Whenever I would look at my past, I always end up looking at you.

You have always been special for me since Grade 5. I was really this little torpedo back then. I wrote you a letter, and in return, I received a letter of rage from your best friend, stating that I should stay away from you, all in red ink.

It was years ago and look at us now. We are friends and that is something, isn’t it? I think that the most valuable relationship is friendship because it can take shape in practically any kind. I am happy with that. Besides, we have our lives to live now. We have these lives that we have to unfortunately tread apart.

I don’t wanna go ahead and dictate things to the future. I am open for possibilities even if you’re not. People can be waiting for both of us soon in our different paths to take. You are leaving and so am I. So I don’t know. All I am saying is, I did enjoy our little moment. I think I have one small day to look forward next year.