• Ares: *fights with Percy Jackson*
  • Percy: You know, just because you're a son of a bitch doesn't mean you have to be a bitch as well.
  • Ares: what
  • Percy: what i just said

th“look, i didn’t want to be a halfblood.” 

au in which netflix fixes everything they changed in the lightning thief movie adaptation (: 


00: bad reputation, joan jett

01: empire state of mind, alicia keys

02: sucker for pain, lil wayne, wiz khalifa, imagine dragons

03: dreams, fleetwood mac

04: youth, troye sivan 

05: ocean eyes, billie eilish 

06: american teen, khalid 

07: heathens, 21 pilots 

08: strange boy, el micheals affair ft. the shack 

09: oceans, seafret

10: new york, new york, frank sinatra 

11: heroes, david bowie 

12: what are you going to do when you’re not saving the world, hans zimmer

main characters s1: perseus (percy) jackson, annabeth chase, grover underwood, luke castellan, thalia grace, nico diangelo, chiron, sally jackson

secondary characters: mr. d, poseidon, athena, zeus, silena beauregard, clarisse la rue, charles beckendorf

recurring: the olympians, travis & connor stoll, katie gardner,  chris rodriguez 

the last thing percy ‘troubled kid’ jackson expects is a history teacher with horse legs, a satyr best friend, a literal greek god for a parent, and a witty blond genius as a partner in crime—but hey, it could be worse. 

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thanks so much to @cuipid for making the netflix template tho i tweaked the bottom a bit (: 

Percy's Eyes

Headcanon that Percy’s eyes change color to match the nearest major body of water. His eyes becoming murky near the Hudson and the East River. His eyes clear as crystal in the Mediterranean. His eyes getting white-ish flecks when the waves are rough. His eyes becoming dark when a storm rages on the sea. His eyes being an entrancing, misty green with gold and reddish flecks at sunrise. Imagine Annbeth freaking out when his eyes become a dull gray/green in the Cocytus.

  • Percy: Annabeth?
  • Annabeth: Yeah, seaweedbrain, what's up?
  • Percy: I have something I need to tell you
  • Annabeth: ....Alright, I'm listening.
  • Percy: I have a huge crush on you
  • Annabeth: Percy, we're married
  • Percy: Like I think you're really pretty and cool
  • Percy: We have ten kids together
  • Annabeth: I am literally the mother of your children
  • Percy: Yeah, but I like you SO much. More than anyone
  • Annabeth:
  • Percy:
  • Annabeth: Go to sleep

“Don’t worry for me, okay? I’m fine. it was nothing. Just some scratches”

“Some scratches? Are you kidd-”

“Please, you’re insulting me. I’ve been through a lot of things worse than this”

“Right, but…”

“No. Let’s go to sleep, alright?”

“Alright. And… Percy?”


“I would die if something happened to you, seaweed brain. You know that, right?”

“Nothing’s going to happen to me, wise girl. And nothing’s going to happen to you. I promise”

Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson after he returned pretty hurt to Camp Half-Blood from a quest.

  • Percy: I know what the big question is; did Annabeth and I ever get married? Well I’m pleased to tell you that after years and years of asking and asking and asking… I finally said yes.
  • Annabeth: Seaweedbrain...
  • Percy: Alright, I asked her.
Percico Tickle Fights

Imagine Percy and Nico getting into tickle fights in the middle of make-out sessions. One minute they’re moaning and grinding, and the next minute the two dorks are crying from laughter as they assault each other’s sensitive spots. I feel like these two cant keep their hands to themselves when together, and sometimes that touching becomes tickling, but it doesn’t break the mood, it’s just natural for them to be close and to feel each other’s every inch.

Let me just talk about one art of Viria

Yes, about this one. It`s Perseus Jackson, as many of you may know. He is a brave, spirited natural leader, and is always willing to risk his life to save friends, family, strangers, and sometimes even enemies. “He’s actually pretty intelligent, but he acts so dumb sometimes. I wonder if he does it just to annoy me. The guy has a lot going for him. He’s courageous. He’s got a sense of humor”, - Annabeth says.

He went through a lot and he`s changed a lot. He isn`t a little boy whom he was in the first book. He grew up… And became a hero.

The reason why l want to talk about this art is his face. Just look at it. Don`t you see it? It like has two faces in one, two boys are in one.

Look at him. He is nearly smiling. He is relaxed. His sea green eyes are calming and envelop you with love and care…

Now look at this Percy. He is ready to fight, to risk his life. He is concetrated. But also he is tired. I can see pain in his beautiful eyes. Why can we see such Percy? Maybe Tartarus made him like this. Or huge number of battles and deaths. Or a huge responsibility that was on his shoulders every time he saved the world. Or anormous weight of the sky…

I don`t know the right answer, but l love Percy who he is: a troblemaker, a seaweedbrain, a hero.

Incredibly nervous and messy young Percabeth sketch of them totally passed out after a particularly exhausting day of being heroes. I don’t even know what I’m doing .

Percabeth Aesthetics

Annabeth pinning him to the bed, the lush, cream sheets crumpled around them.

Hand holding on long walks across a mist-painted beach.

Chapped kisses in the winter while their breath comes out in hot clouds.

Calloused fingers tracing battle scars in between cuddles.

Bronze on bronze, sparks flying as they teach kids to spar.

Percy’s hoodies littering the apartment floor from where she tore them from him.

Blue cookies on mismatched plates.

The worn Yankees cap hanging on the coat rack.

Drawing in the shower steam together and mumbled words against each other’s neck.