The Other Prince + A CS Modern Royalty AU [Chapter 5]

Modern Royalty AU: HRH Prince Killian has grown up in the shadow of the crown while enduring tragedy and the burdens of being the spare to the heir. With a desire to escape his past, he agrees to play host to the visiting general’s daughter in exchange for an eventual life outside royal bounds. Moving on is never that easy though and he quickly learns that being the ‘other’ prince is even more difficult when you find yourself falling for the girl everyone wants your brother to marry.

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Word Count: 9,453

Okay, I’m sorry this took so long.  I got in that cycle of overthinking things and it ended up being much longer than anticipated! Future chapters won’t be as long as this one, but I had lots of Killian feels in this one :) so hopefully you all enjoy it! Huge thank you to @optomisticgirl for her endless assistance and support on this story! As always, I own nothing. Happy reading!

The night had barely begun, but Killian finalized his decision with a fifth tug at his pressed sleeve - he hated this bloody suit. Truthfully, he’d never been particularly keen on being properly trimmed and tailored in general so the dismal conclusion wasn’t really a wildly drawn one. Killian had spent his fair share of years finding ways around royal dress code, his preference of modern casual easily overlooked due to his charming smile and stellar sweet talking skills - or at least that’s what he told himself. It was easy to see why looking so proper was important as a representative of his grandmother’s monarchy, but still, that didn’t mean he had to like it.

Perhaps it wasn’t his current attire that was solely the source of his agitation he noted when the smooth traveling black BMW pulled up to the gates of Buckingham. He’d spent the few hours before sunset arguing with the brand new, trim-tailored, clean lined blue suit - an endeavor that earned a multitude of grumbles and a few countdown texts from his incessantly formal brother. Taking a final glance in the bathroom mirror, he smoothed the maroon and navy striped tie as he settled on what was really bothering him.

The event calling for his recently required clothes was one he’d been dreading for weeks now - a Royal Navy veterans’ memorial ceremony where he’d most certainly spend the evening regaling his older brother’s military heroism while squandering the need to sort out his own.

The idea that this was his fault on some level had crossed his mind once or twice since he’d returned home. He’d elected to take the route less selected by royals when he’d chosen the British Army instead of sailing the honorable seas. Breaking the tradition wasn’t something he’d done by fear or a distaste for the open ocean, but rather a result of his stubborn need to move out from under his older sibling’s shadow.

Of course, that was supposing that such a momentous feat was actually possible.

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Why I’m Writing Marco and Marty

(Some kvetching, some oversharing, some meandering) 

Hey, gang!

Today’s MM will be posted in the late afternoon, I suspect. Feeling sick today so I am catching up on sleep. Gonna try to make a concerted effort to get back on schedule this weekend, but I also wanted to say a few words on what’s been going on in my life. 

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Crack theory time: what if Chase finds a way to patch up the remains of the Queen’s Gambit and brings it back to Lian Yu, forcing a final showdown with Oliver onboard the same boat that started Oliver’s whole journey ten years ago? What would be more symbolic than forcing Oliver to fight him for William’s life onboard the exact same boat that killed his father all those years ago?

The only problem with this theory is that in 1x13 Malcolm ordered Moira to have the remains destroyed…but then who’s to say she actually DID? What if she hid the boat somewhere else instead, giving herself the possibility of insurance against Malcolm later on?

It’s not impossible to think that Chase was able to track the remains and find a way to fix it up. He doesn’t necessarily have to make it seaworthy, either. He would just have to fix it up enough that it would float, and then haul it in on a bigger boat and set it offshore.


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More StS Pirate AU Because I Said So

There was some post going around about “imagine if your icon ran off to be a pirate” and I half-made an AU in the tags on it, so now I’m gonna take care of the other half.

• So yes, Saori captains the ship known as the Lady Athena, crewed by her loyal Bronze Saints.

• The Lady Athena is a ship very much shrouded in mystery. Legends told in the port town of Sanctuary, where it most frequently makes dock, say that it’s been around for centuries. Every few decades the ship comes into port, wrecked to the point where it’s barely staying afloat, with a new captain, always a young woman with little to no memory of how she got there, but always insisting that the ship is hers.

• This generations captain, Saori, arrives in port, bedraggled but fiercely hunting down a shipwright to repair the Lady Athena, and a crew skilled and brave enough to accompany her on daring adventures on the high seas.

• She first runs into (quite literally) a young scamp named Seiya, who’s trying to evade the city’s guard who’s after him for some petty theft. Saori helps him out of this spot of trouble, and when he learns she’s planning on heading back out on the ocean as soon as the Lady Athena is seaworthy, he offers to help her crew it.

• Seiya has his own reasons for wanting to join up, having been separated by his sister during a shipwreck. He’s certain Seika is still alive, and has been traveling from city to city trying to find her. He’s hoping that if he tags along with Saori he might just find Seika.

• They are later joined by a pair of street urchins, who Seiya’s friends with, Ikki and Shun, who are desperate for work.

• Not long after that they meet a young man who refuses to talk about where he came from but insists that he could be a useful crew mate. Hyoga, as that’s who it is, talks speaks with a refined educated voice, in contrast to his haphazard, messy appearance.

• All five of them are heading back to the docks, still needing to find a someone who can repair he ship, when they’re jumped by a group of thugs. Before they can even begin to fight back, a blind man appears from seemingly nowhere, felling their attackers with quick and brutal blows.

• Their rescuer introduces himself as none other than Shiryu, who is quickly offered a spot in the crew, but he initially declines, citing that he can’t leave his sweetheart, Shunrei, in the city all by herself. They then part ways for the time being.

• They do eventually find a shipwright willing to get the Lady Athena seaworthy again, a friendly man named Mu, who fixes it along with his apprentice Kiki in return for a few favours.

• I’m not exactly sure how they get the rest of the crew together, that being the loser bronzes and how Shiryu ends up deciding to tag along, but it happens, and Saori and her crew set sail.

• The Bronzes are under the impression for the time being that they’re simply going to be sailing to and fro, maybe shipping some cargo and doing a bit of adventuring, but Saori has a secret. During their time gathering the crew some residual memories have been floating back to her mind.

• Each time she’s met one of the Bronzes she somehow knows that she’s already met them, almost like in another life. She’s not sure what it means, but she knows that she needs to keep them on her crew for some important reason.

• They start hearing rumors in the ports they stop in of the undead rising to walk again, and Saori becomes more and more suspicious. For some reason she knows that she’s the one who has to stop this, and her crew has to help.

• …It’s Hades guys. He’s messing shit up.

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"I brought blankets, takeout and your favorite movie. I know it won't fix everything, but it might help."

He can’t help but laugh, as pathetic as the sound might’ve been, but a small, sincere smile tugs at his lips as he reaches out to pull Robbie onto the couch next to him. “What would I do without you?” he murmurs, tucking himself under his boyfriend’s arm, pressing a kiss against his stubbled jaw. “Thank you, babe.”

Receiving the rejection letter from Nova Southern University had been like a knife to the gut; the school had been his dream and goal all through undergrad, determined and convinced he’d get in to the graduate program there. Only to find out he hadn’t done well enough. Now, he was going to have to rework his plans (although, the one upside to the rejection was not having to move down to Florida, potentially leaving Robbie behind in Boston. The rejection hurt, but the blond’s solidness next to him helped sooth it like a balm.

Pulling the blanket across the both of them, he snagged one of the takeout containers filled with delicious smelling kung pao, he curled further into his partner’s side, grateful for Robbie’s presence. “Have I told you lately that I love you?”


The short lived French battleship Dunkerque, a rather beautiful answer to the German Deutschland-class cruisers which appeared in 1929. Dunkerque and her sister Strasbourg were full-sized battleships by WWI standards. While they couldn’t compete with the latest designs of peer nations the very well designed Richelieu-class appeared in 1935 to do that, leaving the Dunkerque-class as fearsome cruiser hunters.

Dunkerque was seriously damaged by the British attack on Mers-el-Kébir in July 1940, she was hit four times by 15″ shells from HMS Hood and beached. The British returned to finish her off and since she was beached in front of a village Admiral Somerville opted to use torpedoes. One struck a depth charge laden patrol boat moored alongside Dunkerque and the subsequent explosion tore both ships apart. It was the end of a very short career.

After temporary repairs finally made her again seaworthy, she left for Toulon almost two years later in February 1942. There the Germans tried to seize her, so the French scuttled her, in a drydock. They also set her afire, leaving not much of a ship for the Italians to then seize. They in turn cut the barrels down so the French couldn’t somehow repair what was left. Then the Italians surrendered and the Germans took ownership, removing the bow to float the wreck out of the drydock. During this time the Allies bombed her on several occasions. The remaining 15,000 tonnes of the once 27,000 tonne battleship, renamed Q56, was eventually condemned and sold for demolition on 30 September 1958.

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"Are you even wearing pants??"

CUDDLY / PLATONIC-ISH MEMES | status: accepting

Laughter filled the otherwise quiet room as Liam slid back the chair he was sitting in, laptop screen tilting down to show off bare legs, the only thing covering his lower half being boxers. “My ass has been planted at this table all day working on this project. Last I checked, that doesn’t require pants,” he explained with a smirk; while that was certainly true, he’d also gone sans pants knowing Robbie would be Skyping him, and he never missed the opportunity to taunt his boyfriend while he was away.

“Enough about my lack of pants, how’s the tour going? You’re off to Chicago next, right?”


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