seaworld au

Percabeth SeaWorld AU

Percy heads to SeaWorld in San Diego as his eighteenth birthday present before he heads to college and whilst being there has a run in with a local part time trainer… 

Percy loved SeaWorld. Ever since his mom had taken him when he was younger Percy had fallen in love with the place, the sea animals in captivity bothered him but seeing them from an audience point of view made him practically glow with happiness. He hadn’t gone in years, probably since he was nine. His mom always seemed to have money problems and he didn’t complain much about it, they would go when the time was right, but Percy was scared the time would never be right. He would be heading off to college soon (NYU) and his eighteenth birthday was drawing near. The place seemed far off from his mind when his mom and step-dad broke the news to him a week before his birthday, they would be going off to SeaWorld.

               Percy could practically feel the animals calling out to him the dolphins, orcas, penguins, puffins and all the other sea life. He knew that this was the last year that the theme park would be able to keep the orcas in captivity so he had to make this day last and he was determined of it.

               On his birthday, August 18th Percy was practically jumping in line by his mom and step dad. He’d been offered to invite his cousin Jason on the adventure but the blonde had claimed he was busy with his girlfriend Piper for the month before school started (which made no sense to Percy since the two of them were going to the same school but he decided not to argue about it.)

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