My Boyfriend Does My Makeup: PJO Edition

Leo and Calypso: 

“Leo Valdez, if you come anywhere near me with so much as a drop of grease on your fingers then I swear to the Gods -”

“You know, I have stuff like this, I don’t see why I can’t use that.” “You will not be using oil as my eyeliner. Ever.”

Travis and Katie: 

“Babe, you’re using concealer as lip gloss.” “That’s not what it’s for?”

“You’re having too much fun with this.” “What can I say? I find it fun painting your face pink.” “Wait, what?!”

Percy and Annabeth: 

“That’s mascara, Seaweed Brain, it’s not for eyebr- Percy, no!”

“Oops.” “You’re saying that to scare me.” “…Sure.” “Give me the mirror. GIVE ME THE MIRROR!

Piper and Jason: 

“I apologize in advance for everything.” “Jason, you don’t need to do th -” “Hell yes I do.”

- “You have so much stuff. Why do you have so much stuff?”

Grover and Juniper: 

*points to eyeshadow* “Is this for, like, that extra sparkle on your cheeks or something?” “…I can’t say.” *groans*

- “Give me a sign, please.” “Well … you’re not doing that bad.” “You do realize that doesn’t make me feel better, right?” “I’m trying.” “So am I.”

Frank and Hazel: 

“Frank, honey, you don’t put lipliner on my eyebrows.”

- “Where’s the rouge?” “The what?” “The rouge, the stuff my mom used to use.” “…Blush?”

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ok imagine Percy messing around on Urban Dictionary and stumbling on the definition for "Poseidon's kiss"

anon why you would you do this. i had to google poseidon’s kiss and i regret it immensely. 

Percy was mortified. “That’s just disrespectful!”

Annabeth was covering her mouth with her hand, barely holding back laughter. She wasn’t going to say anything out loud, but the crinkles at the corners of her eyes said it all - she thought it was funny. 

Percy closed the tab and scowled at his screen. “I’m all for toilet humour, but really. That’s just too far.”

That set her over the edge. She started laughing in earnest, knocking him lightly in the shoulder. “I’m sure whoever coined it thought they were being witty.”

“Probably one of your siblings,” he grumbled.

“Aw, Seaweed Brain,” she cooed, “Don’t get all shitty about it.”

He stared at her, aghast. “Do not starting punning.”

“No, you’re right, this is very serious.” She nodded, momentarily composed, before adding, “You shouldn’t have to take that sort of crap.”


“I mean it! You shouldn’t let people talk dirty about you like that.”

“Stop!” Her reached for her but she darted back, giggling. 

He launched himself out of his seat and chased after her, both of them laughing.

Annabeth managed to get one more pun in just before Percy caught her, wrapping his arms around her middle and tossing her onto the couch. “Don’t poop yourself out!”

I checked out some Percabeth pictures and I got a new favourite artist! I just found out the name, Burdge (thanks tumblr!) and I want to learn more from her/him. So I tried to copy her/his style a little bit and created a Percabeth Fanart. 

I just liked the thought that she would be guarding his “Achilles heel”, now that she knows of it. Think of her dark marks as injuries, and of Percy’s, well, of course it’s just dirt.

Feel free to spread the love :)

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The percababies hearing Annabeth call Percy seaweed brain and the next day they call him seaweed brain too

he gets this fake serious face and he’s like “that’s seaweed daddy to you!” and the little one giggles and is like “okay seaweed daddy” and then he chases them around the house 

Dance, you guys!” Thalia ordered. “You look stupid just standing there.”
I looked nervously at Annabeth, then at the groups of girls who were roaming the gym.
“Well?” Annabeth said.
“Um, who should I ask?”
She punched me in the gut. “Me, Seaweed Brain.”
“Oh. Oh, right.”
So we went onto the dance floor, and I looked over to see how Thalia and Grover were
doing things. I put one hand on Annabeth’s hip, and she clasped my other hand like she was
about to judo throw me.
“I’m not going to bite,” she told me. “Honestly, Percy. Don’t you guys have dances at
your school?
—  The Titan’s Curse

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"#oh sweet jesus hold me now#this is too perfect#i need it to be real#make the movie#damnit#make the whole movie!!!#i can just#hear the music they'd play over this montage#with the sunlight shot#dust particles floating in the air as annabeth's laugh echoed#the soft filter the whole flashback would have" The closeup of their hands, her running away from him, laughing and yelling "catch me, seaweed brain" the close of her face smiling at him, her kissing his hand

@achievingelysium do you see what you’ve started???

mari when i got this ask i literally had to put my phone down and walk away because i was overwhelmed by this image. “catch me, seaweed brain” oh my god can you picture this??? because i can and it is killing me

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Dancing au?? "Ur dancing is amazing but lacks emotion. Ur thinking too much about what ur next move should be when u should be able to look at ur partner and feel what it should be. Let the music talk to u and submit to ur partner." Pipabeth maybe??

fidfh sidsfgh okay i took some liberties w this

  • piper is the dance teacher 
  • she’s so beautiful and a little distracting look at her arms they are so toned h o w what a beautiful lady
  • Annabeth normally wouldn’t consider dance classes but her half brother Malcolm is getting married in a few months and has kindly asked her to swallow her pride and admit that she isn’t the best dancer.
  • Determined to prove him wrong Annabeth signs herself and her clumsy boyfriend for the damn class, ready to blow the other students and the instructor away.
  • She does not blow the other students or the instructor away.
  • In fact the only kind of blowing she does is blowing up at Percy for having two left feet.
  • “Seaweed Brain, if you would just let me take control we’d be fine! I know you’re trying your best but it’s not working out and I’m sure I can do a better job-”
  • “Alright, Wise Girl, take it away then since you know oh so much about dancing!” he huffs back, blowing his hair out of his face.
  • Annabeth does take it away– right down to the floor after running them into another couple. oh gods. 
  • “I am so so sorry!”
  • The couple shrug off her apology and continue dancing. Percy’s biting his lip to keep from laughing and her already hot face heats up further. She’s sure her face is as red as it feels. 
  • “Excuse me.” She starts for the door, maybe a drink of water will help, when the instructor Ms. Mclean– No, she asked to be called Piper calls after her. 
  • “Annabeth, right?”
  • “Uh, yeah. Sorry about disrupting class it won’t happen again.”
  • “Oh no, it’s fine! I mean not fine, but don’t worry about it. Just keep trying and I know you and…”
  • “Percy.”
  • “You and Percy will get it. And if not maybe I could give you private lessons later?”
  • “I mean, thanks, but Percy and I both have pretty busy schedules so getting us together is a tough thing to-”
  • “Oh, I meant just you Annabeth. No offense, but no one landed on the floor until you decided to try leading…”
  • “Right, well, I don’t think I’ll be needing those private lessons, or any lessons at all– as a matter of fact I think I’ll be leaving right now.”
  • “Wait– I didn’t mean to upset you. Obviously I can’t stop you from leaving but, just consider it, yeah?”
  • Annabeth grumbles a response and drags Percy out behind her. That dumb, beautiful dance instructor had no idea what she was talking about. Annabeth is a GREAT dancer, thank you very much, and she’ll dance as she pleases.
  • Percy drops her off at her apartment and she makes Ramen noodles, which she eats rather angrily. He calls her later and encourages her to give the private lessons a try. It’d be good for both of them to improve. Besides, it’s for Malcolm.
  • If it’s for Malcolm, she’ll give a try.
  • Dammit. 
  • For Malcolm, she calls Piper and apologizes for her rash actions and bad attitude and she agrees to take the private lessons. She’d do anything for her brother– even if it knocks her down a peg. 
  • When she shows up at the studio Piper isn’t alone as she suspected. Accompanying her are a young girl gowned in a tutu in the 5-7 range and a woman that shares her striking blue eyes, probably her mother. 
  • Piper doesn’t notice her until after she hugs the small girl good bye and the two people leave. When she does see her, she smiles and Annabeth has to remind her heart that now is not the time to race. She hasn’t even started dancing yet.
  • “Glad you could make it!”
  • “Yeah well, that was quite a spill the other day. Obviously Percy– and me, are doing something wrong.”
  • In way of reply, Piper turns on the the dingy CD player to the song that they had been dancing to during the incident. She sashays back to Annabeth with a grin and takes one of Annabeth’s hands in her own and places the other lightly on her hip.
  • “I’m leading.”
  • “But-!”
  • Piper’s kaleidoscope eyes bore into Annabeth’s gray ones and her objection dies in her throat. 
  • “You don’t need to be in control all the time, Annabeth. It’s okay to look to your partner to do the leading. Percy isn’t a bad dancer he just needs practice, and so do you.”
  • Piper speaks the way she dances, languid and smooth. Annabeth almost– almost gets caught up in it. Instead she focuses her attention on the steps they learned in class, counting the beats in her head. 
  • “Annabeth?”
  • “Hm?” What could Piper possibly correct her on? She was following Piper’s lead perfectly every step falling right into place, 1- 2- 3, 1- 2- 3 
  • “What are you thinking about?”
  • “The dance, obviously.”
  • “Okay, well can you look at me for a second?”
  • Annabeth hadn’t realized she’d been staring at her feet until Piper pointed that out. Piper continues to lead and Annabeth finds it harder to keep the rhythm. 
  • “You’re overthinking this way too much. It’s just dancing. It’s like breathing Annabeth, let it come naturally. Feel the music.”
  • Apparently Annabeth doesn’t “feel” the music quite right, because Piper slows them to a stop.
  • “Annabeth. You’re so tense. Relax.” Piper pulls her in by the waist slightly and in her surprise, Annabeth falls into her but Piper keeps her a graceful starting position. Funnily enough, this is more relaxing. “Submit to your partner and let the music take you where you need to go, yeah?”
  • Her throats gone dry and she can’t speak so Annabeth just nods quickly and allows Piper to guide them back into the dance. She counts aloud so that Annabeth doesn’t have to and they fall in to step with more ease than before. 
  • Annabeth feels herself becoming lighter. She allows the music to seep into her and she listens. She feels it. The soft tugging of her heart binding her to Piper, her partner, and she’s floating– no, flying, and she trusts Piper to keep her from falling. 
  • Their bodies are close and the music continues, it must be on loop or something to have gone on this long, Annabeth muses, but all thoughts free themselves from her mind when she locks eyes with Piper. 
  • Those eyes that are just getting closer and closer, set so nicely above the gentle slope of her nose, and her full, lush lips that sit just below that and Annabeth is staring.
  • The lips continue to move toward her and Annabeth’s eyes are falling closed , and she’s tilting her head back, and something in the back of her mind says: Wow this is nothing like dancing with Percy, and-
  • Annabeth pushes Piper away and the illusion shatters. She isn’t floating or flying or anything– her feet are on the ground and they’re staying their steadfast lest she allow herself to wander again like that. 
  • A look of confusion and mild hurt flashes across Piper’s soft features.
  • “Are you okay? Did I-”
  • “Percy! He’s my boyfriend, I– I have a boyfriend.”
  • “Oh my god, I didn’t realize that he– that you– shit, Annabeth, I’m so sorry. I wouldn’t have tried to kiss you if I had known, honest, I’m not like that I just thought– it felt like we were having a moment and I just… I don’t know…”
  • “No! I– I felt it too. We were– there was… something there,you aren’t making it up, it’s just– I don’t– I need to think things through. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking-”
  • “Annabeth-”
  • “No, don’t. I should go. Thank you for helping me with the dancing thing. I understand now, I think. But… I’m not sure I should– whether me and Percy should continue having lessons here. I don’t know. I– I’ll give you a call when I figure things out.“
  • Without another word she leaves the studio and instantly regrets not wearing a scarf. The New York wind is harsh this time of year. 
  • Teeth chattering– from the cold or from the guilt of what she almost did, she can’t be sure– she pulls out her phone and checks her messages. A few from friends wanting to catch up, a missed call from her father-
  • A text from Percy:
  • hey wisegirl, sorry about earlier and i hope ur having a good time at dance lessons. we’ll hav to get together and practice more soon. lol. love you so much! also how cute are these emojis? *three shrimp emojis followed by a whale* anyway goin to bed early so goodnight!! ill be sure to dream of u so u do the same! love u! night!! *surfing boy emoji x 2*
  • She closes the message without replying and finds herself turning into the liquor store closest to her apartment building. Tonight is going to be a long night.

listen this got so much longer than i intended and is just kinda. not finished. i could prob be convinced to do a part 2 or even write a full fic if i get enough requests idk. obv she’d end up w pipes in the end bc pipabeth is the purest ship and i lov e my girls. lemme kno kids.

Percabeth Wedding Planning
  • Annabeth:If we got married, would you expect me to take your last name?
  • Percy:Hmm. If I married Jason I'd take his
  • Annabeth:I mean, people know me as Annabeth Chase
  • Percy:Percy Grace. Percy ... Graaace.
  • Jason:I think Jason Jackson sounds cooler. JJ.
  • Percy:Broo. *hi five*
  • Annabeth:Boys! Serious question!
  • Percy:Yes. Yes, I would expect Jason to take my last name.
Percy and Annabeth get lost in a car park
  • So Percy and Annabeth are just going shopping or something, and Percy, who’s driving, parks the car quickly because the ice cream parlour’s lunch special is ending soon and there is no way he is missing that
  • So Annabeth and him get out the car and go off and spend a nice afternoon together
  • And then they finish and return to the car park, laughing
  • As they enter Percy looks around
  • At first he pretends he’s just pausing to look at something, but in reality he’s desperately wracking his brain trying to remember where he parked, because this is one of those huge parking complexes with like seven levels and in his rush he forgot to notice which level they were on
  • Pretty soon he’s helpless and asks Annabeth
  • “Uh, hey, where’s the car, Annabeth?" 
  • Annabeth rolls her eyes."I don’t know, you parked it, Seaweed brain! I was too busy looking on the map for the ice cream parlour that you wanted to go to." 
  • "Yeah, well,” Percy runs his hand through his hair, “I don’t know where it is." 
  • Silence for a second, then Annabeth laughs
  • Percy can’t understand why she thinks it’s funny
  • But she just does
  • After a while they split up and Annabeth goes down on one level and Percy another
  • After searching for a while Percy calls her. "Found it, Wise Girl!”
  • Annabeth finds him next to their car and as they ride home they laugh about it together, realizing how stupid it was or how stupid Percy was
  • Annabeth never ever lets him forget about it
  • And every time they go out she mocks him about it, making him remember precisely which aisle they are on and how many cars down they are

PJO/HOO Wedding Aesthetics:1/?

When Percy asked Annabeth to marry him, it wasn’t exactly planned. Well, he had planned to ask her -after all you didn’t purchase a ring and carry it around for a month if you don’t plan on using it- just not the way he did it. They were at Montauk, and Annabeth was talking about plans she’d made with Piper after her big meeting at the architecture firm. The wind was blowing her blonde hair into her face, her nose scrunching every time it tickled. The sea salt air was soothing to his nerves. Annabeth asked him a question, probably about what movie he wanted to see, and Percy answered with “Wise Girl will you marry me?” She looked at him surprised before that opened mouth slid into a smile. She cocked her head to one side, her hand reaching out for his and replied, “About time Seaweed Brain.” Then he remembered to give her the ring.

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What do you think you are, Thor’s second best weasel-sniffer?! You’re nothing but a dung-breathed doorknob-brained miserable shivering jellyfish with no tentacles! I suppose you can’t do better, weakling with a snot nosed boot heel and a broken fish basket for parents. You’re more useless than a blind two-legged squirrel, O mildew-munching mollusk married to a mermaid’s moldy fish bait.

Continuing the Rudery contest!!!

Is that wart garden growing all over your skin supposed to be your face? Is that snot waterfall supposed to be your nose? Cockroach vomit is more attractive than your ugly smashed toad head. You make fresh piles of pidgeon poo smell like perfume, you bottom-scented, squid-sucking pathetic excuse of walrus waste. You’ve got fewer brains than a squashed snail. You really think you can beat ME, you wretched seaweed-brained, bat-addled blunder with a room temperature IQ?