Hot or Not - Seaweed

Seaweed gets a bad wrap in the U.S. (pun intended), but as more Americans are introducing classic Asian dishes into their home repertoire, its below-sea-level status is slowly on its way up. Get ahead of the emerging trend by choosing between these two delightful dishes - one a warm soup to fight winter weather, the other a cool, quick lunchtime pick-me-up. 

Hot: Shiitake Seaweed Soup 

Not: Seaweed Vegetable Salad

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Anyone else wonder why Undyne stops throwing spears at you in the sea grass instead of destroying it? What that weird machine in Alphys room is?
Well, the explanation is about the one science invention that Alphys creates that saves you from danger instead of putting you in it.
Ice cream.
You see, if you talk to Undyne on the phone near the nice cream guy, she will talk about how she hates ice cream and how cold it is. She will admit that she likes the pink goop that Alphys makes, and likes it more when it’s melted and warmed up. If you call her about the sea grass, she will admit she wanted to destroy you, but couldn’t because the grass was under scientific protection according to Alphys. During Alphys date storyline, she admits she lied about seaweed being scientifically important, she just uses it to make ice cream.

Get ready to learn some science boys and girls, because although some of you recoil at the idea of sea weed ice cream, it’s actually really common. Agar, a substances derived from certain algae and seaweed, is used as a thickening agent in ice cream, if you’ve eaten store bought ice cream, it’s probably got agar as its thickening agent. Sea weed is a very important food resource, as not only can it grow underwater, a huge percent of the earths surface that other crops can’t grow in, but there are many nutritional varieties. In fact, a cultivar of Dulse seaweed actually tastes like bacon when fried but has the nutritional value similar to kale!

Although sometimes hard and expensive to purchase the seaweed type you need, you can make ice cream with agar and strawberry/raspberry/whatever flavor gives it pink coloring, and you won’t even have to build your own machine like Alphys did, the instructions on how to make it is all online. It’s a fun science experiment because you can eat it when you are finished!