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Sebastian Stan Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: Hello! Can you please write a Sebastian Stan image where the reader is an actress too and they are in a relationship but no one knows and they’re in New York sneaking around and running away from the paparazzi please? Thank you 😊 by the way I LOVE YOUR WRITING ITS BEAUTIFUL

A/N: thank you so much nonny! i love youuu ♥ || it’s long ;3

Warning: None

You slid the last part of your swimsuit on and than a knock came to your door. You walk over towards the door, fixing your hair on the way. When you reached the door, it swung open and hit you right in the face.

‘’Oooww!’’ you howl, holding your nose, stumbling backwards.

You fell right to the ground, still holding your nose, the door hit you hard. You remove your hand from your nose and gasped as you saw blood on your hand.

‘’Y/N?! Are you okay?!’’ sebastian exclaims, rushing in and kneeling down next to you.

‘’Does it look like I’m okay?! You just slammed that door in my face!’’ you whale, climbing back up to your feet.

‘’I’m sorry, it was unlocked and I didn’t know you’d be right there.. I-’’

‘’Just shut up and get me a pack of ice and some tissues please?’’ you ask.

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I Can’t Help...

Plot: Sebastian gets back from a long trip and accompanies you to a friends wedding.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Words: 1796

Warnings: Some smut at the end; fluff (Is fluff a warning?), some language

“Hey babe, I just landed and I’m catching a cab home.” Sebastian said over the phone. You could tell he was tired from the tone of his voice.

“You don’t have to go to the wedding Seb. I understand.” Your voice was soft as you responded. You yourself were tired, but it was for one of your best friends and you knew you needed to go.

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