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     So sempai Linds and I had finally came up with “Uncle Seb”( for anyone who still have no clue he’s Sebastian concept art version) as he treated Joseph like his nephew ( something very much like family care ).
     To tell the difference between them, I’m trying my best to came up with a lot of things to compare between partner Seb and uncle Seb lol.

( I don’t know why I can’t make the pic become HD up here , no luck on trying so far so if you guys want to see it clearly you have to open up on new tab, so sorry ^^, or is there someway to make it HD please do tell me , I’ll very appreciate it  ) 

      I’ll work out on more situation if you guys want to see more lol

     These poses are from this template, I accidentaly bumped into it on the net hehe. 

Repost:The Evil Within: Fanfiction and Author Recommendations

Bored, lamenting unemployment, and waiting for Evo 2015, so here’s a list of TEW fics and authors I think you should read.

Carrion (Unfinished) and Corpseflower by Angelas - RuviSeb, well-written, and slow placed, explicit. Sadly doesn’t write for the fandom anymore, but still quality work.

Snowblind and Lick the Blood from the Sword by PsychoMantis - JoSeb, fluff, good porn, I like the way the author writes Joseph, yeah, the author still victimizes him, but at least he isn’t the whinny, naggy, 17 year old girl that a lot of authors like to write Jo as.

Eager Ashes (Unfinished) and Anywhere but Here by Beckon - Works are mostly Jouli, there’s also some much appreciated Seb/Jo/Juli “bonding” and actual bonding, too. Slow-paced, lengthy works with interesting characterization. Give the author some love.

Bedroom Hymns and Reprise by Reveneration - Beautiful, romantic, pornographic JoSeb one-shots. Mostly deal with the PTSD Jo and Seb deal with in post-game fics, but it doesn’t include overwrought angst, or a self-harm fetish. There’s angst there, but it brief, just enough there to invoke an emotion out of you if you let it. Also Joseph tops.

Mind Fuck by HarleyRoux - Only one TEW fic from this author, but it’s good, fun RuviSeb porn. Can’t go wrong with that.

Episodic and The Donor Market (Unfinished) by Owlosaurus - Similar in style to Beckon’s works, lengthy, descriptive works. JoSeb. Episodic in particular, is stellar and brutal. Recommended for those who like crazy Jo.

The Note (Unfinished) by funeralfiona - Something different here, Seb actually acts like a detective. The author says there’s some JoSeb, but ships aren’t what this fic is about. Give it a read and you’ll see. Not explicit

The Crow and the Butterfly and Gravity by warbreaker - I think this author’s works are pretty popular? Oh, well I just say it again. Read this stuff. You don’t get well-written, multi-chapter works that have a plot AND are finished very often. Mostly JoSeb and Jouli stuff. There’s some porn here, though.

A Nail through a Star (Unfinished) and Level 5 Stamina by Croik - The author has a ongoing multi-chapter work that shaping up to be something special. There’s also some great RuviSeb and JoSeb one-shots. Her chapters are lengthy and full of well written characters. Give these a go too. Explicit.

I Carry your Heart and Silent and Still by lotuskasumi - One is a dark fantasy Joseb AU, and the other features slight angst with awkward kissing. Either way you’re getting something good so read her stuff. 

If there’s anything I missed, or if you have stuff to recommend, drop me a message and I’ll add it to the list. Hope this helps someone!

“Ah Jo, what a gorgeous gal, that smile and the way she talk. Man I gonna date her “ 

“ ….well at least you can drown your own love in your own office please, you making me quite unplesant now Seb”

“ Come on Jo, share this moment with me ~”

“..* this is why I’m staying single*” 

Ok young JoSeb request for you @lady-of-rohan ^^ , I think this scenario is cute somehow hehe , Seb having some lovesick from Myra an his act of love annoying Jo. 

So Seb tries to make Jo breakfast in bed, whipping up some pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, but the moment Joseph lays his eyes on it he’s just “Seb wtf, I hate pancakes and maple syrup I thought you knew that.”

“…But you’re Canadian?”

They nom on toast with nori afterward


I’ve had a pretty crappy week but JO AND SEB FINALLY GOT MARRIED IN TOMODACHI LIFE AND THIS MADE ME WAY TOO HAPPY. ♥ Seriously, I’ve waited a whole month for this.

And Sebastian was initially very distressed about it, as you can see.

Well, this worked out beautifully! You anons are fantastic.

So, here it is, a pile of shameless fluff for you.

Stay Warm

Jo/Seb; SFW

Warnings for: Illness, Vomiting, Profanity

Sebastian dialed Joseph’s cell phone, tapping his foot nervously. There was no way he was going to get any work done while his partner was MIA. The least he could do is make sure the man was still alive, hadn’t gotten hit by a car or something.

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Holy … I just …I can’t……wahahahahahahahaha
This wonderful couple cosplay Seb and Jo so good that I keep remembering. Then they have the status update that just done a fantasy theme shot, and this…is crossing my mind *derp*

I’m so sorry Del and Lins ;;;w;;;;……………………………..NOT !! =]]]]]]]]

A commission (that i did free of charge per habit lol) by jouact​ for their friend’s BD (that i still dunno who so i could tag them haha;;;; ) They both RP as K9 AU Jo and Seb and i couldn’t approve more of this <333