Percy's Eyes

Headcanon that Percy’s eyes change color to match the nearest major body of water. His eyes becoming murky near the Hudson and the East River. His eyes clear as crystal in the Mediterranean. His eyes getting white-ish flecks when the waves are rough. His eyes becoming dark when a storm rages on the sea. His eyes being an entrancing, misty green with gold and reddish flecks at sunrise. Imagine Annbeth freaking out when his eyes become a dull gray/green in the Cocytus.

“Don’t worry for me, okay? I’m fine. it was nothing. Just some scratches”

“Some scratches? Are you kidd-”

“Please, you’re insulting me. I’ve been through a lot of things worse than this”

“Right, but…”

“No. Let’s go to sleep, alright?”

“Alright. And… Percy?”


“I would die if something happened to you, seaweed brain. You know that, right?”

“Nothing’s going to happen to me, wise girl. And nothing’s going to happen to you. I promise”

Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson after he returned pretty hurt to Camp Half-Blood from a quest.

Percico Tickle Fights

Imagine Percy and Nico getting into tickle fights in the middle of make-out sessions. One minute they’re moaning and grinding, and the next minute the two dorks are crying from laughter as they assault each other’s sensitive spots. I feel like these two cant keep their hands to themselves when together, and sometimes that touching becomes tickling, but it doesn’t break the mood, it’s just natural for them to be close and to feel each other’s every inch.

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Incredibly nervous and messy young Percabeth sketch of them totally passed out after a particularly exhausting day of being heroes. I don’t even know what I’m doing .


Percy ran when he heard Nico scream. He socks slipped on the wood floor as he whipped around the corner and into their bedroom.

“Nico!” he shouted, panic and adrenaline making him ready to fight. His fingers twitched instinctively above Riptide as he assessed the situation.

Nico lay writhing on the bed, covered in a light sweat, whimpering and moaning. Percy noticed tears in the corners of his closed eyes.

Another nightmare.

Percy sighed, releasing Riptide, and moving over to their bed. He sat down on the edge of the mattress, careful not to wake Nico. Over the years, he had learned that the boy’s nightmares would often persist and intensify if he was woken.

Instead, Percy pulled down the comforter so his Ghost King was only wrapped in the minty sheet. He then brushed the stray strands of hair from the smaller boy’s face.

Percy leaned down an kissed Nico’s forehead gently before pulling back and clearing his throat.

He rubbed Nico’s head slowly as he closed his eyes and began humming a lullaby that his mother used to sing when he got nightmares as a kid.

Nico’s thrashing soon ceased, but Percy kept humming until Nico’s panic dissipated, until all the wrinkles in his brow had been smoothed.

Finally, Percy yawned, laying down beside his boyfriend, and wrapping his arms around him the way Nico liked. He buried his nose against the nape of Nico’s neck, breathing in the familiar earthy scent.

“Sleep well, Neeks. I love you,” he mumbled sleepily before dozing off with the Son of Hades curled in his arms.


HEROES OF OLYMPUS - A Percy Jackson Challenge

1. Favourite PJO Book
2. Favourite HOO Book
3. If you were a demigod, whose child would you be
4. Favourite male character
5. Favourite female character
6. Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter
7. A scene that made you happy
8. A scene that made you sad
9. Favourite ship
10. Demigods or Titans
11. Saddest Character death
12. Favourite quote/scene
13. Favourite greek myth/mythological creature
14. Your movie dreamcast
15. Favourite olympian
16. Favourite minor god
17. A scene you really missed in the movies
18. Favourite mortal
19. Favourite prophecy
20. A character you like but think everyone else doesn’t
21. Favourite friendship
22. Favourite villain/anti-hero
23. Piper, Hazel or Reyna
24. Jason, Nico or Frank
25. Favourite member from the movie cast
26. Favourite Titan
27. Your weapon of choice
28. Favourite location
29. Best Seaweedbrain moment
30. Favourite Tartarus moment

Percabeth Aesthetics

Annabeth pinning him to the bed, the lush, cream sheets crumpled around them.

Hand holding on long walks across a mist-painted beach.

Chapped kisses in the winter while their breath comes out in hot clouds.

Calloused fingers tracing battle scars in between cuddles.

Bronze on bronze, sparks flying as they teach kids to spar.

Percy’s hoodies littering the apartment floor from where she tore them from him.

Blue cookies on mismatched plates.

The worn Yankees cap hanging on the coat rack.

Drawing in the shower steam together and mumbled words against each other’s neck.

Title:Amazingly Beautiful

Rated: K+

Words Count: 1,553

Based on this: This

Warning: So fluffy you might need to go to the dentist!

“Yeah! And she is so awesome, her voice is as soft as an angel, and her mindset is like a that of a professor already when she is only a freshman in college. Naruto-nii, she is so….” Konohamaru huffed out a sigh as his pupil eyes turned into big, red heart shapes.

He was so into her.

“Hey kid, are you even listening to yourself?” Naruto; the blonde boy who was much too old to be hanging out with a little kid asked, “You’re only like what; thirteen but you’re talking about this girl who is eighteen! You guys are five years apart!!!!” And with that he smacked the little youngster at the back of his head. Konohamaru flew off his chair.

Now, it wasn’t that Naruto thought Konohamaru was being a little too rational, in truth, he was rather jealous. Uzumaki Naruto was jealous of this freshman college girl who had taken away the only person that has ever looked up to him. He felt his pride breaking down each time the boy talked about her.

“Oi! That hurts!” The youngster cried out, rubbing his throbbing head, “And I don’t care if she’s five years older than me! Hinata-nii-chan is worth waiting for.”

Naruto gave hearty laugh at Konohamaru’s statement and clutched his stomach as it was starting to hurt a little bit, “Oh jeez, you little prick. You’re not even making sense at all. Of course you say you will wait for her, but is she going to wait for you? And what did you just say? Hinata-nii-chan? You are such a dork.”

And though the blonde friend was laughing to himself, obviously enjoying his rude statement, he didn’t realize how angry Konohamaru was. Within a flash, the little one was on top of Naruto, straddling the collar of his white shirt with an angry expression, “I’ll show you! I’ll show you just how awesome she is and that this isn’t just a little kid crush!” He vowed, “And one more thing, Naruto-nii! From now on, I’m not looking up to you anymore, all you do is make fun of me! Now, Hinata-nii-chan is going to be my new favorite person.”  

Naruto was left astonished by his little friend’s words. When the little younger jumped off of him and left out the door to go back home, Naruto finally scowled to himself and pouted angrily. He hated this Hinata-nii-chan girl for she was ruining a great relationship.

He leaned back onto his bed, wondering how this girl looked like or how wonderful she was to make his little best friend so crazy in love. Then it finally hit him, since he knew Konohamaru’s tutor schedule, he could go and spy on them or more precisely on the girl to see just how amazing she was.

He was so smart!


Wednesday was always the first day of the week that Konohamaru had his tutor session and the day that Naruto had short days at school so he took the opportunity to head straight to the little one’s house.

Konohamaru didn’t get home from school until an hour later and when he did, he wasn’t happy to see a certain someone, sitting leisurely on the family couch, “What are you doing here?” He asked bitterly, still angry at his old friend.

“What? I can’t visit?” Naruto arched an eyebrow, looking as innocent as ever. He stood up to stretch his arms and legs then let out a groaned, “Gah, I’m so tired.” He purposely stated out, taking a quick peek at the un-amused boy who had began walking away.

Naruto gasped at the sudden retreat and chased after the boy, following him into the kitchen where he unpacked the things in his backpack, “Where is my mom?” Konohamaru asked, not taking his eyes off of the utensils on the table.

The blonde clicked his tongue, grumbling a little as the lack of attention he was getting. Konohamaru was always so eager and happy to see him, “She, uh… well, left the house for me to watch since I came over.” He replied and that was true. The moment, Mrs. Sarutobi saw young Uzumaki, she screeched in delight, telling him he had come just in time because she was about to go out to the grocery store and she needed him to watch the house just in case she couldn’t make it back home on time for Konohamaru.

“Well, you can leave now because Hinata-nii-chan is going to be here in a while.” Konohamaru replied, finally taking his eyes off of his utensils to the tall blonde.

Naruto pouted at the little one’s demand, feeling the jealousy kicking in once again at the said name. Really, just how special was this…


His ears perked up at the sudden sound and he didn’t even miss a chance seeing how the little Sarutobi’s did also. Konohamaru’s eyes widened in delight and a smile quickly formed at his face as he made his way out the kitchen.

Within earshot, Naruto could hear Konohamaru unlock the door and opening it before he greeted the visitor by her name, “Hinata-nii-chan, you’re here early!” He sounded so elastic and Naruto couldn’t help but vomit inside his mouth. What a two-face.

The old blonde let one of his elbows lean on the countertop as his cheek rested on his palm and waited for the two to enter the kitchen. He rolled his eyes each time the girl chuckled and commented on Konohamaru’s story about his day and sighed, feeling annoyed. Sure her voice did sound angelic like how the little brat stated but what about how she looked like? Maybe she wasn’t even all that.

Naruto looked down to the tiles on the floor as the two were near to approaching the kitchen and tried to act as if he was not expecting them. He kicked one of his feet back and forth, anticipating the two and finally when they reached their destination, he peeked up through his long lashes at their feet.

“Ah, Hinata-nii-chan, this is Naruto. He lives in my neighbor and is a close friend of mine. He’s the the one that I’ve told you about, remember?” Konohamaru spoke excitedly and Naruto couldn’t help but beam. The little brat actually talked about him to the lady also?

Naruto was looking at his little friend when the girl greeted him with her oh-so-angelic voice that he couldn’t help but to look up at her finally.

To say Naruto did not believe in love at first sight was a true fact, he wasn’t in love but he was in awed. Standing about a head shorter, stood the girl who Naruto had envied because she had taken away his little friend. She had fine, long, dark, indigo hair, her face was shaped cutely in a V shape and holy, her eyes were beautiful. She was blessed with the cutest nose and her lips were a flushed pink that adored the pale tone of her skin. The blonde found himself shamelessly blushing at the sight.

Konohamaru’s Hinata-nii-chan was amazingly beautiful.

“H – Hey there.” Naruto had to smack himself for stuttering. When did he ever stutter? “I’m Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto, it’s nice to finally meet you, Hinata-chan.”

Konohamaru had to scrunch his face as he looked from Hinata to Naruto and saw that the two were blushing at each other madly. He made a disgusting face, realizing that Naruto was admiring his Hinata-nii-chan and oh my god, she was also doing the same back!

The youngster tugged at his tutor’s shirt, dragging her to follow him to the table where they usually studied at. He noticed Naruto following right behind and nearly puked himself. He had never seen his blonde idol look so weak before!


Towards the end of the day, Konohamaru found out that his Hinata-nii-chan wasn’t actually all that great. She couldn’t even keep her head straight in the game as most of the math problem she tried to solve came out all wrong and she never got them wrong once, ever. To make things worse, she had even stuttered while trying to explain how to solve an equation and her words kept getting twisted. She had also been blushing throughout the whole time!

The little one sighed, there was only one person to blame.

“Bye Naruto-kun. See you again tomorrow, Konohamaru.” Hinata smiled, looking at him first then glancing at Naruto again before turning around. But just before she could go farther, Naruto had jumped out of the door and offered to take her home, saying that it wasn’t safe for a girl to go home alone. For peaks sake, it was only four in the afternoon.

Konohamaru grunted as he shut the door behind him, not knowing that from that day on, he was going to be seeing more of Naruto.



Days and weeks passed and Konohamaru was beginning to hate looking forward to tutoring hours. It started off as Hinata helping him and Naruto on their math works then to Hinata and Naruto teasing each other (they were flirting) to the two holding hands and eventually pecking each other on the lips which made the little one gagged.

Eventually, Konohamaru stop crushing on his Hinata-nii-chan because his Naruto-nii-san had stolen her from him.

The End

Holy! I finished it OMG! Sorry if it didn’t come out as good as you expected but omg… I finished it within an hour and a half?! That’s a new record for me ;;;;


Singing in the Shower

Headcanon that Nico sings really angsty songs in the shower, and Percy will come home and hear lyrics from Linkin Park, 3 Days Grace, My Chemical Romance, and other such groups, and he’s not sure whether to laugh or cry because he thinks Nico singing is adorable, but he hopes that the lyrics aren’t how Nico feels about himself.