I found something quite interesting.

Okay, I’ve re-watched some parts of Captain America: The Winter Soldier because I honestly forgot half of his story.

I payed attention and I found something quite interesting.

When Natasha is telling Steve about her first job as Black Widow (when she found herself face-to-face with the Winter Soldier), she says they were in Odessa.

I didn’t know where it was, so I googled it, and it’s in Ukraine.

Till now, everything is fine.

Then I watched the end of the movie, when Natasha hands Steve The Winter Soldier files.

So I translated it to see if I had to change any locations or dates in “The Protege” (I wanted it to be as accurate as possible), and that’s the translation I got:

The words in bold can be translated as file number 17/ case number 17 (I used the Google translator, so it might not be accurate)

But when I translated the first line, this is what I got:

A location. So I googled the damn location.

And surprise, surprise, it’s in Ukraine too.

So I thought, okay maybe the Red Room was in Ukraine, maybe there was a KGB in that region.

And there was.

And honestly I feel like MARVEL is using this to connect the whole “KGB-BLACK WIDOW-HYDRA-WINTER SOLDIER” stuff, and I thought, I’m going to use it.

And I’m going to post this because I wanna check if I’m right about this little theory when the black widow movie comes out.

Unprofessional: Seb Stan x Reader  Part 5

Summary: Starring in the same movie meant feelings between any two actors was not allowed.

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Part: 5/?

Warnings: Cursing, I think. 

Words: 2151

Hope you guys like it. Comments are appreciated!!!!

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Part 5


I didn’t even say ‘bye.’ Why the fuck didn’t I say ‘bye, Seb’s mind screamed, disappointed in his actions, or lack thereof. What the fuck is wrong with me?

As he made his way to his car, Seb turned his head over his shoulder to get one last look at you as you talked to a member of the set crew, but he didn’t stop walking until he was forced to by a small body blocking his way. Seb’s head whipped so fast to the source that his brain slightly jostled in his skull.

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Sebastian Stan deserves all the awards. He’s such a good actor and I feel he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

I mean look at this

You can literally FEEL the angry sadness

You can FEEL the confusion

You can FEEL the emptiness and anger

You can FEEL the restless “madness”


He does a mean fight scene

In conclusion give this man an oscar

so when sebastian stan looks absolutely dead at the camera because bucky was brainwashed it’s peak acting and deserves an oscar, but when brie larson (an actual oscar winning actress) looks dead at the camera because carol was brainwashed it’s bad acting and it shows that she has no range?

double standards a little much? stop applauding men for doing the bare minimum. just say that you’re misogynist and go.