Worst part of being not completely healthy: medicines.

Haaaaah! I have to take all of these. :-/

The story behind: Yesterday, we went to Manaoag to give thanks and for my sister to ask for help from above because she’s taking the board exam in a month. After the mass, while we’re walking, I felt something biting my feet. So I immediately removed my wedges. There are five fucking ants on my left foot and two on my right. I can’t help but scratch my feet because they really were itchy. Then they became swollen. Especially my left. Few minutes later, we decided to go to Señor Tesoro in Calasiao. While we’re on our way, my arms, nape and neck, and face felt so itchy. So I scratched them. But not totally. Then welts and red spots started to appear on my skin. (My brother took a photo of my skin. Lol. Will upload soon.) I had experienced this before. According to the dermatologist, it’s an “Urticaria Allergy.” It happens to me during bipolar weathers. But they appear occasionally. Even though the weather lately’s bipolar, they didn’t happen to appear. Idk why. So, yeah. We dropped by to Señor Tesoro though I’m experiencing this allergy. And having a swollen feet. But I consider myself luck because there’s no mass. I can count the people visited there on my hand. I’m going to feel embarrassed if countless people see me in my allergies. While we’re on the way to Concepcion, my mom bought alcohol and medicine. I think she let me take anti-histamine? Idk. After minutes, they’re starting to disappear. And I thank God for that. When we ate at Rustica, there are only few spots and welts left but they are not noticeable anymore. And if I didn’t mention, we’re going to the mall to buy clothes for school. So, THANK GOD.

When we got home. My right foot is almost fine. But my left’s not. It’s still swollen. While walking around the house, I felt something strange on my foot. Something watery, inside. I feel like there’s water, a lot of water, inside my foot. So I told my Dad. Then he immediately told my Mom to bring me to the clinic/hospital.

A while ago, my Mom and I went to the hospital. The doctor said that I’m maybe allergic to ant bites. But I know I’m not. I never knew a person could be allergic to ant bites. So, yeah. Then, she said, my foot was infected. The reason? Ants’ bites. So she gave me medications. I hope my foot gets well before school starts!

Dallas Mavericks evens the Miami Heat on the second game of the NBA Finals.

I, myself, support Dallas Mavericks. Though I love how Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade plays, I’m still into Mavs. Yup, I don’t like Lebron James. No offense to the fans of James but I really I find him boastful or whatever. Unlike Dirk Nowitzki.

Game 2 was today. And it was tough! It was full of suspense and whatever. Miami Heat got the first shoot. Dwayne Wade was on fire. No joke, he really was.

4th Quarter, Heat leads 15 points. My little brother says Mavs might loss in this game, but Dallas Mavs showed what they got and tried to revive themselves. They tied 90-90 and there was only 57.6 second left. Then Nowitzki hits a three and gives Mavericks a lead. The crowd was stunned, but yes! Dallas leads! Me and my little brother was clapping, and jumping, and screaming. More like partying. Then Chalmers hits a three-point-shot, so it was a tie between Heat and Mavs. I felt so nervous that maybe Heat would won, but no. 24.5 second left, with all determination and faith, Nowitzki hits a layup for the win. 3 seconds left and Wade’s three attempt didn’t work. Mavs completed an unbelievable comeback! What a game! And this series just got a whoooooooooole lot different!

We’re like “woohooooooo!” and everything. And I believe, Dallas Mavericks is the first team who won on Miami Home court.

This game made the series a lot more exciting! Can’t wait for Game 3, will be held on Dallas Home court! Yay! And I’m supporting Dallas Mavericks till the end.


My sister and I went to St. Jude church somewhere here in Mendiola. We walked all the way there. When we are walking along the street, my sister mentioned that that street we passed by is where bikers and skateboarders do their stunts. And I saw these bikers do their stunts. I even whispered, “Swag!” Haha.

Back way to the dorm, we saw this reaaaaaaaaaaally cute guy riding his bike. I believe he was with those guys riding bikes, too. This guy we saw looked at us so I decided to looked at him. And I don’t regret! Hahahahaha. He looks like Coco Martin! Then I told my sister, “Pogi nun ah!” Haha. She totally agreed.

When we were back at my sister’s dorm, I decided to tell Ate Jilian, my brother’s girlfriend, about this guy that we saw along the street. Ate Jiilian told me that maybe those guys are her cousin’s boyfriend’s friends. Then I told her, “Crush ko na yon! Kung sino man yon!”, then we laughed and I once again said, “Ang pogi niya!”


I give up. I’ll be reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days online. -__-

I want to read it using the book ITSELF, though. But I just can’t wait to read. Haha. :p  Because downloading the e-book/reading online stinks. There are no images. Yes, images. I love Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s pictures and drawings! They’re just so cute. And funny as well! :D