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ah sorry if i bother you, but the blogs i follow are mostly all inactive and/or not naruto centric anymore. can you rec some naruto blogs that are active and do something? like make content for the fandom or such?

Hmm, it’s hard for me to point out specific people. Some people who do sns related stuff only do it from time to time. I know that @snow124-art @schaychan @sebas-chan-butler  @sasu-bear @snscomix @whoistobio @milisalin @ciodas @tomato-x-ramen @sasnartrash @saiikosan @eliseriously @fizzmouth @hidingmai @soulmatespoxleitner @northful are blogs which still post sns art. 

@snskings and @roro-chan-4ever and @hey-usuratonkachi make awesome sns edits.

@someone-who-is-there and @saucegayuchihayyyy make great analysis and debate posts. they’re also both active in the fandom even if they don’t post their own stuff so often.

some other blogs which are active in the sns fandom and deserve a follow: @it-started-over-sasunaru @rei-scarlet @dobe-and-teme @sasu-loves-naru @uzumakura @bisuratonkachi @sasu-loves-naru @mipadremadara @2blazingshadows @hotmessmuffin @narutoandsasukearecanon @uzuchi2 @kuramaknows @sns-is-my-lifeblood @sasuke-and-naruto @bubblegalaxylove

i can’t think of every blog right now, but I made a long post about all my favourite blogs some time ago which you can check here

i also have a tag on my blog which is ‘fic rec’ and you can find a long list of sns fics here

if that still doesn’t help then the least I can say is to follow the sasunaru, narusasu, sns tags on tumblr and posts from those tags will pop up throughout your dashboard.

a friend like mine

 Summary: A discussion about a break up leads to….interesting revelations. || Sebastian x Reader || part 1 of 2

Warnings: discussion of kinks, [in the second part] —> smut and all that entails, thigh riding, choking, some other stuff but i’ll put it in the warnings for the next one

Note: :))))

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