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A Great Day Part 2

A Great Day Part 1, posted on @bucky-plums-barnes‘s Sinful Sunday 

I realised this was more of a fic than a regular sinful sunday post, so I just wrote it out and figured I would post it here. I also changed it from first person to reader insert. Soz for any spg/pov errors as I wrote this out on my phone.

Also if anyone is interested the premise for this is that (y/n) is an on-off member of the Gym Mafia and has been nursing a serious crush on Sebastian ever since they first started working out together, little did you know that Seb was developing feelings for you too.

This part is not so much nsfw, soz, just a tad suggestive

Later wasn’t coming any time soon. Before the BBQ was even turned on, Seb had toed off his sneakers and thrown himself into the swimming pool and soon everyone else was joining him. Sadly however nobody had really told u we would be going swimming and so u hadn’t brought any swimwear with u, it was easy for the guys most of them had been working out in basketball shorts which worked fine for swimming and most of the other girls had brought swim suits and bikinis with them to change into. One of them even had the confidence to strip down right in front of everyone else, as she had the forethought to wear her bikini under her workout clothes.

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First Meetings Masterpost

No Rest For The Wicked. by MidnightThoughts

One of my headcannons about how Jim and Sebastian meet and get into business together. This was inspired by the song “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant. (Rating: R; gun violence, mugging)

The First Meeting by butterflysandbullets

A fictionalized (on occasion) version of how Jim Moriarty and Sebastian Moran first met. (Rating: R; teen!mormor, sexual content, implied abuse/alcoholism, scars, rough sex)

The Best Laid Plans by Cavity

After an infuriating number of his men have been picked off by a sniper belonging to one of his rivals, Jim decides to take matters into his own hands. But Sebastian Moran’s murder is not so easy as he’d initially anticipated. Also, Jim pretends to be a prostitute because if there’s one thing Sebastian Moran can’t resist, it’s a man in skin-tight pants. (Rating: PG13)

The Devil’s Advocate by on_the_run_from_the_MI5

Sebastian Moran sits in death row in a prison in Texas, waiting for his execution. Which is when he receives a… very unusual visitor. (Rating: PG13; Prison)

Gothic by okapi

In which Moriarty and Moran meet for the first time as young women. (Rating: NC17; fem!mormor, bathroom sex, physical abuse/abusive relationships (not between mormor))

No Taxes Just Bullets by JessJessBC

During a job Seb remembers his first meeting with Jim. (Rating: PG13)

Gods, Great Men, and Tigers by HiMyNameIsNotSlimShady

I’m not a great man Jim. I’m not a man at all. (Rating: R; minor character death)

Rescue Me (SOS) by pasiphile

Going home with crazy-eyed brunettes you’ve only known for five minutes is never a good idea. Not even if they’re fascinating and sizzling hot and more than a little bit… unusual. (Rating: NC17; fem!mormor, explicit sexual content, explicit language, stalking, drunk sex, d/s)

I Said I Would Wait. by fandomismyship

Sebastian had promised to wait until Jim was finished with Sherlock. He was still waiting. (Not Rated; Major Character Death, angst, fluff, smut, post-reichenbach, sexting, Seb POV)

First Sight by thepouringrain

Stranger Sebastian Moran catches Jim Moriarty’s curiousity in the street. (Rating: R; oral sex, public sex, handjob, knifeplay, breathplay)

Sometimes Things Take A Turn For The Better - Prologue by lokiatbakerstreet

When his bullet hit the wrong person, Sebastan thought it would be the end of his career. But actually, it is the beginning of it. (Rating: PG13; guns, blood, accidents)

Give Me Danger, Little Stranger by Pluppelina

In which Jim needs a hand and Sebastian is desperate to escape his every day civilian life. (Rating: PG13)

Meet Cute by apiphile

How Sebastian Moran and Jim Moriarty become employed and employer. (Rating: PG13; knives, blood, cutting, scars)