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New favorite bloggers?

Old-favourites first eh? 

@litglob , @mikefrawley, @definegodliness@writteninjoy2, @teacup13 , @wordswritteninsilence, @dhritspoetry , @thissometimepoet, @ceeslife, @aubriestar, @alexandraswritingblock, @shentoncarrington , @strikezilla01, @wintermanworld, @sangocrayon, @chucklingpecan, @wordrummager, @mist2myst, @madworlddiary, @quaintobsessions,  @cubaboy, @ellenya, @anjo-da-guarda-me, @awhorableperson@inrumford , @sirmorose , @dustseeker, @teaberrybee, @merseawaves, @ajttk, @highlandsmistwoman, @starlight2travel, @lzlabs, @aftersalt, @street-heart-posts, @forpoetry@denmysterywoman, @rhymesalot, @fakesurprise, @randomlyjay, @terracemuse, @towardsnihility, @the-sum-of-many-poets, @pocochon, @jcatmoonlight, @lonelyroadrunner, @mariposaheart, @celtic-poetry, @torrentialmonsoon@echoes-of-me, @thatrandompoet@rarasworldbro@nightofvanity, @cherokeeghostwriter, @forpoetry, @jhlumyk, @woodsong, @jewelrygirl82, @batvalentinworld, @sunsbythethousands, @midnightxmasquerade, @barbaranestor, @trixclibrarian, @mormatt15, @babylon-crashing, @stormycloudypoems, @roman–empyre, @quietdissidentlyricist, @2ndtim3around, @sarcaveman, @rodolfo9999, @beingabeverage, @ambroseharte, @darkhorsepoet, @honeythoughts, @nosorryforyou, @followcb, @lebuc, @pomegranatepithos, @suzyhazelwood, @trinns, @tridancer, @mysublimejourney, @frsphoto, @poeticallyprofound, @polvo-xo, @mimosa203, @thelightoffireflies, @amadeuswolfe, @cornelisrage, @elephantsoutside, @cloudsbursting, @chimerawitch, @theoutdoorsthinksofyou, @sebargan2313, @californiacougar, @snowyowlpost, @my-inside-voice, @whereflowersbloom, @mycosmicbackyard, @sporadicalbits, @besottedwanderlust, @mgreywood@baileeofhay@patchworkheart6@infamouslyroggy@agentlemanswords@x-changes@thesealivesinme@bowink, @cruxymox, @takingstockofwhatmattersmost, @kyrah52, @sadcats13, @stevenluce, @quietpoet, @darkredrogue, @poetcc-things, @kimbeyerjohnson, @purplemonkeysexgod69, @katrinnac, @nadaclouds, @scribblingsofstu, @boxjellyfish87, @phoenixheartsongrising, @rodolfo9999, @je-suiselle, @doctordearie, @mavieenmots, @bluemonkwrites, @kneipho, @kamala-laxman, @youroldragdoll

And the new-favourites, blogs whom I recently started following:

@sealanehill@jonaswpoetry, @sonador-reveur, @you-are-my-poetry, @gspoems, @behind-the-sun, @jmhillman, @shabdpurvaiya, @maggierella, @jakub-beralski, @dancing-bare-foot, @hopelesswhale, @165poundsofregret, @jimmyblues1, @happilyheartbroken13, @wordsoncanvas, @gracebabcockwrites, @proliferatorofgoodvibes, @strangecolorenthusiast, @kyressin, @1-04-09-11, @paratmin, @foileys

I know this is a big list, I am surrounded by beautiful people! <3

Poetry Tag Statistics March 2014

I have already posted my weekly sonnet, so I’ll use my Monday-evening-post to finally get the poetry tag stats for March done.

My weekly poem, which is totally meta and cool and also describes the process how I write sonnets, can and should be read here:

How To Sonnet (A Sonnet)

Seriously, check it out!

Also, if you enjoy my poetry or hell, even if you only come here to see the stats list, please follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook:

And now let me present you March stats. A comparably slow month, judging from the total number of featured posts. Maybe I wasn’t the only one taking a vacation.

Total number of featured posts: 1028

  • The top 10 contributed 12.5% of all posts.
  • The top 25 contributed 23.6% of all posts.
  • The top 50 contributed 37.4% of all posts.
  • 437 different contributors were featured.
  • Each contributor was featured 2.35 times on average.
  • 201 contributors have been featured multiple times, 236 only once.
  1. renebofene, 19
  2. uutpoetry, 16
  3. r-ybanez, 14
  4. lulu-llama, 13
  5. labelledamesansdice, 13
  6. wordrummager, 13
  7. mickeymichal, 12
  8. viperslang, 11
  9. victim-of-convenience, 9
  10. chucklingpecan, 9

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