seb is destroyed

Beefy Seb vs Athletic Seb

I want to clear something up, as today one of my friends on here got insulted because she stated she preferred Sebastian in his skinnier/more athletic physique than when he was really bulked up for Bucky in CACW.

Exhibit A
This is Beefy Seb:

Seb bulked up, and trained like MAD for his role in Captain America: Civil War, after feeling pressure to have the same massive body type as Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie.
It was hours of training including 4am starts, strictly regimented diets, and a dedication to the job that most actors wouldn’t even consider. 
Is it wrong to like him and find his body attractive? No. As a fan it would almost be an insult not to appreciate him like this, simply as an acknowledgement of the hard work he put in.

Now, onto our next Exhibit:

Exhibit B:
Skinny Seb:

Now, i don’t really want to label this ‘skinny Seb’. Really from what i can tell this is his almost ‘natural’ state (it was also taken a few years ago). Is it wrong to prefer him like this? No. I would imagine he was/is a little more carefree when he’s not having to train like mad, when he can relax and be himself. When his accolades come from his acting ability rather than his looks. (although he deserves a fucking oscar for his role as Bucky IMHO).

Okay, still with me? Decided you want to send me some anon hate only to discover i don’t accept anon messages? Oh dear, you’ll just have to keep reading and stew in your own vitriol instead. 

Exhibit C:
Current 2017 Seb

Current Seb. Or as i like to call it ‘Seb that destroyed most of China’s ovaries in one go thanks to this weibo selfie’. He’s still got his athletic build (last seen in The Bronze), but has also put in the work to bulk up (note: he now has wings made of muscle), but not uncomfortably so. You can see that his face shape is changing, he’s growing into his features that a lot of men do when they reach their 30′s. Proving that he got a good deal when he sold his soul to the devil (there’s no way someone can be this handsome by luck) he got the better end of the deal.

But you know what? None of the above matter. He is still the lovable dork that answers fan’s questions on social media, that takes the time to stop his car when he’s been filming a movie all day, just to stop and say Hi to a fan that has driven a long way with her family on the off chance she might meet him. 

He’s still the guy that is so dedicated to his work he will grow a mustache that gives us all very guilty Magnum PI flashbacks

He’s the guy that is scared of a Squash Ball

He’s the guy that has the weirdest ever facial expression when blowing birthday candles out.

And we love him for who he is. Our Sebby. Our Romanian Dork. Our Beefy Bucky. Our Sebastian. And you can love him however you want.

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My favorite thing in this game (besides when enemies wave and don’t kill me) is when ppl come and sit with me like i love it i feel so happy. 

I’m sad for the race we could’ve had if Seb’s wing wasn’t destroyed in the first corner.

But fucking hell, that battle with the Force India’s was hella cool.

anonymous asked:

Alright but now I need TBS Seb getting destroyed by Thief Seb. Fucking dorks. What'd they even fight over??

-at grocery store-

“Hey. ASSHOLE. Look in another FUCKING direction when you walk down the aisle.”

“Uh…what? Wait. Who, me?”


“Who, the kid? I’m not staring at him I just smiled-”


“…excuse me?”

“MOVE. Fucking bag-of-salad-faggot, GET OUT OF THE WAY.”

“What the fuck did you just call me?”

-thief sebs lunges at tbs sebs grabbing him by the throat and slamming him up against a wall of canned soup. cans go flying and thief sebs lifts tbs sebs so high his feet are dangling-

-thief ciel picks up a can and tosses it in the air, catches it again like a baseball as he speaks-

“Should I throw it at his dick?" 

"Throw it at his FACE.”

-choking noises-

-all of a sudden a huge cucumber goes flying across the aisle and smacks thief sebs right in the face, the slap of the vegetable so violent his head jerks back and he releases tbs sebs-


“HEY” -tbs ciel with another enormous cucumber in hand with his big boots and bad attitude, chucking the thing at thief sebs so hard it would definitely leave a mark- “Back the FUCK up.”

-thief ciel cant help but respect that aim and is speechless because i mean come on this is tbs ciel we’re talking about here-

-tbs ciel runs up, grabs his sebs by the hand and leads him away, turning towards the two thief boys and snarling out the only fact he had in his head before making his exit-

“That cucumber is the size of his dick by the way, assholes.”