My Best Friend's Boyfriend

SUMMERY:  Bucky is in a relationship with Natasha, but it’s you who he wants to be with. 

Word Count: 7039 (it’s fucking long, the longest I’ve written)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Genre: Smut/Fluff/Angst

Warnings: Oral sex (giving/receiving), dirty talk, smoking, cheating… 

A/N: I wouldn’t call this angsty because it’s subtle, but also won’t say that the end is satisfying… Also I am not the biggest fan of BuckyNat so you guys are free to bombard me with comments (as long as they are not rude lol) Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this. I was going to tag people, but there were only 4-5 people so I’m sorry that’s not enough. Although I’ll reblog it tonight and tomorrow so that everyone can read.

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You thought smoking your stress away is the simplest solution to every problem you’re facing. So that’s what you always did. There you were sitting on a chair next to the open window of a hotel room you and Bucky were staying in. The white toxic stick between your fingers is staring back at you as you blow out the smoke. The mission went well, it was late at night so you and Bucky decided to crash at a nearby hotel and leave for home the next morning.

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DA:2 companions react to Leandra's death? I feel like that wasn't played on enough in the game.

Aveline: Is heartbroken. She’s obviously known Leandra the longest out of all of the companions, and is in utter shock. It’s just so hard to believe that this fierce, stubborn noblewoman who would have clawed tooth and nail to drag her children to safety from the Blight, is just gone. And in such a horrible way too. Aveline throws herself into her work, trying desperately to make sure that nobody else will have to suffer the way that Leandra did. 

Varric: Since he’d befriended the Hawkes, he had been a welcome guest at Leandra Hawke’s table, and as such, felt Hawke’s pain. He would stay in the tavern for a few days, refusing to leave, because he wasn’t ready to face a world so dark that it would take the best of people away.

Merrill: Leandra had been so kind to Merrill, often inviting them over to join them for dinner once she had found out that Merrill was living alone in the Alienage. She had given Merrill extra supplies during the winter when Merrill had mentioned she was feeling the chill worse than usual without any of the halla to cuddle up to. As such, Merrill was furious at Leandra’s death. How dare this person think they were entitled to take so many lives? How dare a human do this to someone she loves? She finds it bitterly amusing that the templars are quick to blame this on the danger of blood mages but to her…instead of a blood mage, all she sees is yet another human doing what they do best. 

Isabela: For a few days, Isabela isn’t sure how to comfort Hawke, and spends most of the time getting into a few fights at the tavern. She doesn’t know how to do this. She didn’t know what it’s like to lose a mother, not like this. Her mother sold her, she doesn’t know what Hawke must be going through. She’d met Leandra a few times, and the lady was polite enough, and the way she had died…nobody deserves that. 

Fenris: Another death in Hawke’s life. Fenris doesn’t want to make them think he pities them, as he of all people knows how condescending that sort of sympathy feels, but he truly does care for them and the suffering they’re going through. Though he can’t remember his own mother, or whether she died, he was always welcomed warmly by Leandra, and feels her loss quite sharply. And by such a horrible death. Another blood mage, another excuse. It hits close to home because, when he looked at Quentin, all he saw was another magister hurting others for their own gain. 

Sebastian: Is devastated. Leandra had become fast friends with him, as she had met with his parents when she was younger and had bonded with him quite well. He had accompanied Hawke to the Chantry where her body - or, rather, what was left of it- would be prepared for her funeral. He had kept a vigil overnight, praying to Andraste to safely see Leandra Hawke to the Maker’s side. But as the night drew on, his thoughts turned bitter. Why would the Maker have made her suffer this way in the first place? He questions, as he did once before when his own family was massacred. But as the dawn comes, his last prayer is that the Maker eases Hawke’s grief…the Maker owes Hawke that much, at least.

Anders: He is in shock. He knew that there were bad mages; those that used blood magic for their own power, but he had always told himself that it was a result of oppression. They were just using their power to free themselves. But Quentin…he had no excuse. He hurt so many people, and now Hawke and their mother. Anders owed quite a lot to Leandra; she had gathered multiple resources to keep his clinic well stocked in medicinal supplies for him, and had not breathed a word of his existence to the templars. It was terrible to think that she was gone in such a horrific manner. The night of her death, he sat alone in the back of his clinic - Justice’s whispers pushed to back of his head - and instead began to remember the harsh words of the templars in Kinloch Hold. “You are monsters. The first chance you get, you will hurt innocent people. You are monsters.” And for the first time in many years, he wondered if they were right. 

Snippet of "My Best Friend's Boyfriend"

“I-I couldn’t sleep.”

“Go on, Y/N” he encouraged you as he licked a long line on your neck tasting a little bit of soap and sweat. You curse under your breath at his actions but still try to find coherent words.

“It’s not that I’m not tired. It’s my mind that won’t let me sleep.” You explain and he brings you even closer to kiss a well know sensitive spot on you neck.

“Tell me what’s on your mind?” he murmurs against your skin as he bites a small mark, you moan softly and your hips move involuntarily against his.

“I- I can’t-” You’re lost, your mind is in a state where it doesn’t know what is real and what is not. You want to tell Bucky the reality; that you’re not his to be treated with so much affection, that you don’t deserve this. But you can’t, you’re so addicted. Addicted to his scent, addicted to his touch, addicted to his ministrations, addicted to him.

Author’s Note (read if you wanna be tagged! ☺) -

“My Best Friend’s Boyfriend” [Bucky x Reader] Coming out tomorrow!!!

Let me warn y'all: SMUT/FLUFF/ANGST/Loads of shouting in the end lol

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Pentagon sings Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby' 
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who is the girl taylor keeps posting pictures with?

You mean her? Her name is Alie Jo Kvitek, I think she is Taylor’s personal assistant and she follows Tay on every tour, and she’s probably her best friend.

Here you can check out Her Twitter and Her Instagram .

Thanks for asking ! ✖️✖️✖️✖️