatai bonds. He might come close to doing it but he might stop because he knows Emma wouldn’t want that to happen and we all know he would do anything for her because he loves her so much and she will stop him. But back on the essay, I just wanted to say that all characters have their flaws but that doesn’t give us a right to hate on them. Kieran is another example. He made a mistake but only because he was scared and loved Mark. He deserves to be forgiven and not hated. He isn’t a bad person like Zara or Manuel who want to see people suffer. There is a difference between having a flaw and being an overall bad person like Zara/ Sebastian/ Manuel.

To wrap this essay up I’m going to tell my flaws. I am really stubborn and can be really salty. But I don’t want to see people hurt and I believe in equality and peace. I know I am not a bad person despite my flaws. I have done things that I regret. But haven’t we all. I usually don’t write essays but this has really been bothering me for a long time. There is a difference between stating your opinion and being overall mean. It’s okay to not like Julian/Kieran/Alec or any other character but it is not okay to hate on them for making a mistake or for having their flaws. Again, I am not talking about actual bad characters who have done horrific things like Sebastian and Valentine. So please guys do not hate on characters that have their own flaws. I am tired of seeing so much hate.

Wrong Reunion

Part One

38. I almost lost you
40. Don’t you ever do that again
57. I thought you were dead
60. Please don’t do this

Member: Sebastian Verlac/Jonathan Morgernstern
Warnings: None
Word Count: 880

You had moved from the London Institute to the New York Institute just under two months ago, after being ordered by your Head of Institute to be transferred after Sebastian had gone off the grid completely, which is what made the encounter that had occurred that day that much more shocking.

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